9 Reasons Why Americans Wear Shoes in the House

If you’re visiting the United States of America from another country, or even if you’ve watched a lot of American TV shows, you’ve likely noticed that quite a few Americans leave their shoes on when they’re inside their houses.

Many people who live outside the US consider the idea of wearing shoes indoors unusual and worthy of a closer look.

So, why do Americans (white people) wear shoes in the house (indoors)?

The biggest reason why Americans wear shoes in the house is simply because of convenience. Unless the person will stay home for a while, it can be a hassle to tie and untie their shoes or boots, especially if they go in and out of the house often.

That being said, there are other reasons that may surprise you. In this post, we will explore every reason why Americans, sometimes referred to as “white people”, wear shoes in the house.

Reasons Why Americans (White People) Wear Shoes in the House (Indoors):

To find the answer, we conducted an interview with about 200 white people. Most of them live in the United States, there are some people living in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Here are the top 9 reasons why Western people wear shoes indoors:

1. Increased Convenience

One of the most popular reasons people choose to wear their shoes inside is convenience. If your shoes are difficult to remove, you might feel inclined to leave them on. It’s especially common for people who wear large boots, such as work boots or cowboy boots.

Note that most people don’t wear large, heavy boots inside for the entire day. Instead, people tend to keep them on if they need to run into the house for a short time. If someone wears boots for work, they’ll usually take them off once they’re home for the evening.  

2. Cultural Norm

Culture does not develop overnight, but it is developed through the generations. While it may not be the most practical, politeness is a way to respect one another.

In the United States, a cultural norm has developed that when you take your shoes off in someone’s house, it’s an unofficial way of saying that you are very comfortable with the owner of the house. It can also mean that you will stay inside for a while.

So unless you are very close to the owner of the house, it’s common practice to keep your shoes on inside their house as a sign of politeness. 

3. Health Benefits

Another common reason people wear shoes inside is for their health. Orthotic shoes are designed to improve posture, increase circulation, and treat many other health conditions.

If someone wears shoes meant to correct an ailment, they’ll likely want to wear them inside as well as outside. After all, the more time spent wearing the shoes, the more effectively they treat the problem.

Doctors typically recommend wearing shoes indoors to help with the following foot issues:

  • Plantar fasciitis: if the arch in your foot collapses, walking barefoot can increase the amount of stress on your foot, increasing pain levels.
  • Bunions: walking barefoot on hard surfaces can increase your likelihood of developing bunions.
  • Shin Splints: another ailment involving a fallen arch, walking in bare feet when you have shin splints can increase swelling, pain, and instability.

People who suffer from any type of foot ailment would most likely keep their shoes when entering the house because their shoes must be worn as often as possible.

4. Increased Comfort

Even if someone doesn’t have a specific medical ailment, they might prefer to wear shoes inside simply for comfort. After all, they keep feet comfortable, supported, and warm. 

For someone with a tendency to stub their toe or walk into furniture, shoes can provide an extra level of protection.

Additionally, some people, such as seniors and those with mobility issues, can find it difficult to bend down and take their shoes on and off. Instead, they might find it more comfortable to put their shoes on in the morning and leave them on all day.

5. Reduced Foot Odor

If someone suffers from a strong, chronic foot odor, they might want to wear shoes inside the house. Shoes can help mask any unpleasant smells. However, keep in mind that they only prevent foot odor when worn in a specific way.

Foot odor is caused by bacteria that thrive in sweat. When wearing shoes, always wear socks, as leaving your feet bare typically results in excess sweat. Also, keep your shoes loose. A tight fit increases the temperature around your feet, which also increases sweating.

6. Increased Stability

Over three million older people wind up in the emergency department each year due to falls. Many of these falls occur in one’s own home. Wearing shoes can increase your stability and grip when walking around your house, helping you stay steady and avoid falling.

The flooring in your house also plays a role in whether or not you’ll want to wear shoes when inside. Hardwood flooring, while beautiful, is also quite slick.

Wearing socks on a hardwood floor creates an increased risk of slipping and sliding, but shoes with a grip can help you stay upright and safe.

7. More Formal

If you’re having a formal gathering at your home, asking guests to remove their shoes beforehand might seem strange. For example, it’s not uncommon for white people to host any of the following events in their homes:

  • Wedding reception
  • Office party
  • Funeral reception

In these situations, guests will typically keep their shoes on when inside.

8. Helps Protect Your Carpet

Many people avoid wearing shoes indoors because they feel the practice is unhygienic – and that’s true in some situations. If you’ve recently walked in dirty areas, you could track mud, snow, and other crud through your house.

Most people take their shoes off if they’re arriving home after walking in wet weather, through urban areas, or in other dirty locations.

However, what if your shoes are clean?

Clean shoes are less damaging to the carpet than bare feet. Over time, oils from your feet can potentially darken and damage your carpet. Wearing shoes with clean soles while also vacuuming regularly is the best way to protect your carpet over the long term.

9. Overrepresented in TV and Movies

A TV show portraying Americans wearing shoes indoors.

Finally, it’s possible many non-Americans have an exaggerated view of how common it is for people in the US to wear shoes indoors.

In fact, many Americans (white people) prefer to take their shoes off when at home.

The weather often plays an important role. Someone living in an area with lots of snow and mud will likely take their shoes off when arriving home.

But people in warmer, dry climates might not care much about taking their shoes off indoors because their shoes are likely cleaner.

Additionally, many people use a pair of “house shoes,” which they only wear inside. Popular types include slippers, sandals, and other shoes that are easy to take on and off.

House shoes can provide the benefits of wearing shoes inside with none of the potential hygiene issues. It may seem that in the media everyone is always wearing shoes, but that’s just not the case, since some people in America choose to not wear shoes indoors.

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Final Thoughts

While wearing shoes indoors is more common in America than in many other countries, it’s not a universal practice. If you visit someone’s home in the US for the first time, your best course of action is to ask whether they’d prefer you keep your shoes on or take them off.

Americans wear shoes at home for a variety of reasons, including comfort, convenience, and medical necessity. Although the practice might seem strange to anyone from a different country, many people in the US love wearing their shoes indoors!