Top 10 Shoes Like Adidas NMD (Cheaper Alternatives)

The Adidas NMD — short for Nomad — is a popular casual pair of sneakers that combines vintage design concepts with innovative technologies of the future, including the Boost cushioning and occasional Primeknit uppers.

However, as popular as the sneakers are, they are quite expensive. So, here are some cheaper alternatives to the Adidas NMD to consider:

  1. Adidas Multix
  2. Adidas X_PLR
  3. Adidas Iniki
  4. Adidas Racer TR21
  5. Adidas Swift Run
  6. Nike React Presto
  7. New Balance RC 1300
  8. Champion D1 Lite
  9. Puma TSUGI Shinsei
  10. Reebok Nano X

In this article, we will show you similar Adidas NMD look-alikes that are more affordable. We will also include the prices of all of the sneakers to help you choose wisely.

Top 10 Shoes Like Adidas NMD (Look-Alikes)

Adidas NMD shoes are one of a kind due to their sock-like fit and stretchy knit uppers. The shoes are also equipped with Boost cushioning that provides all-day comfort.

But what makes the Adidas NMD instantly recognizable are the midsole plugs on the sides that stand out as the iconic mark of the NMD style.

However, it all comes at a price because the Adidas NMD shoes typically retail for $140, not to mention some limited edition pairs that can go as high as $150.

The good news is, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives.

You don’t have to worry about quality because these Adidas NMD look-alikes are shoes from well-known brands that have built an excellent reputation over the years.

So, if you are on a budget, but you like the Adidas NMD silhouette, here are the top 10 shoes that look like the Adidas NMD, all of which are cheaper:

1. Adidas Multix

The brand with the three stripes has countless shoe models in their collection, but one that looks the most similar to the Adidas NMD is arguably the Multix.

Adidas Originals Multix (buy on Amazon)

In addition to the similar silhouette, the part that makes the Adidas Multix look a lot like the Adidas NMD is the indentation on the midsoles near the heels.

You can also find heel pull tabs that are also available on the Adidas NMD.

Similar to the Adidas NMD shoes, the Adidas Multix sneakers are also equipped with mesh knit uppers which are very breathable and comfortable for all-day wear.

The Multix shoes also have EVA foam midsoles, which make them great for casual walks and long commutes because they are plush and well-cushioned.

Unlike the Adidas NMD, however, the Adidas Multix shoes retail for just $80, making them a much more affordable alternative to the expensive Adidas NMD.

2. Adidas X_PLR

Another similar pair of shoes from Adidas that resemble the NMD is the X_PLR. The Adidas X_PLR shoes are ideal for anyone who wants to add a little trendy flair to their wardrobes.

Adidas X_PLR (buy on Amazon)

Much like the Adidas NMD shoes, the shape of the X_PLR shoes is based on the traditional running shoe but designed specifically for trendy wear.

In short, the Adidas X_PLR shoes are both functional and comfortable.

Some avid sneaker collectors would go as far as saying that the Adidas X_PLR shoes are basically the Adidas NMD shoes without the Boost.

Still, the shoes have comfortable features including compression-molded EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning and OrthoLite® sock liners.

Take a closer look at the shoes and you will notice a heel patch on the midsoles of the Adidas X_PLR shoes, which are much like the midsole plugs found on the Adidas NMD.

Without the Boost technology though, you won’t have to pay a premium for the shoes, because the Adidas X_PLR shoes retail for only $65.

For shoes that are very similar to the NMD, it’s hard to find a better deal than this.

3. Adidas Iniki

The Adidas Iniki is a simple pair of trainers which many people wear casually. They look similar to the Adidas NMD shoes, but with a more vintage look.

Adidas Iniki (buy on Amazon)

The silhouette of the shoes mixes vintage Adidas Originals aesthetic with modern technology, which is often described as stylish and cute.

Around 2017, Adidas announced a name change for one of its more popular new silhouettes, rebranding the Adidas Iniki Runner as the I-5923.

Per Adidas, the name change is inspired by an article in the brand’s archive, although the company is somewhat vague on what that article is.

The Adidas Iniki shoes use knitted mesh uppers along with premium suede panels on the heels, eye stays, and toe boxes. You can find the “I-5923” text on top of the sides.

Originally the shoes retail for $120, but you can get them now for around $68. Not bad for a pair of shoes that could be reliably used for walking and as everyday footwear.

4. Adidas Racer TR21

One of the most recognizable aspects of the Adidas NMD shoes is the red and blue midsole plugs on the sides. Here are shoes with similar red and blue accents, the Racer TR21.

Adidas Racer TR21 (buy on Amazon)

While the shoes look considerably lower than the Adidas NMD shoes, the Adidas Racer TR21 shoes are very comfortable and breathable.

The shoes are made with Primegreen, a series of high-performance recycled materials. In fact, the shoes contain no virgin polyester.

With the Racer TR21, you get to bring comfort and athletic style to your everyday look.

There are heel pull tabs, along with red and blue accents on the sides which would remind you of the iconic Adidas NMD shoes’ signature.

The Adidas Racer TR21 shoes are great because not only do they look like the Adidas NMD shoes, but they are also very cheap. In fact, the shoes retail for only $75.

So if you’re on a budget and are looking for similar red and blue accents synonymous with the Adidas NMD, then your best bet is to buy a pair of the Adidas Racer TR21.

5. Adidas Swift Run

The fifth and final shoe model from Adidas that resembles the NMD is the Swift Run.

Adidas Swift Run shoes take elements from the 1980s running shoe designs while adding a modern feel to the overall look of the shoes.

