Men Wear Bras: Here Are 4 Surprising Reasons Why

Contrary to popular belief, some men wear bras. Not only cross-dressers or transgender people but even straight men wear bras, which are commonly known to be a lady’s undergarment.

So, why do some men wear a bra?

Some men wear bras to provide support and feel wrapped. However, the most common reason men, even straight ones, wear a bra is a medical condition called gynecomastia (breast enlargement in men). The bra helps the breasts appear normal under the shirt.

While it is certainly a controversial and sensitive topic, we will explore why men wear bras in this article. By the end of this article, we will also include some of the best bra options for men.

Why Do Men Wear Bras?

There are four reasons why men wear bras.

In sports, male athletes wear sports bras either to protect their nipples from chafing while running or to track sports performance. Another group of men and several transgender people simply enjoy the sensation of wearing women’s lingerie as a form of self-expression. 

However, another group, whose numbers may be on the rise, is recommended to wear bras to support their swollen breast tissue. This condition is clinically known as gynecomastia.

Here is each reason why men wear bras explained in greater detail:

1. Breast enlargement in men (Gynecomastia)

Gynecomastia is breast enlargement in men caused by increased breast gland tissue. It can happen during early childhood, puberty, or older age (60 years and older).

Most cases of gynecomastia don’t require treatment. However, for cosmetic reasons, the condition can affect self-esteem and cause someone to withdraw from public activities. In some cases, a man dealing with gynecomastia wears a bra to reduce their breast size under the shirt.

Male bras for gynecomastia typically flatten rather than lift.

2. Protect their nipples from chafing during running

Nipple chafing is a common problem among runners.

When you run or walk, your nipples are constantly rubbing the fabric of your shirt. At the same time, you are sweating and the water softens the skin, leaving it more prone to tearing.

Alternatively, nipple chafing can occur in colder weather, when nipples of both men and women are more likely to be erect. Not dressing properly for cold weather running is often a cause.

This is where a sports bra comes in handy. By wearing a sports bra, both men and women can prevent nipple chafing during the course of a long run, keeping themselves comfortable.

3. Track sports performance

In sports, a male bra is often used by sporting clubs to evaluate players with real-time statistics.

A professional player wearing a sports bra to track performance. Image courtesy of

Sports bras for men are often worn in football (soccer) as sports science has become a crucial aspect of football in recent years. Players often wear a piece of technology under their jerseys.

It contains a tracking device (similar to a sports bra with a heart rate monitor) that detects heart rate, distance traveled, fatigue, and other statistics that a coach can use to evaluate a player.

4. A form of self-expression

Just like some men choose to wear women’s panties, some men find it enjoyable and comfortable wearing a bra. Men who enjoy feminization, or forced feminization, find that wearing a bra makes them feel much more feminine than simply wearing panties alone.

Other men simply enjoy the feeling of wearing a bra. It’s a form of self-expression because it may remind them of a partner or lover, or perhaps simply provide a feminine touch

Wearing a bra is not necessarily linked with being gay. For some men perhaps it is, but for many others, it is not. What is true, however, is that wearing a bra is much more taboo for straight men.

Top 3 Bras For Men

Whether you are dealing with gynecomastia, looking to protect your nipples from chafing while running, or wanting to explore your feminine side, here are the top 3 bras for men:

Best men’s bra for gynecomastia

The best men’s bra for gynecomastia is definitely the Esteem Apparel Original Men’s Chest Compression Shirt. It provides instant chest slimming appearance underneath all kinds of clothing.

Unlike other similar chest slimming vests for men, the shoulder mesh material allows for easy take on and take off. In fact, the Esteem Apparel compression shirt is made of the highest-quality binding spandex. It’s supremely breathable and soft to the skin.

Best men’s bra for sports and running

Unless you are a professional athlete, there is no need to wear a top-of-the-line sports bra. What you can wear instead is a compression shirt to prevent your nipples from chafing.

The best “men’s bra” for sports and running is the Neleus Compression Tank Top. Made with 93% polyester and 7% spandex, these tank tops act as a second skin during your workout.

Additionally, the tank top has low-profile stitching with barely any profile under the shirt. It fits tightly without cutting off your circulation or body movement. Due to its moisture-wicking ability, it is very comfortable against the skin especially when working out and while sweating.

Unlike expensive compression shirts from top brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour, the Neleus compression shirt is a great tank top at a cheap price. You will definitely buy more.

If you want something more discreet, consider the NipEaze transparent protector. These anti-chafe nipple covers have 10 times more staying power than regular bandages.

Instead of wearing a sports bra, which some men find uncomfortable, all you have to do is to place these nipple covers before a long run. They are comfortable, thin, and easy to use. And the best part is, that the NipEaze removes painlessly in the shower with no shaving required.

Best men’s bra for self-expression

If you simply enjoy wearing women’s bras and lingerie, you may want to consider this Men’s Sissy Lace Floral Muscle Tank Top. It allows you to get in touch with your feminine side while keeping your body comfortable because the bra is designed for men’s bodies.

Bottom Line

Now you know why men wear bras. A man can wear a bra for sports and athletic purposes, for a medical condition, or as a form of self-expression. Whatever you decide to do, just be yourself.

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