What To Wear With Olive Green Shirt (Visual Guide)

Sometimes when you have a solid color shirt, it’s almost challenging to style with because what you accessorize or style with can either coordinate or clash with your overall fit. 

Though it comes with difficulties, it also comes with its advantages. For instance, there are numerous styles to choose from by incorporating an olive green shirt into your style.

Whether you’re looking for a casual approach to wear or a more classy, elegant look, there are numerous ways to contrast or coordinate your style with an olive green shirt. 

If you’re interested in what to pair up with your olive green shirt, you’re in luck! In this article, we will review the top 6 solutions on what to wear and what to consider when styling them. 

1. Start off with a casual look with warmer colors

Incorporating an olive green shirt into your style can be for any season, whether fall or summer. However, since it’s a warmer color, it might be more associated with cooler seasons.

Pairing black dress pants and white sneakers with your olive green shirt keeps the color scheme of your style well-balanced. Incorporate this particular style, and you’re ready! 

You cannot go wrong with black dress pants and white sneakers. The primary goal in building your style in tune with the season is to create a stylish yet relaxed look. 

2. Casual, yet classy with khaki style jeans

Sometimes you want to have a casual approach yet appear polished and classy. One of the ways you can achieve this goal is by incorporating khaki-style jeans with your olive green shirt.

This universal look is versatile in style and occasion, as you can wear it for a walk or a small intimate hangout with your friends. After all, khaki pants are neutral and go with anything.

Now, it’s essential to note that even though incorporating khaki-style jeans with your olive green shirt can be for almost any occasion, you must consider factors such as weather and events.

This style might pass for semi-formal wear, but sometimes not in some cases. Aside from that factor, it should be fine. Soft khaki pants with an olive green shirt are a great combination.

3. Incorporating a solid color blazer 

Another way you can incorporate a semi-formal look is by combining a solid color blazer with your olive green shirt. You can choose from either a black, gray, or tan blazer.

Though, it’s essential to note that if you wear a blazer, it has to be a solid color. Any patterned type of blazer might clash with your overall fit and make you look like a mess. 

One of the benefits of utilizing a dark color blazer with your olive green shirt is that it balances out other solid accent colors you might incorporate into your look.

You can either go for cool or warmer colors. This look with a solid black blazer, dress shoes and a satin olive green shirt is a perfect example! It should work for semi-casual occasions.

4. Styling with tan-colored shorts

Another way to style your look with an olive green shirt is by implementing tan or khaki shorts. This style is primarily popular for spring or summer wear.

You can do various looks with this, but one way you can create this fit is by incorporating a brown belt, a tan-colored fedora, and light brown loafers.

Although it can be stylized as semi-formal wear, it’s primarily casual. Now with this look, you can accessorize with glasses, bags, or the occasional glasses, but it’s crucial not to overdo it.

Too many accessories with your look might obstruct the look itself, so it’s essential to be aware of that. Other than that, you’re good to go! 

5. When in doubt, add a light or darker-colored sweater

Sometimes, the weather might start getting chillier than expected in the summer, spring, or fall, but not enough to crack open the box of winter wear.

So, for any season, one of the ways you can stylize your look for this is by incorporating either light or darker-colored sweaters with your olive green shirt. 

One of the ways you can incorporate this clothing into your look is by pairing your olive green shirt with a white sweater underneath and sneakers.

This style is ideal if you’re ready to welcome the warm or slightly chillier seasons but still want to wear short sleeve shirts. As long as the sweater is solid in color, it should work just fine.

6. Adding floral or other patterns to your style

Sometimes you want to be spontaneous with your look. If you’re looking to spice things up while wearing an olive green shirt, you can select shirts that incorporate floral or other patterns.

Some might be intimidated to wear prints as they might clash with whatever accessories or pieces of clothing they style with. However, there are ways to avoid this dilemma. 

If you have a pattern-printed shirt or other pieces of clothing, it’s crucial not to incorporate different ones. If you do so,  the overall fit might be overstimulating and clash with each other.

This casual look includes an olive green floral printed shirt with ripped black jeans and brown leather boots. Just make sure one of the items is a solid color so they don’t clash.


To review, there are various ways you can personalize your style with an olive green shirt.

If you are looking for a more casual approach, you can always incorporate a laid-back look with warmer colors, or if you want a splash of colors, you can always go for floral or other prints.

If you wish for a semi-formal approach, you can always incorporate an elegant blazer look or add khaki-styled jeans. You can combine an olive green shirt with a sweater too.

Though, it’s essential to select solid-colored clothing that coordinates with green, such as yellow, pink, blue, and more. Whichever style you choose, ensure that it fits the occasion.

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