Adidas Swift Run (buy on Amazon)

Built with plush midsole cushioning and a flexible fit for long-lasting comfort, the Adidas Swift Run shoes are perfect for casual jogs and walks.

You get to transition from running errands to running meetings without skipping a beat.

However, unlike the Adidas NMD shoes, the silhouette of the Adidas Swift Run shoes comes across as more slim and sleek. In fact, some would argue that the shoes look more similar to the Adidas Ultraboost, but we beg to differ.

For something so well-made, you will be surprised that the Adidas Swift Run shoes retail for only $85. It’s quite a bargain if you’re looking for great-value sneakers. 

6. Nike React Presto

Out of all the sneaker models in Nike’s great pantheon, the Nike React Presto would be the one that shares the most resemblance with the Adidas NMD.

Niek React Presto (buy on Amazon)

Inspired by the early 2000s original, some would say that the Nike React Presto shoes put an exaggerated spin on an unconventional iconic silhouette.

In out opinion, the Nike React foam on the shoes delivers an expressive look with a lightweight, bouncy feel and a whole lot of personality.

While the Nike React Presto shoes don’t look very similar to the Adidas NMD in terms of looks, the shoes are similar in terms of bounciness and feel.

Powered by Nike React technology, the shoes are made of Nike’s longest-lasting foam, giving runners the energy to do more and go farther on their runs.

Most of the time, Nike’s implementation of the Flyknit technology is not in the “super stretchy” form that is used on Adidas NMD shoes because it greatly reduces stability.

The shoes retail for $130, which is slightly below the retail price of $140 of the Adidas NMD.

7. New Balance RC 1300

There is one pair of shoes from New Balance’s vast collection that resembles the Adidas NMD. They are called the New Balance RC 1300.

New Balance RC 1300

The New Balance RC 1300 shoes combine the classic 1300 upper from the 1980s with a newly imagined ENCAP Reveal sole unit, inspired by the classic 1300 model.

What makes these shoes similar to the Adidas NMD is the midsole plug with straight lines running down, on the inside midsoles of the shoes.

However, instead of two midsole plugs on the NMD, the New Balance RC 1300 shoes have one long midsole plug with ridges in the middle.

In terms of build, these New Balance shoes are relatively similar to the NMD, which is not too high and not too low. The heel soles are also slanted, much like the NMD.

This is the only pair of shoes on the list that is more expensive than the Adidas NMD. The New Balance RC 1300 shoes retail for $150, which is $10 more expensive than the NMD.

8. Champion D1 Lite

Champion is well-known for producing high-quality but insanely cheap footwear. One of the sneakers in their collection that resemble the Adidas NMD is the Champion D1 Lite.

Champion D1 Lite (buy on Amazon)

Out of all the shoes on this “Adidas NMD look-alike” list, the Champion D1 Lite shoes are our most favorite because of its bold and vibrant colors.

The Champion D1 Lite shoes are made with great functionality and fresh design that come together into a distinct retro style made for modern times.

Under the breathable mesh uppers and lightweight synthetic overlays, there are padded collars and cushioned soles on the sneakers that are very comfortable.

Much like the Adidas NMD, the Champion D1 Lite shoes have midsole plugs on the sides, which are considered flex grooves that provide traction and stability.

The shoes retail for only $75, which is half the price of Adidas NMD shoes. And with the Champion branding on the sides, you can go for a sporty style without the high price.

9. Puma TSUGI Shinsei

Both the Adidas and Puma brands are founded by the Dassler brothers, so you know there are bound to be a few sneakers that are similar.

Puma TSUGI Shinsei (buy on Amazon)

The Puma TSUGI Shinsei shoes not only look like the Adidas NMD shoes, but the comfort level is also very comparable thanks to the evoKnit and Ignite Foam.

In fact, many praise the soft and stretchy evoKnit material that feels like actual socks.

It is definitely one of the most desirable aspects of the Puma TSUGI Shinsei shoes, as the heel wrap and lacing system help maintain perfect fitting.

Not only are the futuristic design and leather detailing of these trainers look very good in the gym or on the streets, but the lightweight materials are also ideal for any activity.

The Puma TSUGI Shinsei’s price is very affordable, at just under $50, considering it’s a stylish pair of shoes made with premium materials.

10. Reebok Nano X

Reebok is another popular sportswear brand with plenty of sneakers in its collection. One of their shoes, the Reebok Nano X, looks similar to the Adidas NMD.

Reebok Nano X (buy on Amazon)

Marketed as reimagined training shoes made with repurposed materials, the Reebok Nano X shoes offer a bold design that echoes fresh and bright colors.

Much like the Adidas NMD, the well-cushioned midsoles of the Reebok Nano X shoes make workouts much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Along with the top-notch textile uppers, these shoes are made with high-quality rubber outsoles which provide great traction and durability.

However, the Reebok Nano X shoes are not much cheaper than the Adidas NMD, since the shoes retail for $130. But lately, the shoes are on sale.

If you are pondering between these Reeboks or the Adidas NMD, we recommend getting the latter because of their popularity. For just $10 more, you can get the NMDs.

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And there you go, a list of the best shoes that look like the Adidas NMD.

Two of the most similar shoes to the Adidas NMD are definitely the Adidas Multix and Adidas X_PLR. While the two shoes come from the same brand and share similar materials, they are much cheaper than the Adidas NMD.

By sharing with you the top 10 Adidas NMD cheaper alternatives, we hope that we have given you plenty of options to buy sneakers that don’t break the bank.