Why Do Shoes Have White Soles? (Here are 4 Reasons)

White shoes are incredibly popular. However, most people would agree that white sneakers get dirty easily, which begs the question, why are most shoes and sneakers made with white soles?

Shoes have white soles because it is cheaper to produce. Instead of adding colors (that cost money) shoe manufacturers often make shoes with white soles to reduce production costs. Shoes with white soles are also fashionable and are non-marking.

Regardless of the reason, white shoes and sneakers are here to stay now and in the future. Let’s explore the 4 reasons why shoes have white soles in this article.

4 Reasons Why Shoes Have White Soles

While there is a theory that shoes with white soles are made to make customers spend more money, they are cheaper to produce, are more fashionable, and are non-marking. 

Here are the reasons why sneakers have white soles explained in greater detail. 

1. Cheaper to produce

The first reason why shoes have white soles is that they are cheaper to produce. Shoes and sneakers are made with rubber soles that provide comfort and durability.

To make rubber soles, shoemakers harvest natural rubber from rubber trees in the form of white, milky latex. As long as the rubber does not go through a specific process, it will remain white.

Colored rubbers are made by adding pigments to adjust coloring. While it is not difficult to add colors to white natural rubber, adding colors can add cost depending on the color.

Because shoe brands exist to make a profit, it would make sense to produce shoes with white soles to keep their expenses low. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just the natural thing to do.

2. Sleek and fashionable

Most fashionable people would agree that shoes with white soles look amazing. Not only do they look clean and fresh, but they also go well with any color combinations and outfits.

Some shoes with black on top can look too dark without the contrast of white soles. At the same time, some shoes with white on top may not work without matching white soles.

White shorts are more likely to get dirty but they look nice. White cars get dirty easier but they look great. If we focus on what is easier to clean we would be wearing mostly dark colors.

It’s just a matter of looking nice and choosing fashion over function.

3. Non-marking (does not leave scuffs)

Another reason why white shoes have white soles is that they are non-marking.

Non-marking shoes are basically shoes with non-colored soles with no cleats and have a minimal texture that doesn’t cause scuff marks on the surface of the indoor courts.

Most non-marking soles are non-black but can be black if the texture is appropriate. Since white-soled shoes are not colored, they do not leave any coloring behind. 

Public gyms usually have rules that require shoes with non-marking outsoles on the gym floor. Black carbon rubber will leave marks on a hardwood floor, but sneakers with white soles won’t.

4. Makes customers buy more shoes

The downside of buying shoes with white soles is that they get dirty easily.

This is not a problem for certain types of sneakers (like Converse Chuck Taylors), but most people would agree that they buy white shoes to look fresh and clean.

A dirty and stained pair of white shoes would make most sneakerheads frown.

Some people suspect that shoe manufacturers produce more white shoes so they appear dirty faster and have a shorter lifespan for customers that like to look fresh and clean.

As a result, more people would buy new shoes more frequently. The sooner the shoes are no longer pristine (because of the white color), the sooner most people want a replacement pair.

While this theory may be true to some extent, it’s not the primary reason why shoes have white soles. Most of the time, they are white because they are cheaper to produce.

The good news is that you can always apply a special spray for white shoes to protect them from getting dirty. With the right product, your white shoes will become liquid- and stain-proof.

Bottom Line

Now you know why shoes have white soles. They’re cheaper to make and do not damage indoor courts. White shoes are also fashionable and go with any outfit.

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