Lined vs. Unlined Shorts: Which One Is Better?

Comfort is very critical when working out, and this reflects on the type of workout gear you choose, primarily running shorts. Lined shorts come equipped with an inner liner, with some having pockets large enough to fit a smartphone.

On the other hand, unlined shorts lack the inner liner and are just plain ordinary shorts. Some people can’t seem to make a decision between the two, which has created a bit of a debate.

Lined shorts are perfect for active people who like to bring their gadgets to a workout since they often have an extra pocket. They also offer more privacy when sitting down, allowing you to feel confident throughout the workout.

Unlined shorts are perfect for running and other standing activities. They’re also better as casual wear. 

That’s not all, as you still need to know which one to choose between the two, which type of shorts is better suited for running, and the comfortable one, which you will learn if you read on. 

Should You Choose Lined or Unlined Shorts?

When it comes to running shorts, a lot of people are torn between lined and unlined ones. To be clear, both shorts are perfect for working out, although they each come with different perks.

For instance, running shorts equipped with a lining underneath offer added privacy for your private parts, with some having deeper side pockets that can fit a smartphone. 

On the other hand, unlined shorts offer more freedom when running for people who like this kind of feeling. There are no liners that ‘lock’ you in, giving you better freedom of movement. 

Unlined shorts can double up as workout gear or casual wear, depending on the design they come in. Choosing between the two comes down to a matter of preference. 

What are the Benefits of Wearing Lined Shorts?

Lined shorts are great for outdoor activities such as running, and thanks to new impressive designs, they also come with an aesthetic appeal.

Say goodbye to old and ugly lined shorts that make you stick out like a sore thumb, and hello to new and improved lined shorts.

Apart from the aesthetic appeal, here are some other benefits of lined shorts:

  • Accessory holder – Outdoor activities such as running and cycling require you to carry your smartphone. Lined shorts come with deeper pockets to hold your smartphone tightly when you run. 
  • More privacy – A need to feel secure when working out cannot be underestimated. Liners offer this privacy, and you don’t have to worry about embarrassing moments, such as your shorts driving up when working out.
  • Absorb moisture – Liners absorb moisture, keeping you dry during a workout session. Moisture buildup makes you feel uncomfortable, and it’s the primary cause of bacterial and fungi infection. 
  • Compact feeling – Some people prefer the tightness of the liners, which gives them enough compression during workouts. This feature is more beneficial to men, with many using jockstraps when working out. 

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What are the Benefits of Wearing Unlined Shorts?

Unlined shorts are the opposite of lined ones and are more suited for people who prefer more freedom, especially during movements.

Just like lined ones, unlined shorts are stretchy and wide enough to facilitate swift movements during training.

Many people who opt for this kind of shorts wear jockstraps or underwear underneath to offer more compression and privacy. 

Here are some benefits of unlined shorts:

  • More free – Unlined shorts offer more room underneath them which is perfect for ‘air circulation.’ They’re more comfortable for people who prefer free space under there. 
  • Casual use – Apart from working out, you can wear unlined shorts for casual occasions due to their style and exciting designs. 
  • More pockets – Though they can be smaller than those in lined shorts, unlined shorts often come equipped with more pockets to fit additional accessories and gadgets. 
  • Wear with jockstraps or underwear – If you’re comfortable working out with a jock strap on or a pair of underwear, then unlined shorts are for you. 

Are Lined or Unlined Shorts Better for Running?

Both lined and unlined shorts are perfect for outdoor activities such as running. They’re more stretchy, easy on the skin, and comfortable to wear. The choice between the two comes down to preference rather than effectiveness.  

Running is a vigorous activity that puts comfort over anything else. It’s common to develop skin irritation conditions, especially when running on the wrong pair of shorts.

Make sure you choose a pair of shorts that feel more comfortable and are gentle on your skin.

If you sweat a lot and get a wet feeling below your waist, then lined shorts are an excellent fit for you since they absorb moisture. If you don’t sweat that much and prefer more ‘breathing space, you’ll find unlined ones to be a great fit. 

While some people might feel confident working out on lined shorts, others may get a feeling of restriction and would opt for unlined ones.

Activewear designers are adding a touch of fashion to their designs, giving them a more appealing look. For this reason, both lined and unlined shorts look much better in public than they did before. 

Which is More Comfortable to Wear? Lined or Unlined Shorts

On average, both lined and unlined shorts are very comfortable to wear. They’re both made of soft and elastic fabrics which don’t restrict your movement or cause friction on your skin. They’re ideally suited for vigorous activities such as cycling, hiking, or running

The shorts are also pretty durable, and they don’t fade away when washed.

They also maintain their structural design, and you won’t have to worry about them appearing saggy after extensive use. 

Final Words

Lined and unlined shorts are great pairs of running shorts designed for comfort, elasticity, and durability. 

While lined shorts help to absorb moisture during a workout session, unlined ones offer more air movement to keep you cool and dry. They’re both used for running, and their impeccable designs make them suited for casual wear or just relaxing or working around the house.