Why Are Champion Shoes So Cheap? (Good or Bad)

Champion is a brand known for its hoodies and sweatshirts. However, they also sell slides, shoes, and sneakers at very affordable prices.

But why are Champion shoes so cheap?

Champion shoes are so cheap because most of their products are made in third-world countries, where labor costs are cheaper. Additionally, their shoes are generic and do not come with innovative technologies, unlike more expensive shoes from popular brands.

However, cheap prices do not mean that the shoes are of low quality. Their focus is just not on sneakers. In this post, let’s explore why Champion shoes are so cheap.

Is Champion a Good Shoe Brand?

When you think about Champion shoes, you may immediately think about shoes sold on Payless and Walmart. Their shoes are available at very low prices.

But are Champion shoes good quality?

While their shoes are available at cheap prices, Champion, under HanesBrand Inc., makes good shoes, most of which are reliable and comfortable.

Their shoes do not come with innovative technologies which are synonymous with other high-profile brands, but Champion shoes cover the basics and are of good quality.

But if they are good, why are Champion shoes so cheap? The answer has more to do with business strategy rather than poor quality.

Why Are Champion Shoes So Cheap?

Champion shoes are cheap because they are made in third-world countries where production costs are cheaper. As a brand, Champion also focuses more on hoodies, instead of sneakers.

Unlike the biggest footwear brands, Champion does not have innovative technologies powering their shoes, which means they are cheaper.

Here are all the reasons why Champion shoes are cheap, explained further:

1. Champion shoes are made in third world countries

The biggest reason why Champion shoes are so cheap is that they are made in third-world countries, where labor and production costs are much lower.

Champion is owned by HanesBrand Inc. It is an apparel company founded in 1900 with deep roots in America. In fact, it is still headquartered in America to this day.

However, HanesBrand Inc. has largely offshored its manufacturing over the last several years in an effort to obtain better profit margins and cheaper labor overseas.

Most of their products, including Champion shoes, are now made in Thailand and Vietnam.

As a result, HanesBrands Inc. is able to manufacture its products, including Champion shoes, at lower prices and thus, bring their retail prices lower for its customers.

2. Their focus is on hoodies, not sneakers

When you think Champion, you would think about their hoodies, not their sneakers. Indeed, Champion hoodies and sweatshirts have been adopted into youth and street culture.

Known for their Reverse Weave Technology, Champion hoodies have become so iconic that they were exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

As a result, their limited line of footwear has been playing second fiddle to Champion’s extensive collection of hoodies and sweatshirts.

We would assume that their shoes, sneakers, and slides are produced just to complete the Champion brand’s collection, offered at cheap prices for its customers.

3. No original designs

Since their focus is not on shoes, Champion does not put much effort into footwear research and development. Their footwear designs seem “generic”.

In fact, some of their shoes have designs that resemble other popular sneaker brands. Take for example the Champion D1 Lite. The shoes look like Adidas NMD.

Another example is the Champion Rally Pro, which looks a lot like Balenciaga shoes.

It’s clear that Champion’s focus is not on their shoes. They offer reliable shoes, but they are not the best. It can be seen by their shoe designs that resemble other shoe brands.

For shoes that are not 100% original, it’s clear to see why they are not expensive.

4. Champion shoes are made with mediocre materials

Last but not least, Champion shoes come at cheap prices because of their mediocre materials. Their shoes are good, but definitely not great.

While the biggest footwear brands like Nike and Adidas have advanced technologies powering their sneakers, Champion elects to make generic shoes for the average person.

For example, Nike has Zoom, which is an explosive cushioning system designed for speed and agility. Adidas also has Boost, an extremely cushioned midsole made of tiny pockets of air.

Champion shoes, on the other hand, do not come with innovative technologies. Their shoes are simply made to cover the basics. As a result, their shoes are quite affordable.

How Much Do Champion Shoes Cost?

On average, Champion shoes cost between $46 to $104. Their slides cost between $25 to $40.

The Champion Legacy Rebound 2.0 Low retails for $46, while the Champion Rally Pro Earth retails for $104.22. Their cheapest slides, Daytona Script Logo Pool Slides, retail for $16.

To be fair, the retail prices of Champion shoes are similar to what most athletic brands offer. However, Champion shoes are available on Payless and Walmart at insanely low prices.

In some cases, a pair of Champion trainers are available for under $20.

Bottom Line

Now you know why Champion shoes are so cheap.

While their shoes are extremely affordable, it does not mean that their shoes are of poor quality. The brand’s focus is simply funneled into their hoodies and sweatshirts.

If you need a simple, yet affordable pair of sneakers, Champion is a good brand to consider.