Why Do Jackets And Sweaters Have Elbow Patches?

Elbow patches were commonly found on university professors’ suit jackets and sweaters some years ago. 

Still, the trend seems to be taking a fashion stand, with many people adopting the style as their own. It has become an emerging fashion trend, and it’s common to find celebrities wearing jackets with elbow patches. 

Initially, elbow patches were meant to cover worn-out parts of jackets and sweaters to help prolong their lifespan. However, they’re currently viewed as a unique fashion trend, with new sweaters and suit jackets coming with these patches already attached. 

That’s not all, as you still need to know whether elbow patches are making a fashion comeback and whether you can add these patches to existing jackets, which you will learn if you read on.

Why Are There Elbow Patches on Some Sweaters and Suit Jackets?

You must have come across someone wearing a jacket or a sweater with elbow patches. Such patches come in different colors, but a majority of them are made of leather material. 

In the past (but not completely obsolete), elbow patches were commonly found on university professors’ jackets. However, these patches are becoming more common, with many people adopting the design. The elbow patches have two purposes:

  • To repair worn-out elbow parts of a jacket or a sweater
  • As a fashion trend

If someone has a favorite suit jacket or a sweater that has worn out in the elbow area, a reasonable solution is to have elbow patches sewn to this section to prolong its lifespan. The trick is finding the right material and color to complement the entire jacket. 

Conversely, elbow patches are also viewed as a fashion trend, with some fashion designers having these patches included in jackets and sweaters during production.

Although the initial idea is fashion-based, these patches also help reduce wear and tear in the elbow sections, thereby giving your jacket and sweater a few more years. 

Are Elbow Patches Making a Fashion Comeback?

Elbow patches are turning into a fashion trend, at least to some people, as some jackets and sweaters come equipped with them. Apart from buying jackets and sweaters with these patches, some people have gone a step further by sewing the patches themselves. 

Although they were initially used for different purposes, elbow patches seem to have caught the eyes of many, particularly fashion designers.

While some people might hold reservations regarding elbow patches as a fashion trend, you have to admit that some jackets and sweaters look good with these patches. 

As far as fashion is concerned, elbow patches help turn an ordinary sweater or jacket into a beautiful piece of clothing. However, having the right elbow patch color on a piece of cloth could be the difference between a fashion trend and a disaster. 

Can You Add Elbow Patches to Existing Clothes?

You can add elbow patches to your old clothes as long as you have basic sewing skills and an eye for fashion. You also need to know how to combine colors and be ready to experiment on different clothes. However, it’s always best to let someone with better sewing skills help out. 

Purchasing a set of elbow patches gives you a variety of colors you can choose to complement the clothes you wish to patch. The clothes in question don’t have to be old or worn out, as you can sew elbow patches on new ones as well.

Manufactured elbow patches also come with pre-made holes for easy sewing. 

1. What are the Benefits of Sewing Elbow Patches Yourself?

If you’re a hands-on person and have decent sewing skills, you can put in a little bit of work to turn your boring clothes into fashionable ones.  Although it might take you a while to accomplish this, the wait is worth the results. 

Here are some benefits of sewing elbow patches yourself:

  • The ability to choose shape and color – Working on your own clothes allows you to customize them as you see fit, including choosing the right color and cutting the patches into shapes you like. 
  • Improve your creativity – Creativity gets better when you take action and try different styles. If you have seen a design you liked, this is the time to try it out. 
  • Experiment on different clothes – Elbow patches don’t work on every piece of cloth, and sewing yourself gives you a chance to experiment on different clothes you own. 
  • Turn old clothes into fashionable ones – Elbow patches can transform boring plain sweaters and jackets into fashionable ones. 

2. What are the elbow patches on jackets called?

Elbow patches are called elbow patches. They don’t actually have a name in a fashion dictionary, but they serve a multitude of purposes.

3. Can elbow patches be removed?

You can remove elbow patches, however, you should let a seamstress or tailor remove them for you. They can remove elbow patches from jackets or sweaters with little-to-no visible damage to the stitching.

Bottom Line

Elbow patches might have been intended to repair holes in jackets and sweaters.

Still, they’re slowly turning to fashion trends, with many designers including them in some sweaters and jackets. You can attach elbow patches to turn your plain sweaters and jackets into fashionable ones with basic sewing skills.