Why Are Goorin Bros Hats So Expensive? (Explained)

In short: Goorin Bros hats are so expensive because they are made with excellent quality and craftsmanship. Celebrity endorsements have also pushed demand, driving prices further up.

You can get a trucker cap for under $10 on Amazon, so the fact that a Goorin Bros animal trucker cap costs $40 is head-scratching. Why are Goorin Bros hats so expensive?

1. They are extremely popular

A big reason why Goorin Bros hats are so expensive is due to their popularity. They’ve carved out a niche of loyal fans thanks to their unique designs and celebrity endorsements. 

Regular trucker caps are plain, simple, and for lack of a better word, boring.

Goorin Bros hats, on the other hand, are anything but boring. They come with animal patches and smart wordplay which allows the wearer to express themselves.

Because of their unique designs, many celebrities wear them on a regular basis.

Hollywood stars, like Ashton Kutcher and Pitt, have been seen with Goorin Bros merch. Popular athletes, like Lionel Messi and Neymar, have also donned animal trucker caps.

This free publicity pushed the popularity of their animal-patched hats to a whole new level. 

And when celebrities wear them, you can be sure that everyone else would follow suit. More demand means Goorin Bros can charge a premium for their animal trucker caps.

2. Excellent quality and craftsmanship

Unlike the run-of-the-mill trucker caps, Goorin Bros are made with excellent quality and craftsmanship. Put simply, they’re unlike any other trucker cap you’ll find out there.

Each trucker cap purchased from Goorin Bros comes with a holographic sticker, ensuring the authenticity of your new hat. Often imitated, but never duplicated.

The materials are also top-notch. Each hat is made with a combination of 57% polyester and 43% cotton, core mesh, and poly blend sweatband, all of which last a long time.

“These hats are reasonably priced for their quality. They run about $40-$150 per hat but are well-made, and the customer service that the store provides is excellent. If you are considering buying a hat, this brand is worth the splurge.”

– ChicagoPhotographerr (Tripadvisor)

You’ll find plenty of positive reviews online from Goorin Bros customers. It goes to show that while Goorin Bros hats are expensive, they are definitely worth the money.

3. Focus on customer service

Yes, Goorin Bros hats are expensive, but they don’t just sell hats. They focus on customer service and your satisfaction each time you buy one of their products.

If you prefer shopping online, they have a dedicated smartphone app where you can access exclusive products, including the coveted Friday Drop, along with early releases and surprises.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to them if you have questions. Their customer service has been excellent so far and responded to my questions in a timely manner.

Along with international shipping, their return and exchange policy has been good too. If you ever need to make a return and exchange, all you need to do is fill out this form.

However, I think the best part of Goorin Bros is the offline shopping experience. If you do have the chance, I recommend visiting one of their stores in the United States.

“On our last visit to Boston from the UK we just had to go back to Goorin Bros. If you’re a hat fan do add this quirky shop to your itinerary. The staff are great; they themselves are enthusiasts with great senses of humor. I bought yet another of their hats after much trying on options. This time I went for one of their more expensive flat hats, made in the USA. The quality is outstanding. Thanks to the staff for their patience!”

– Keith M.

My first offline experience with Goorin Bros was in the Charleston location. They had a great selection with an array of hats in all shapes and sizes for both women and men.

Goorin Bros Charleston location.

Since it was a specialty hat store, I assumed that I was going to spend a huge amount of money, yet the prices were incredibly reasonable in my opinion.

I bought 3 hats that day. Sometime later, I called up another location and had them take a phone order on the 4th! The staff at both locations were fantastic.

The expensive price is justified because the staff is very knowledgeable and customer-focused. Many of their hats are specially made for them so you can’t find them elsewhere too.

Most importantly, their offline stores are the best place to grab an authentic product instead of a fake one.

4. Reasonable shipping and return policy

In the above section, I’ve touched on Goorin Bros’ reasonable shipping and return policy. I think this is also one of the reasons why their brand is quite expensive.

Although Goorin Bros offer free shipping anywhere in the US through FedEx Ground service, you’ll need to pay a fee at checkout if you’d like faster shipping with the 2Day service.

Orders are shipped within one business day, although shipping times are not guaranteed. Don’t worry, you can easily track your order online through your account.

Additionally, their return policy is quite good.

Goorin Bros offer a 14-day return policy from the date of order fulfillment. Return must include the original paper or digital receipt and must be in the same condition that you received it.

To initiate a return, visit the brand’s return portal on its website.

Unfortunately, international returns are not accepted. Damaged or defective items, not from wear and tear, have one year for exchange or return.

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