What Color Shirt Goes With Gray Pants? Male and Female

Both men’s and women’s clothing are often seen as straightforward, but we beg to differ. Outfit styles can range from simple and relaxed to dynamic and intriguing.

And one of the most versatile pant colors you can own is gray because gray is a neutral color. It allows you to achieve this wide range of looks. So, what color shirt goes with gray pants?

Black, white, and blue are the three most natural shirt color pairings with gray pants. Other shirt colors that work with gray pants include navy blue, burgundy, and soft pink.

If you’re wondering what to wear with gray pants and need some outfit ideas, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss the best color shirts for gray pants, the vibe you’ll convey from each look, and the most appropriate places to rock it.

What Color Shirt Goes With Gray Pants

Depending on the style, fabric, and design, you can wear gray pants at a casual barbecue, a semi-formal evening dinner, an adventurous date, or even on a relaxed weekend afternoon.

Here are 6 shirt color options that go with gray pants:

1. White Shirt

A white shirt is any closet’s best friend because it is simple and highly versatile. White can go with pretty much any color, and gray is no exception. It works for both men and women.

White with gray looks clean and chic, and it’s perfect for a day filled with many activities. Having a versatile look is helpful so that you can fit in with each atmosphere you go into.

This look works for both males and females who rock tattoos, necklaces, watches, sunglasses, and other accessories because the soft color combination allows them to stand out.

If you want a relaxed look, pair your gray pants with a white tee shirt. This will let people know that you’re comfortable and approachable, and it’s perfect for hot days or more casual settings.

However, if you want a more dressy and sophisticated look, match a nice pair of gray slacks with a button-up white shirt. You will look classier, but you will still have the option of a more casual look by simply rolling up your sleeves.

2. Light Blue Shirt

Like white, light blue is another color that can go with just about anything, so it’s no surprise that it goes great with gray pants. Light blue and gray are lovely colors to combine for spring and summer because together they exude a fresh, friendly, and bright aura.

This look is also perfect for the office because it makes a business casual outfit look more friendly and approachable than the standard white shirt and black pants combination.

Both men and women can also pair light to medium blue button-up shirts with gray trousers, a simple black belt, and a black briefcase for a professional yet amicable business look.

If you’re looking for a semi-formal look, rocking a light blue polo shirt is a great idea. This style is more comfortable than the office wear look but still presents as confident and self-assured.

3. Navy Shirt

While light blue portrays professionalism and reliability, deep blue shades such as navy signify conservatism, mystery, and intrigue. Navy and gray are perfect for a casual evening affair.

Indeed, donning a navy blue shirt and gray pants will make you look more confident. This outfit will surely go if you wisely choose a good pair of shoes. Black or brown will look great.

4. Black Shirt

A black shirt with gray pants is a bold, sexy look that can fit in with a variety of occasions, depending on the specific style of the shirt and pants. It works for both men and women.

For example, you can wear dark gray pants, a black, long-sleeve button-up shirt, and a similarly-toned gray tie for a sleek, formal appearance.

On the other hand, black shirts can also be perfect for more casual looks. For example, a black t-shirt with gray jeans is a fantastic look for a night out with friends.

You can include a watch, a chain, or a fresh haircut to spruce up the look a bit. You can also wear a graphic black tee if you want to come off edgier.

Although black may seem subtle, wearing it with gray pants provides an attractive contrast that appears calm, crisp, and assertive. The color combination works for both men and women.

5. Burgundy Shirt

Burgundy is a color that’s often paired with black, but it can go well with gray pants too. The combo is excellent for a holiday party or any other formal event in the fall and winter seasons.

A bright red shirt with light gray pants would look unattractive, but if you have a deep, burgundy red dress shirt and medium-to-dark-toned gray pants, you can achieve a distinguished look.

This color combination is even better when paired with a matching gray vest or blazer. The touch of gray tones down the amount of burgundy shown, creating more “pops” of color instead.

6. Pink Shirt

Pink is a great color pairing with gray pants, from the cotton candy to bright rose.

As a general rule of thumb, softer shades of pink are better for spring and summer while darker shades of pink look better in colder months or for festive nighttime affairs.

In an office setting, you can pair gray pants with a light pink button-down. For the evening, go for a more dramatic shade of pink such as Fuschia. Both combos work with black or oxblood shoes.

What To Wear With Gray Pants (Extra Tips)

Now that you know the best color shirts that go with gray pants, you may be wondering what else to wear with gray pants and how to style them. Here are a few tips for what to wear with gray pants and how to best rock them throughout the year:

  • In the summer, it’s best to wear light gray pants, especially during casual events. You can match the pants with light blue or white.
  • In the winter, it’s nicer to wear darker gray pants, then match them with black or burgundy.
  • For relaxed settings, opt for gray jeans and pair them with sneakers and a t-shirt. You’ll look comfortable, chilled-out, and highly approachable, perfect for daytime dates, concerts, and bar hopping.
  • In terms of shoes, you can’t go wrong with black shoes. But depending on the rest of your look, you can get away with brown shoes, white, or even burgundy shoes for a unique look.
  • The same color rules apply if you’re wondering what to wear with gray sweatpants. A white, light blue or black shirt is optimal. If your sweatpants are on the darker side, you can get away with a dark burgundy t-shirt as well.


Figuring out what to wear with gray pants does not have to be as daunting of a task as you might think. Due to their relative versatility, you can pair gray pants with any number of colors.

The best and most flattering color shirts to wear with gray pants include white, light blue, black, and burgundy. You can never go wrong with those color combinations.

More formal looks tend to include long-sleeved shirts and dressy slacks, paired with ties, watches, and dress shoes. Meanwhile, more casual gray pants looks include t-shirts or polos, jeans or more relaxed slacks, and sneakers.

Wintertime looks tend to be darker due to the nature of the season, while summertime looks tend to be brighter and lighter. We hope you have fun pairing your gray pants with a variety of looks!

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