Why Do Oofos Hurt My Feet? (Here’s the Solution)

Oofos slides and sandals are supposed to provide relief from foot pain. However, some people wonder why their Oofos hurt their feet. Here are a few reasons why and what to do.

You’ve worn them out (more than 6 months)

If you’ve been wearing your Oofos slides and sandals without problems for some time, but suddenly start to feel foot pain, it could be that you’ve worn them out. 

I discovered this 6 months into my new Oofos slides. I’ve been wearing them on a daily basis around the house and they’ve pretty much solved my foot pain.

However, after wearing my Oofos slides for 6 months, I’ve started to notice pain in my feet, especially my left foot. It’s as if someone put tiny pieces of glass under my foot.

First, I reached out to my podiatrist and he said that shoes shouldn’t be worn for more than 6 months, especially sandals and slides because they can get slippery when worn out.

Next, I reached out to Oofos. They recommend replacing a pair of Oofos about as often as you would replace a pair of running shoes, but it’s all relative to use.

If you’re wearing your pair of Oofos every day, they may begin to wear out more quickly than a pair of shoes that you wear only a couple of times a week for a few hours at a time.

Certain areas may also wear out faster than other areas because of your natural walking gait. Everyone walks differently and therefore, everyone’s sandals wear out differently.

You haven’t gotten used to the high arch support

If your Oofos is brand new and less than 6 months old, but you’re experiencing foot pain, it could be that you haven’t gotten used to the high arch support of the sandals.

Some people expect more of a “relief” only to experience a new type of pain. The super high arch support might introduce a bunch of pressure and soreness here and there.

How long did you wear them before they started hurting? If it wasn’t right away you may just not be used to that much support. This means you need to give Oofos time to break in.

To get used to the arch support, I recommend the typical “break-in” schedule of approximately 1 hour the first day, 2 hours the second day, 3 hours the third day, and so on.

I’ll admit, Oofos was terrible in my first week. They irritated my arches.

However, after two weeks, they’ve been so helpful for maintenance relief and prevention. I wouldn’t get rid of them. Give them time to break in to enjoy the full benefits.

Incorrect sizing

If your Oofos are hurting your feet, another possibility is incorrect sizing. I personally didn’t experience this, but a friend of mine made the terrible mistake of wearing a size too small.

After about five hours of wearing his Oofos, he noticed a sharp pain on the bottom of his feet. He bought 1 1⁄2 size smaller when he should’ve gone just ½ size smaller.

It’s possible that the arch is hitting him in the wrong spot and causing discomfort.

Oofos slides and sandals are made with a super high arch, which means that if the sizing is not spot on, the high arch could hit the wrong spot and cause foot pain in all the wrong places.

Also, did you put your Oofos in the washer? If you’ve put them in the washer two or three times, it could wear off the arch support and alter the shape of the sandals, causing foot pain.

You have an underlying foot condition

In some cases, your feet hurt not because of Oofos, but due to an underlying foot condition. Common conditions that can cause foot pain include plantar fasciitis, bunions, and hammertoes.

If you’re experiencing pain in your feet that doesn’t go away after wearing Oofos footwear, I recommend visiting a podiatrist or doctor to rule out any underlying conditions.

The high arch support just isn’t for you

Last but not least, it could be that the high arch support of Oofos footwear just isn’t for you. It’s not your fault, it’s also not Oofos’ fault. You’re just not compatible with one another.

Here are two differing opinions of Oofos sandals:

“My feet did not need time to break into Oofos. The arch support they provide is fantastic! I own 6 pairs. That is all I wear. I wear them even in the shower. I can’t walk barefoot any longer.”

Reddit user number 1

“They were too soft for me – Hokas were better, but they are good for around the house. If I try to use them to walk the dog or run errands they start to hurt my feet.”

Reddit user number 2

As you can see, Oofos sandals might work like a charm for one person but feel terrible for another. You might find better comfort in another brand of sandals.

Some people might find Oofos to be too soft. They prefer firmer sandals like the ones from Dansko or Hoka. If I were you, I’d try as many brands of sandals as possible. 

The features of sandals that you need, such as arch support and cushioning, vary from person to person depending on the characteristics of your feet.

When it comes to footwear, it’s important to remember that no one footwear brand works for everyone. What is comfortable for one may be completely wrong for someone else.

Also, don’t forget there’s a middle ground. I personally need two weeks to break into my Oofos, while some people don’t need time to break into their Oofos at all.

You don’t need to pay a huge amount of money for comfortable and supportive sandals. In fact, I’ve found some of the best Oofos dupes that are not only cheaper but also better.

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