What Goes With Navy Blue Shorts? (Visual Guide)

As summer begins, we begin to pull out those shorts that were previously sitting in the back of our drawers. One of the most common colors of shorts across the board, except for jeans, is navy.

Almost everyone has a pair of navy shorts, but that does not mean everyone wears them. It can be challenging to find the right items to pair with shorts to make a stellar outfit.

This brings up the question, what really goes with navy shorts, and how do you style them? Keep reading to find out! Scroll down for a visual guide for matching navy blue shorts.

What Colors Match With Navy Blue Shorts?

Navy is a classic color that honestly matches a lot. One of the most vital things to keep in mind is what does not go with navy, namely brown and other shades of navy and blue.

Of course, this is not a hard rule and can get broken if the outfit works, but it is a general rule to have. So what colors actually pair well with navy blue shorts?

There is white, a color that pretty much goes with anything. There are also colors that are a bit more daring to try, such as pink and gold or even orange, the complementary color to blue.

Here are 6 color options that go well with navy blue shorts:

1. White

When it comes to pairing navy blue shorts, you can never go wrong with a white shirt. The color white is one of those things that can pair with just about anything, including itself.

White can pair nicely with some navy shorts, especially when accessorized the right way. Navy and white are one of those classic combos that are timeless and versatile.

2. Light Blue

Like white, a light blue shirt with navy is a sure way to create the outfit. Both men and women can rock this color combination as it gives off a calm and friendly vibe.

The similar colors can mesh pleasingly and can give off similar timeless vibes as a simple white shirt can. It is better to wear a button-up if you plan to wear light blue.

3. Gold or yellow

Gold or even yellow can make a rocking outfit with navy shorts, but it is essential to find the perfect shade. Too much color can clash with the navy and look a little off.

Do not be afraid to try a striped tee, maybe with yellow/gold and white. When done right, the combination of a gold/yellow shirt with navy blue shorts provides the perfect summer look!

4. Red

Red is one of those colors that stand out but can really dress up well when paired with the right color, like navy. It’s not a common color combination, but it makes you look bold and daring.

Though sometimes this look can be deemed a little patriotic in America, it can make a dazzling outfit anywhere. Red looks stunning with navy, whether it is a bright red or dark red.

5. Pink

While pink is simply a lighter shade of red, it looks perfect paired with a pair of navy blue shorts. Contrary to popular belief, the combination of pink and navy works for both men and women.

It can be salmon or even bright Fuschia, but almost any shade of pink works well. It may seem a little preppy at first, but it can be another ageless combination.

6. Almost Any Color When Styled Right 

Navy shorts are pretty unproblematic until black or another navy jumps in the mix. However, there are some daring blends that take risks and succeed in using bright colors together with navy.

Brown, orange, and various shades of other navies can all cause problems with clashing.

How to Style Navy Blue Shorts

Navy shorts are pretty easy to style, as long as you avoid problem colors, almost anything works well. Once you have a shirt color picked out, then it starts to boil down to the shoes and various accessories like hats and jewelry, maybe even a jacket.

1. Casual

Everyone needs a few nice casual outfits that can be worn in any situation. So what are some casual attire ideas involving navy blue shorts to fit the bill?

The classic navy blue shorts, striped white and blue shirt, and matching shoes, (either white or navy). This classic look pairs well with any kind of hat, but fedoras and sun hats work best. 

A simple white shirt with a light brown belt, gold jewelry, and white shoes are perfect as a low-key outfit; this can also include a nice hat. This outfit is perfect for both men and women.

A graphic tee-shirt can also look good with navy shorts, presuming the tee design is not too busy. A tee and shorts work with any shoes and hat. 

2. Fun

Fun party outfits can make the occasion, and here are some ideas you can probably already find in your closet involving navy blue shorts:

While a simple white shirt can become a casual look, add in the right accessories, and it becomes a bit more fun and funky. Gold jewelry can make you shine in all the right places.

Adding some layers is an easy way to spruce up an otherwise plain pair of shorts. A sweatshirt, jacket, or some type of shirt is pretty easy to style with navy shorts. 

Designs are effective ways to spruce up navy blue shorts. From stripes to flowers to boats, any kind of design is excellent at changing the vibe of an outfit based on the graphic or pattern.

3. Semi-Formal And Formal

There are a few occasions where an outfit needs to be a bit more dressy than a simple shirt and short combination. Formal ensembles usually take a little bit more time and consideration to compile, but here are some ideas to pull from to create a formal outfit with navy blue shorts. 

The simplest way to go is always, always accessories! A classy shirt, polo, or blouse with some killer accessories and the right shoes will never fail. It is a timeless look. 

A button-up can work wonders for a plain pair of navy blue shorts and the right kind of paraphernalia. You can take it a set further by adding a jacket too!

Tops with an adventurous design can also do wonders in stepping up the outfit game.

Do not be afraid to try some crazy but matchable designs with navy blue shorts. Try adding some fancy accessories like jackets, jewelry, and fun shoes.

Final Summary

It is so important to find an ensemble that matches the circumstance and the style of the person wearing it! Feeling confident in your clothes is so important!

This is why experimenting and trying out new ensembles and styles involving the ever-popular navy blue shorts is essential to anyone striving to look awesome at an occasion. 

There are plenty of variations and other ideas that you can play around with, but here are some basic concepts that anyone can build up on to create a wardrobe of outfits they like to wear. 

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