Here is Why Some Jackets Have Two Zippers

There are several types of jackets for mild and cold temperatures.

As a result, there are dozens of different styles. One style of jacket that has made some headway is the two-way zipper. Though two zippers are not seen on every jacket, they are still popular among certain models. So, why do some jackets have two zippers?

Two-way zippers are useful for making your jacket both more comfortable and accessible. By allowing more room at the bottom of the jacket, you can move more freely while also having the ability to reach into lower pockets when necessary.

Read on to learn more about why some jackets have two zippers. You might come to find that investing in a two-way zipper jacket is well worth it.

No matter what type of jacket you are looking for, it should not be too difficult to find a two-zipper jacket that matches your style.

What Is The Point Of A Two-Way Zipper?

What you may not know is that one of the main reasons some jackets have two zippers is because of a nod to custom for etiquette. 

Traditionally, it’s been said that jackets fit best when the bottom is not closed all the way. Thus, a two-way zipper allows you to unzip a small part of the jacket from the bottom, allowing the jacket to fit your figure better instead of squeezing you around the waste.

As mentioned, this style choice also prevents any discomfort.

Most body types consist of a thicker waist than that of the torso, so if you have just one zipper that closes the jacket from bottom to top, your waist might feel restricted.

Unzipping the jacket a few inches from the bottom up gives your body a wider range of movement, and as a result, more comfort and freedom. 

Secondly, two-way zippers are used for convenience. As the top zipper closes the jacket from the bottom up and the bottom zipper opens the jacket from the bottom up, it makes reaching into the inside pocket more convenient.

Today, you will find many jackets with two zippers from brands like Carhartt and L.L. Bean. 

Why Would I Need Two Zippers?

Suppose you are in a particularly cold – or simply windy – area, and you need to reach inside your jacket to grab something. Whether it is in a high or low pocket, you can unzip the respective zipper to avoid having to undo your jacket completely.

The same goes for when you are wearing a jacket in a mild or warmer climate.

If it is chilly enough to have on a top layer but not so cold that you get too hot with a fully zipped jacket, you can unzip either zipper to make yourself more comfortable.

This comes in handy when you might be wearing something like a windbreaker.

So, the point of a two-way zipper is to provide both comfort and practicality. It might be a good idea to invest in your own two-way zipper jacket to see how well it works for you.

Who knows, you might never go back to a single-zipper jacket again. Briefly discussed below is an explanation of how a two-way zipper works.

How Do I Use A Two-Way Zipper?

It is very easy to use a two-way zipper.

The construction of the zipper works similarly to a single-zipper jacket. On a single-zipper jacket, the pull tab is fixed so that when it is pulled up, it closes the jacket.

This same pull tab is on the top pull zipper foot of a two-way zipper jacket.

The only difference is that below that first pull tab, there is a second pull tab faced in the opposite direction that closes the jacket when zipped downwards.

So, when pulling on the top zipper foot of a two-way zipper, you engage the pull tabs with the teeth of the zipper and zip the top like normal. 

As long as the bottom pull tab is also intact with the teeth of the zipper, it will look like a regular jacket. However, when you pull the bottom pull tab up, it will allow the jacket to unzip from the bottom, giving you that additional comfort and convenience you want.

There are several different styles you may go with when choosing how to wear a two-way zipper jacket. Whether you want a deep, open v-neck, a casual three inches unzipped on the bottom, or a combination of both, 2-way zippers are great accessory pieces for a jacket.


If a jacket has two zippers, it means that it is constructed with a two-way zipper. This addition is useful for comfort and convenience. 

You can maneuver the zippers however you want to alter your style in different climates, or you can move the zippers a certain way to reach into your pockets more easily. Either way, jackets with two zippers are a desirable and unique wardrobe piece.

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