Why Crocs Have Bumps Inside (Surprising Reason)

A detail often overlooked is the small nubs on the Crocs’ footbed.

Why are these bumps present inside Crocs?

The footbed nubs inside Crocs are designed to give a massage-like feel and boost circulation as you wear them. They also help your feet stay secure inside the Crocs, preventing slipping.

Are these bumps truly beneficial or mere gimmicks?

This post explores their purpose and which Crocs models have them.

Why do Crocs have little dots inside?

Crocs states that their footbed nubs, although not replicating foot reflexology, aim to enhance circulation and give a massage-like sensation.

The idea behind these bumps comes from acupressure points.

Similar to acupressure mats with many plastic nubs, these bumps apply pressure to the body parts touching them.

An acupressure mat, the idea behind the little nubs on Crocs.

Acupressure therapy, like acupuncture, uses pressure points. However, acupressure mats don’t have needles and don’t puncture the skin. They target pressure points on the foot.

While the effectiveness of acupressure based on scientific evidence is limited, many people enjoy the benefits of acupressure mats or slippers.

The nubs on Crocs’ footbeds are softer than those on acupuncture slippers. They’re made from the same material as the rest of the Croc.

Many Crocs owners say the footbed bumps tickle their feet rather than massage them.

Do all Crocs have little bumps inside?

Not all Crocs have little nubs inside.

Most Classic Clogs have little bumps. However, the Classic Lined Clogs and Classic Fur Sure don’t because they have a warm, fuzzy liner.

The Crocs On-The-Rock LiteRide Slip-Ons, designed for the restaurant, healthcare, and service industries, don’t have inside bumps. Instead of little bumps, the toe and heel are enclosed to meet workplace standards.

Here are some of the most popular Crocs without bumps inside:

Crocs classic lined clogs (browse colors on Amazon)

Crocs Blitzen III fuzzy slippers (browse colors on Amazon)

How to get rid of the bumps in Crocs

Not everyone is a fan of the little bumps inside Crocs. If you don’t like the bumps inside Crocs and want to remove them, here are 4 tips you can try today:

1. Give them time

If you don’t like the feeling of these bumps, the best thing you can do is to just give them time. These little nubs should wear out quickly with regular wear.

Crocs are sort of like soft plastic sponges and do not take long to break in.

They’re very soft like marshmallows. The footbed itself isn’t like the nubby, hard surface of Teva or Chaco sandals, which some people find irritating.

Try wearing your Crocs for a while and you’ll see that you don’t need to modify them.

Sure, the nubs may feel “pokey” at first, but they would become unnoticeable after a few weeks.

2. Wear socks in the beginning

If the little nubs inside the Crocs bother you for some reason, you can wear socks until they wear out.

Not only do socks keep your feet sweat-free on hot days, but they can also keep your feet warm in the winter. After a while, the little nubs should flatten out with regular wear.

For those of you who think that Crocs and socks are a horrible combination, we beg to differ!

As long as you are confident with what you wear, you can wear Crocs and socks all day. Oh, and wearing socks with Crocs can help prevent potential blisters too!

3. Add insoles to your Crocs

Instead of wearing socks, you can always add insoles to your Crocs.

Since the shape of Crocs is designed to cup both of your feet, a simple pair of insoles should be able to seamlessly fit inside the footbed.

Comfortable Orthotics Inserts (buy WALKHERO on Amazon):

These insoles are covered with breathable fabric that reduces friction and keeps the feet cool. Inside, the built-in silicone material offers shock absorption and reduces pressure.

While these insoles are technically designed for shoes and sneakers, you can give them a try inside your Crocs if you genuinely hate the feeling of the tiny nubs.

Once the nubs are gone, you can remove the insoles and wear your Crocs normally.

4. Clip them with toenail clippers

If you want to get rid of the bumps inside Crocs, you can clip them with toenail clippers.

Getting the correct angle inside the Crocs near the toes can be tricky. Clipping the nubs can make the Crocs more irritating because it leaves unfinished edges.

It’s also challenging to get them completely even.

We highly recommend leaving the little bumps alone.

5. Buy a new pair of lined Crocs

A less destructive solution is to buy a new pair of lined Crocs instead.

Crocs offer many footwear options without little bumps inside. Their lined clogs, for example, come with warm and fuzzy liners for added comfort.

Crocs classic lined clogs (browse colors on Amazon)

Crocs Blitzen III fuzzy slippers (browse colors on Amazon)

While the Croslite™ foam keeps them light and easy to wear, the toasty liner provides comfort throughout the year.

The soft, fuzzy liner enhances cushioning and comfort, whether worn indoors or outdoors.

These Crocs are great as slippers and are also suitable for running errands.

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