Why Crocs Are So Expensive: 6 Surprising Reasons

People have mixed opinions about Crocs’ appearance, but their popularity is undeniable. Crocs are favored as year-round footwear because of their comfort.

So, what makes Crocs so expensive?

The primary reason Crocs are pricey is their proprietary Croslite™ material. It is non-toxic, resists odor, and is long-lasting. Since Crocs has secured exclusive rights to this unique material, you would have to pay more for its clogs.

However, many other reasons justify the higher cost of Crocs compared to average slippers.

In this post, let’s explore why Crocs are so expensive.

Reasons why Crocs are so expensive

Some might argue that Crocs are reasonably priced. Their classic clogs retail for just $50. Given their amazing comfort and durability, Crocs justify their price.

However, if you think Crocs are overpriced and need reasons to justify their cost, here are six explanations for their price tag:

1. Proprietary Croslite™ material

Contrary to popular belief, Crocs are made of Croslite™, not plastic or rubber. This material is a major reason why Crocs cost more than typical slippers.

Croslite™ is a closed-cell resin material that is neither plastic nor rubber. The unique material is described as an injection-molded EVA foam, known for its impact-absorbing capabilities and providing optimal cushioning.

Many podiatrists say that Croslite™ material molds to a wearer’s feet and offers numerous medical benefits. Croslite™ is non-toxic, odor-resistant, and prevents bacterial or fungal growth.

Not only is this versatile material safe for the skin, but it can also be cleaned with just soap and water.

In short, Croslite™ makes Crocs lightweight and very comfortable. It reduces sweating and is easy to clean.

Since 2004, Crocs has had exclusive rights to the unique Croslite™ foam resin, making it exclusive to their products. Simply put, competitors can’t replicate the unique properties of Croslite™ in their products.

This exclusivity is why Crocs cost more.

2. Supremely comfortable

Crocs might not match everyone’s idea of fashion, but many people swear by their comfort. Crocs become comfortable quickly, unlike most footwear.

Crocs are lightweight and easy to wear or remove. Their unique design also makes Crocs roomy, while keeping both of your feet secure at the same time.

Crocs can switch between “relaxed mode” and “sports mode”. This is done via the heel-hugging straps, which you can easily move forward or backward.

“Relaxed mode” allows you to slip into the Crocs easily, which is perfect for casual wear. On the other hand, “sports mode” prevents your feet from sliding back and forth.

Two images showing the difference between Crocs "relaxed mode" with the strap pushed forward and Crocs "sports mode" with the strap pushed backward.
Images courtesy of twitter.com/photosnfreckles

Crocs offer styles suitable for various preferences.

Whether you have wide or narrow feet, Crocs have plenty of options to choose from. Their footwear comes in three different fits, which include roomy, relaxed, and standard.

In short, Crocs are supremely comfortable.

3. Long-lasting and durable

Thanks to their unique Croslite™ material, Crocs are durable and can last a long time.

If taken care of, Crocs can last for about 4 to 5 years, maybe even longer. Few other rubber sandals or slippers last as long as Crocs.

Sure, you may need to pay $50 initially for a pair of Crocs, but if you can wear them for more than 5 years, then they are worth the price.

4. Incredibly versatile for everyone

Versatility can mean several things.

For Crocs, versatility means that they are ideal for everyone, from restaurant workers to hospital staff, even avid hikers

They are suitable for both summer and winter.

Many people wear Crocs to the beach or Disneyland. Additionally, Crocs offers non-slip shoes ideal for the service and medical industry.

Crocs were accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association and are seen on the feet of many people who work in demanding jobs that require all-day standing.

This proves that Crocs are not mere gimmicks. They are ergonomic footwear that offers significant benefits.

5. Collector’s items and limited editions

Crocs have evolved from just being fashion items because they collaborated with various brands and artists.

Crocs has partnered with household brands like Disney and Kentucky Fried Chicken over the years, gaining global attention.

A-list celebrities like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Post Malone wear Crocs, boosting the brand’s popularity.

On the left, Justin Bieber is seen wearing a pair of white Crocs. On the right, Ariana Grande is seen wearing a white pair of Crocs.
Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande wearing Crocs.

As a result, Crocs have become a collector’s item, especially among Gen Z. Limited edition Crocs are selling for hundreds of dollars on the resale market.

6. Easy to clean and maintain

One reason Crocs are expensive is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Unlike other footwear that needs careful cleaning, you can wash Crocs with just soap and water.

A simple hand-wash would do.

For lined Crocs clogs and fuzzy styles, gently clean them with warm water and mild soap to remove dirt, debris, or stains. As long as you do not expose them to extreme heat, Crocs should look good for a long time.

How much should Crocs cost?

  • Crocs Classic Clogs retail for $49.99 for both men and women.
  • Crocs Classic Lined Clogs retail for $59.99 for both men and women.
  • Crocs Kids’ Classic Clogs retail for $34.99.
  • Crocs Kids’ Classic Lined Clogs retail for $44.99.

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