Are Adidas Samba Shoes Good For Indoor Soccer?

Over the years, the Adidas Samba has developed from an indoor soccer shoe to a fashion sneaker. So, are the Adidas Samba shoes actually good for indoor soccer?

The Adidas Samba can double as an indoor soccer shoe and a regular sneaker. It’s far from the best indoor soccer shoes, but it’s good enough to play indoor soccer with.

As long as you play on flat surfaces, not indoor turf, the Adidas Samba is solid.

Don’t forget about its vintage aesthetics too. In this post, let’s explore the Adidas Samba shoe and decide whether it is good for indoor soccer (futsal) or not.

Are Adidas Sambas indoor soccer shoes?

The Adidas Samba Classic is an indoor soccer shoe. It is the modern iteration of the original Adidas Samba shoe built for the modern indoor soccer game.

Are Adidas Sambas good for indoor soccer (futsal)?

The Adidas Samba Classic is a great indoor soccer shoe thanks to the durable leather upper and lightweight EVA midsole, providing a better response on indoor soccer surfaces.

Here are 5 reasons why Adidas Samba is good for futsal, explained further:

1. The shoe is very comfortable

Comfort is where the Adidas Samba excels at.

The upper is made from full-grain leather. There is also a touch of suede covering the forefoot and midfoot. While it does take some time to break into, the shoe is very durable. 

Thanks to the leather upper, the Adidas Samba is comfortable for casual wear. You should be able to wear it to school or work and wear it in the evening for a casual game of street soccer.

All things considered, the Adidas Samba is very comfortable. However, one thing I don’t like is the synthetic suede liner on the heel, which is super soft and comfortable but is quite slippery.

I found that if you didn’t tie the laces tight enough then your heel would slip. This is a minor thing and I would not consider this a deal-breaker because you always wear anti-slip football socks.

The Adidas Samba runs true to size, so if you are ordering a pair online, I would recommend buying a pair according to your shoe size. The shoe will fit wide feet, as the leather will stretch.

Overall, the Adidas Samba can double as a regular sneaker and an indoor soccer shoe. It won’t disappoint you because it is comfortable thanks to the soft and pliable leather upper.

2. Traction is great on indoor gyms (not turf)

As far as traction goes, the Adidas Samba is great. It features a brown gum rubber sole that is very good for dusty indoor courts because it provides plenty of grip and traction.

The substantial gum rubber sole does add quite a bit of weight, but if you know that you will be playing in a dusty indoor soccer gym, you should be able to play well with the Adidas Samba.

However, the Adidas Samba is not great for indoor turf. The shoe does not have cleats that will grab onto the turf. I don’t recommend wearing the Adidas Samba on turf.

Overall, the outsole of the Adidas Samba is very good for street soccer. It provides a good grip that you can use almost anywhere except for indoor turf courts.

3. Great for touch, average for shooting

In terms of touch, I really like the Adidas Samba.

I was pleasantly surprised when I juggled the ball with the shoe. There is an indescribable dampening sensation on the ball, which I really like. It makes you feel like you’re Neymar.

Because I was used to wearing soccer shoes made with thin synthetic material, I fell in love instantly with the incredible padded leather touch the Adidas Samba has on the ball.

As for shooting, this shoe was nothing special. Shooting the soccer ball with the Adidas Samba, like everything else I have tried, is just meh. I didn’t feel any enhancements whatsoever.

During my days of playing indoor soccer, I have yet to come across a shoe which enhances the experience of shooting. Maybe this has more to do with my skill rather than the shoe.

Overall, if you like padded leather touches, and you need to bring your game indoors, the Adidas Samba is a great option. Just don’t expect to shoot the ball like Cristiano Ronaldo with it.

4. Offers good protection

As far as protection goes, the Adidas Samba has managed to outshine every other indoor soccer shoe I have ever tried, mainly due to the durable leather upper.

Even if it is an indoor soccer shoe, and there are no studs, you can still get stepped on.

I really enjoyed the amount of protection from this shoe and felt secure every minute I am playing on the pitch. Honestly, it is one of the best that I have ever tried in this category.

5. Vintage aesthetics

The Adidas Samba is far from being the best indoor soccer shoe. But what it lacks in performance, it more than makes up for it through its vintage aesthetics.

Dating back to 1949, the Adidas Samba was first produced to enable football players to train on icy, hard ground (hence the suction design on the gum sole).

To this day, the Adidas Samba is among Adidas’ most popular shoes, being the second-highest selling Adidas design ever with over 35 million pairs sold worldwide, behind the Stan Smith.

Obviously, how something looks is all personal preference, but in my opinion, these look fantastic. They look so good, you can wear them casually, and not have a problem.

If you are a soccer fan, wearing the Adidas Samba allows you to pay homage to the traditions of soccer from the past, while paving the way for the future at the same time.


Now you know whether the Adidas Samba is good for indoor soccer or not. As long as you play on flat surfaces, not indoor turf, the Adidas Samba is a solid indoor soccer shoe.

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