What Color Shoes Goes With Dark Brown Pants?

Pulling that pair of dark brown pants out of your closet presents a dilemma.

You’ve got to find not just the correct style of shoes you have to coordinate but the color too. This scenario can have you asking: “what color shoes go with dark brown pants?”

But while fashion faux pas isn’t unusual, you want to avoid being the one who makes them. That’s why we’ve put together this list of shoe colors that will match your dark brown pants.

Keep reading to see our suggestions, and never be the one in the office or out on the town with mismatched shoe and pant colors again! Here are shoe colors that go with dark brown pants:

1. Black Shoes

You know the saying…black goes with everything. Well, nearly everything. And dark brown pants are no exception. Indeed, black shoes are a choice that will never go wrong.

If you’re stuck on finding an answer to “what color shoes go with dark brown pants,” you can’t go wrong by reaching for a pair of black loafers or pumps.

Whether you’re headed to work or a casual restaurant, black and brown go well together. You won’t distract coworkers or friends with glaring or mismatched colors.

Some may advise against pairing black and brown, but you’ll look professional or put together. Whichever way you want to phrase it. Black is the ultimate shoe color for dark brown pants.

2. Dark Brown Shoes

Are you after a more monochromatic look? Try dark brown shoes with your dark brown pants. However, you might want one slightly darker or lighter than the other to pull this look off.

Otherwise, your pants will blend into your shoes. But a monochromatic appearance can look professional and draw some attention. This look oozes confidence.

People will notice your flair for matching clothing that’s close to the same shade. Your attire won’t look too outrageous or inappropriate for work, a formal setting, or a casual outing.

Women may have more monochromatic clothing options, but that doesn’t mean men must shy away from the trend. Try matching chocolate loafers or lace-ups with your dark brown trousers.

3. Light Brown Shoes

Here’s another way to create a monochromatic appearance with your clothes. Light brown or tan shoes go well with dark brown pants because they’re part of the same color family.

There are few chances you’ll look odd or mismatch your shoes with your pants with light brown colors. Dark brown pants and light brown shoes create the perfect fall look.

And if you live in an area with perpetual summer heat, don’t fret.

Tan shoes and dark brown pants can spruce up your office attire all year round. The combination of colors effortlessly say you’re professional and all about business.

Brown is an alternative to the good ole standby of black pants and shoes. Plus, you won’t get as hot or have to worry about using a lint roller as often. 

4. Navy Blue Shoes

The jury’s out on navy blue as an appropriate match for dark brown pants.

But some say this shoe color can blend well with dark brown pants.  Since navy blue is often mistaken for black, this might be why.

That said, navy blue shirts tend to blend well with dark brown pants. This common color combination may be another point of logic behind the pairing.

So, what do you have to lose? Chances are you’ll find a pair of navy blue pumps or dress shoes that go just fine with your dark brown pants. 

If anyone asks, tell the truth. You’re wearing navy blue. 

5. Green Shoes

Seeing green? Well, this color match may come as a surprise, but it shouldn’t. Dark browns and greens are both fall and rustic shades. So naturally, these colors pair well. 

Nonetheless, it’s understandable that you might worry about green shoes standing out too much. You might try a dark shade that’s not too bright. No neon here!

A darker green will complement the dark brown lines of your khakis or dress pants. And while the colors may resemble an evergreen tree, you won’t look like one.

Of course, you might be thinking, where can I find green shoes? Check out these forest-colored heels or search online for green dress shoes for women or green shoes for men.

6. Yellow or Gold Shoes

Yellow or gold shoes go well with dark brown pants because they’re warm colors. Think of yellow or gold as a lighter and brighter version of brown. 

Yellow and gold do add a bit of sparkle to an ensemble, so be sure you’re ready to draw some attention. These colors can also cheer others up or make them think of happy occasions.

If you’re unsure which hue to choose, go ahead and experiment. Take your pants with you to the shoe store to try them on with different shades of yellow and gold. 

You might find your next pair of shoes for your nightlife or work meetings. Razzle dazzle clients with your skills and shoes. Who says the office has to be boring?

7. White Shoes

Like black, white shoes will go with nearly any other color. However, some people prefer off-white to tone it down. Not everyone loves a sheer and bright white.

Yet, the great thing about a pair of white shoes is their versatility. Like black, white can be your go-to when you’re running out of options or aren’t sure something will match.

You may have to do more upkeep or maintenance work with white shoes. They can attract dirt, and any streaks or marks will stand out, so make sure you keep your white shoes pristine.

If you’re willing to put in the work, a pair of white shoes may become a staple for your dark brown pants. Better yet, they can be part of your everyday sneaker rotation.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know what color shoes go with dark brown pants, you can make your shopping list. Or visit your closet to designate the shoes you’ll wear with those pants.

Whether you are going to the office or a gathering with friends., you won’t have to worry about embarrassing mismatches and fashion mistakes. You can step out in confidence and style!