What Size Panties Should a Man Wear? Conversion Guide

Wearing women’s panties is a unique experience when you’re feeling adventurous. However, it can be tricky to decide what size of women’s panties to wear if you are a man.

So, what size panties should a man wear?

  • A man should wear a large women’s panty if his underwear size is small.
  • A man should wear an extra-large women’s panty if his underwear size is medium.
  • A man should wear an extra-extra-large women’s panty if his underwear size is large.

Below, we will also include a simple conversion table that allows you to decide what women’s panty size you should wear according to your underwear size. Let’s get started.

Women’s panty size to men’s underwear size conversion table

There is no exact method to convert from women’s panty sizes to men’s underwear sizes, but with a little sense and the right size charts, you can figure out the best size for you.

Men’s underwear (briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs) usually comes in standard sizes (small, medium, large, etc.) based on a man’s waistline. For example, waist sizes between 28 and 31 inches are usually considered small, 32 to 34 medium, and 34 to 38 large.

Likewise, women’s underwear sizing is typically based on their waist size.

If you want an exact measurement, tie a measuring tape around your natural waist, which, for both men and women, is where your torso starts to curve slightly. Record your waist in inches.

Once you have the exact measurement of your waist size, use the chart below to determine the size will be your women’s panty size (sizes might be slightly different depending on the brand). 

Men’s underwear sizeWomen’s panty size
Extra Small (23-25 inches waist size)
Small (25-26 inches waist size)
Medium (27-28 inches waist size)
Small (28-31 inches waist size)Large (29-31 inches waist size)
Medium (32-34 inches waist size)Extra Large (32-34 inches waist size)
Large (34-38 inches waist size)Extra Extra Large (35-37 inches waist size)
Extra Large (more than 38 inches waist size)

Go to a retail store before ordering online

When switching from men’s to women’s underwear (and I can’t imagine why anyone would do the switch from women’s to men’s) it’s best to try on women’s underwear in a retail store.

Rather than taking a guess and getting the wrong size while ordering online, you can get the perfect fit when trying the women’s panties yourself. Shopping for women’s underwear in a store is fun, a great learning experience, and helps build your self-confidence.

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