What Color Vans Should You Get? (Visual Guide)

Vans shoes are not just for skateboarders. They are for all ages and genders. However, it can be overwhelming deciding what color Vans should you get due to the many options.

If you want to buy a new pair of Vans shoes, but aren’t quite sure what color to get, here’s a visual guide to help you decide which color Vans is the best for you.

What color Vans go with everything?

Both black and white Vans are two shoe colors that go with anything and everything. You can wear either of them with athletic, casual, or formal wear, especially the Old-Skool Vans.

Checkered Vans also go well with plenty of outfits, but the checkered pattern can clash with other patterns in your outfit. It’s best to wear them in plain colors instead.

Do black Vans go with everything?

Black Vans go with just about everything and can be styled in an endless number of ways. You can pair black Old-Skool Vans with casual clothing or formal clothing.

While black Vans go with every color, the best colors to pair with black Vans are neutral colors. For example, pair your black Vans with navy blue, gray, white, and classic denim.

Black Vans are best worn casually, but they can also work with formalwear. Try pairing them with a roll-neck sweater and a trench coat, or an Oxford shirt and a blazer.

For women, wear them with a fashionable wool sweater and ripped jeans in medium denim blue, or don a straight denim mini skirt along with your black Vans to get an early 90s look.

Do white Vans go with everything?

White Vans go with just about everything and can be matched with a wide variety of clothing. From dark denim to a mini dress, you really can’t go wrong when styling white Vans shoes.

The best look to go along with white Vans is neutral colors (so the white shoes stand out). For example, pair your white Vans with classic denim or chino trousers with a plain black tee shirt.

For men, pair white Vans with dark ankle-length pants (black to be specific). I particularly like the contrast between the mysterious dark color of the pants and the milky white color of the Vans.

Plenty of male celebrities, like Ryan Reynolds and Justin Bieber, have been seen wearing white Vans along with neutral colors like olive green, navy blue, black, white, and denim.

For women, try pairing white Vans with shorter dresses and skirts so you can show off your legs, especially since the hem is higher up the legs and Vans are especially lower to the ground.

Alternatively, you can also pair white Vans white skinny denim or black leggings for a casual day out. At the top, neutral colors like black, gray, and denim work extremely well.

Also, don’t overlook formal wear. I have been enjoying seeing men wear white Vans shoes with business casual attire. Consider wearing white Vans with a shirt and a blazer to match.

If you’re feeling confident, pair your white Vans with a suit and tie, just like Bradley Cooper. The combination works surprisingly well. Just be sure to keep other accessories to a minimum.

Bradley Cooper wearing white Vans.

When wearing white Vans, make sure to keep them clean. White canvas uppers are more prone to showing dirt and grime. Don’t be tempted to throw them in the washer but do this instead.

Do red Vans go with everything?

Not everything goes with red Vans. Bright red goes with most neutral colors like navy blue, black, white, and denim, but does not pair well with vibrant colors like pink, orange, and purple.

Green is not immediately on this list, but the 2 colors together (red and green) are usually associated with Christmas, so wear them at your own risk.

To pair red Vans, start with jeans or khaki-colored pants, then add a top that doesn’t clash with red. Pay attention to colors, and be sure to coordinate other accessories around your red Vans.

Anything short of a business suit, dinner jacket, or white tie will be fine with red Vans shoes. Both ripped jeans or polished high-waisted trousers, for example, work well with red Vans. 

A classic combo to pair with red Vans is denim jeans and a plain white tee shirt. Vans Old-Skools in racing red with a true white stripe is a total classic to pair with jeans.

You can also style Red Vans with dark sweatpants or skinny jeans with fun graphic socks.

What color Vans go best with jeans (denim)?

Because denim is neutral, all Vans colors go well with it. Black, white, checkered, and even red Vans go extremely well with denim jeans, whether they are skinny jeans or denim jackets.

What color Vans should I get?

The safest choice is to get the black Old-Skool Vans. They basically go well with just about anything. White Old-Skools is a close second because white is neutral, just like black.

If you’re feeling adventurous, get the checkered and/or red Vans. While they do need some coordination with your outfit, they are one of the best ways to make your outfit stand out.