Why Are Vans So Cheap (Expensive in Some Countries)

Known for their iconic waffle soles, Vans shoes are extremely popular worldwide. But considering its low retail price, why are Vans shoes so cheap?

Vans shoes are cheap because they are made in large quantities (70 to 85 million pairs annually) and they are made in China and Vietnam, where labor costs are cheaper.

But there are people who think that Vans shoes are expensive and not worth the money.

In this post, let’s explore why some would think Vans shoes are affordable, while some think they are expensive. We will also share with you the secret to buying Vans at a cheap price.

Are Vans Shoes Worth the Money?

In the United States, Vans are considered cheap and affordable shoes. They typically retail for $60 but some Vans shoes can often be found at discount stores for less.

The question then is, are Vans shoes worth the money?

Vans shoes are definitely worth the money because they are cheaper ($60) than the average running shoes, which typically cost between $70 to $250. If you plan to wear them casually, Vans shoes are worth it because they are affordable and look good too.

Some would suggest that running shoes or athletic shoes used for daily wear do not last any longer than Vans, simply because Vans shoes are tough and durable.

As daily beaters (shoes worn every day without worry), Vans are definitely worth it.

Then again, it’s our opinion and you may think differently. Some people love the look of the shoes, while others would think that they are ugly.

However, in terms of price alone, it’s hard to argue the fact that Vans shoes are cheap.

According to Investopedia, the average retail price for sneakers ranges between $70 to $250. The most popular Vans model, the Old Skool, retails for just $60, making it cheaper than the average pair of sneakers. But why are Vans shoes so cheap?

Why are Vans shoes so cheap?

Gone are the days when Vans’ original manufacturing and fulfillment process was simple.

Back in the day, employees of Vans made rubber-soled shoes each morning and sold them straight out of the company’s Anaheim factory in the afternoon.

Over the next 30 years, Vans shoes were made at several factories in California until the company’s manufacturing operations were moved to China and Vietnam in the late 1990s, where labor and production costs were much cheaper.

In addition to relocation, Vans grew rapidly as a company, growing in popularity as the years went by. As a result, Vans are able to make between 70 to 85 million pairs of shoes a year.

As the shoes are produced in cheaper countries and in large quantities, Vans are able to keep their prices down and provide affordable sneakers to the world.

Why are Vans shoes so expensive in some countries?

So if Vans shoes are cheap, why do some people think they are expensive? We think that this has little to do with the price of the shoes, but the minimum wages in a country.

While Vans shoes have a similar price worldwide, some people think they are expensive in some countries because the minimum wage in a particular country is lower.

The average person in the United States may think that Vans shoes are cheap, but people in developing countries may consider them expensive. Take India for example.

There are plenty of people from India who commented that Vans shoes are expensive and that they had to think twice before buying them.

On the Vans official Indian website, the Old Skool Vans retail for ₹3,879.25, which is about $53. The price seems reasonable until you consider the fact that the average monthly salary in India is ₹16,000, which is about $219, you can see how expensive the shoes are for Indians.

For the average Indian, a pair of Vans shoes cost about 25% of their monthly salary.

If you are paying a quarter of your monthly salary for a pair of shoes, wouldn’t you think that is expensive? Everyone in their right mind would think so.

Likewise, it’s also the same in Brazil.

On the Vans official Brazilian website, the Old Skool Vans retail for R$359,99, which is about $69. However, the average monthly salary in Brazil is merely R$2,515, which is about $484.

For the average Brazilian, a pair of Vans shoes cost about 15% of their monthly salary.

So you see, while Vans shoes are considered cheap and affordable in some countries, like the United States, they are considered a luxury in some countries, like Brazil and India.

How to Buy Vans Shoes For Cheap

So most people typically buy Vans shoes at Vans stores at the local mall or online.

There is no problem buying Vans sneakers from these places, but know that they have barely any sales and you would end up paying the retail price.

The secret to buying Vans shoes for cheap is to only buy them at Vans outlet stores. Not only would you get shoes at a sale price, but you can also enjoy 50% off the second pair.

We would suggest searching for the nearest Vans outlet store near you:

At Vans outlet stores, they typically sell the Classics at normal retail price, but they have a large variety of other colorways and other models sold at a sale price.

The sale prices typically vary from $20 to $40 for a pair of Vans. But the benefits don’t end there. At Vans outlet stores, they have a BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF offer.

Basically, you would get 50% off the second pair of shoes you buy.

So for example, you want to buy two pairs. If each one has a sale price of $40, and you use their offer, you would buy one pair for $40 and another for $20.

The total is just $60. In other words, you are paying just $30 for each pair.

What is even better is if you come across two pairs of Vans with a sale price of $20, you would buy both for $30. That’s $15 for a pair of Vans shoes. 

Final Words

Now you know whether Vans shoes are worth the money or not. We would leave it up to you whether you consider them cheap or expensive.

However, a life hack to buy Vans for cheap is to never buy them in the local mall or online store. Instead, visit the Vans outlet store and get them for cheap.

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