What to Wear With Gray Sweatpants? (Male and Female)

In terms of comfort, nothing beats a pair of sweatpants or joggers. However, both men and women sometimes wonder what to pair it with. So, what to wear with gray sweatpants?

Gray sweatpants look great with a simple white tee (perhaps with a small logo) along with white trainers to match. Alternatively, a simple, muted shirt/hoodie color like black or navy blue works just as well. For something unique, wear a graphic tee shirt.

In this post, we’ll show you what to wear with gray sweatpants, including what color shirt and hoodie pair well with them. You’ll look effortlessly sporty in no time at all.

What color shirt and hoodie go with gray sweatpants?

When deciding what to wear with gray sweatpants, the last thing you want to wear is a button-down shirt. It’s a fashion disaster because the top is formal while the bottom is casual.

Whether you’re male or female, what you want to pair with gray sweatpants is either casual tee shirts or hoodies. Here are 5 shirt and hoodie colors that go extremely well with gray sweatpants:

1. White shirt or hoodie

The obvious shirt color to wear with gray sweatpants is definitely white. Try pairing a plain white tee shirt or hoodie, perhaps one with a small logo along with some white sneakers to match.

Something timeless like a pair of Nike Air Force Ones or white Converse Chucks is perfect. The tiny details on the shoes bring some freshness to the overall minimalism of the style.

In fact, the combination of a white tee, gray joggers, and sneakers lends a relaxed look. Not only is it perfect for hot summer days, but it lets people know you’re relaxed and approachable.

Both men can benefit from wearing a white shirt/hoodie and gray sweatpants because both colors are neutral. It’s a supremely versatile look that can help you blend into any occasion.

2. Black shirt or hoodie

Alternatively, a black shirt can work just as well with gray sweatpants. However, instead of looking calm and relaxed, the combination of black and gray lends a sexy and confident look.

Light gray sweatpants will match well with both white and black shirts because they are both neutral colors. White and black also provide enough contrast with gray.

For a casual day out with friends and family, try pairing a black shirt or hoodie with gray joggers. Bonus points if you add a fresh haircut or a matching wristwatch with neutral colors.

Whether you’re a gent or a lady, pairing black at the top and gray at the bottom provides an attractive contrast that makes you look assertive, attractive, and crisp. 

3. Navy blue shirt or hoodie

Another neutral shirt or hoodie color to pair with gray sweatpants is navy blue. However, unlike white and black, navy blue offers an unexplainable aura of mystery and intrigue. 

A plain navy blue shirt works best with gray joggers, although one with a tiny logo at the top left works just as well. For this look, you can go for a long-sleeve or a short-sleeve shirt.

Whether you’re going casual or dressing up for the office, navy blue always pairs well with gray. Go for sweatpants with a lighter shade of gray to provide some contrast with navy blue.

For a semi-casual and semi-formal look, you can pair a navy blue sweater with gray sweatpants, but for a sporty look, you can wear athletic navy blue tops instead.

To complete the look, you can wear athletic trainers of any color, but a simple pair of white sneakers without many accents works best. Think Adidas Stan Smith. 

4. Burgundy shirt or hoodie

Most people pair burgundy (or maroon) with black, but did you know that it pairs well with light gray too? Indeed, the combination provides enough contrast for an effortless casual look.

If you have light gray (also known as dove gray) sweatpants, pair them with a deep, burgundy red shirt. What you don’t want to do is to wear a bright red shirt or hoodie. You’ll look like a clown.

Done correctly, burgundy and gray are one of the best color combinations. In fact, the deep color of burgundy works well with many shades of gray, such as light gray or charcoal gray.

The burgundy color adds richness and warmth while the gray lends a sense of calmness and smoothness. Instead of white sneakers, you’ll look best with a pair of plain black sneakers. 

5. Graphic tee shirt

If you want to show your fun side, try pairing a graphic tee shirt with your gray sweatpants. The only rule you have to follow is to not go overboard with too many colors on your outfit.

For example, you can wear a black or navy tee shirt with a white text. You can also wear a simple white tee shirt with a small red and blue small logo on the top left.

What you don’t want to do is to wear a green tee shirt with yellow text and blue graphics along with your gray sweatpants or joggers. You’ll look like someone spilled paint all over you.

The same thing goes for hoodies. Whether you’re wearing a comfy hoodie or a running jacket, choose a neutral color with not much going on. You don’t want to “pop” the wrong way.

Try a graphic tee shirt from a sports brand. Most athletic tops have minimal graphics with one or two color combinations. Those athletic tee shirts will definitely pair well with gray sweatpants. 

Bottom line

Now you know what to wear with gray sweatpants and joggers. 

By pairing gray sweatpants with a neutral shirt and hoodie colors like white, black, navy blue, and burgundy, you will look effortless, relaxed, and approachable. You can try a graphic tee shirt too.

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