What Color Shirt Goes With Gray Shorts? (5 Options)

A gray pair of shorts is a great wardrobe staple. Depending on the style of the shorts, they can be dressed up or dressed down, worn semi-formally or casually.

So, what color shirt goes with gray shorts?

Black and white shirt colors look good with gray shorts, although most colors go well with gray. Pastel and maroon/burgundy shirt colors also go well with gray shorts.

Don’t be scared to experiment with combinations. Bedroom mirrors were made for experimental fashion shows! Let’s explore the best shirt colors that go with gray shorts.

Shirt colors that go well with gray shorts

Gray shorts go well on any color except more gray. You don’t want to look washed out even if you don’t want to stand out. To play it conservatively, try a white or black polo top or t-shirt.

If you’d like to try something more unique, wear a maroon or burgundy shirt with gray shorts. For women, you can combine soft yellow, robin’s egg blue or soft pink with gray shorts.

1. White shirt

Pair gray shorts with a white t-shirt.

You cannot go wrong here. You can wear sandals for a laid-back casual look or add more interest by layering with a button-down shirt that has a simple or subtle pattern.

Combining light shades of gray with another light-shaded color works very well to give off a calm and soft aura. White is a versatile color that goes well with just about anything.

If you want a relaxed look, consider pairing your gray shorts with a white tee shirt. This will let people know that you’re approachable, and it’s perfect for hot days or more casual settings.

2. Black shirt

Gray shorts with a black shirt is another style that will look good on anyone. A well-fitting black shirt will make you look good even without other layers or accessories.

Although black may seem subtle, wearing it with gray shorts provides an attractive contrast that appears calm, crisp, and assertive. The color combination works for both men and women. 

3. Pastel-colored shirt

While black and white shirts are safe bets to combine with gray shorts, pastel-colored shirts offer something calming and relaxing if done right. Any pastel can be combined with gray shorts.

Clothes in beige or skin tones are universally worn and combined with all kinds of pastel colors. In fact, both men and women wear it. Mix it with gray shorts to create the perfect effect.

As a general rule of thumb, choose only one pastel color for the entire outfit.

To make an outfit look fresh, you can also use accessory details creatively, and you’ll immediately catch the eye. It is best to choose light pastel colors for a monochrome look.

Both men and women look great with soft pastels like baby blue and pink. Those colors are great to combine with gray shorts due to the pop of soft color that looks fresh and modern.

4. Maroon or burgundy shirt

Maroon and burgundy are colors that are often paired with black, but they can go very well with gray shorts if styled appropriately. The combo provides a relaxed look without looking too casual.

Burgundy and maroon are sometimes mistaken for the same color but there’s a key difference between them. Maroon is a mix of red and brown, while burgundy is a mix of red and purple.

But, for this purpose, we are going to include both at the same time.

You don’t want a bright red shirt to go with light gray pants. That would make you look like a fashion disaster. Instead, go for a maroon or burgundy dress shirt with slightly dark gray pants.

By tapping into a darker color scheme, you can achieve an effortless formal look without dressing up too much. It combines the best of both worlds: formal and casual.

5. Flannel shirt

If you aren’t familiar with a flannel shirt, it’s a shirt that’s made from a wool or cotton material that is soft and woven. Flannels are beloved due to their warmth and comfort during summertime.

Wear a flannel shirt over gray shorts for an effortless casual look. You can also roll up the sleeves or wear a white shirt underneath to elevate the overall outfit.

Understanding shades of gray

Before getting into specific color combinations, we’re going to talk a bit about colors.

Gray has a variety of shades and tones; warm gray, blue-gray, light gray, dark gray, etc. Mainly, what you want to pay attention to when choosing shirts is the hue of the shorts (is it a cool gray or a warm gray?) and the value (light gray vs. dark gray).

As a general rule of thumb, warm grays work better with warm colors like red, brown, and cream. On the other hand, cool grays look best with cool colors like blue, green, and purple.

There is true gray as well, which is in line with black and white on the color spectrum. True gray is a neutral color, so you can pair it with any color without the chance of looking mismatched.

Dark colors paired with light colors create more contrast, which provides visual interest and makes for a striking look when coordinated with accessories. A pop of color will also draw attention.

For example, a bright red bag is likely to be the first thing people look at if you are wearing nothing else but black. That striking touch of red draws other people’s attention to it.

Additionally, contrast can take away or draw attention to a specific part of your body.

If you dislike your stomach but like your thighs, wear a dark, neutral shirt and a bright, eye-catching pair of pants. Attention will be drawn away from your stomach, and people will be checking out your legs instead. You can use this color psychology to your advantage.

Wearing light with light and dark with dark will look more uniform and won’t draw the eyes to one specific item of clothing. If you want the whole outfit to be taken in at once, keep it low contrast.

Bottom Line

Now you know what color shirt goes well with gray shorts.

Gray is a neutral color which gives the ultimate versatility as to what colors you want to pair with it. That is the beauty of neutrals, can pair with any other color and will always look good.

Neutral colors like black and white go well with gray shorts. Pastel-colored shirts, maroon or burgundy shirts, or flannel shirts also go well with gray shorts.

With gray being a neutral color, the possibilities are almost endless!

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