What Color Shirt Goes With Dark Brown Pants?

Got a big date or work presentation coming up? Well, you want to dress to impress, and mismatching the colors of your outfit can put a wrench in your plans.

Since many of us wear pants nowadays, finding matching shirts is a must. Having enough shirts in the right color is the perfect excuse to expand or upgrade your wardrobe. 

So, what color shirt goes with dark brown pants the best? We’ve got the lowdown, so you don’t have to do the research. Find our color matches and recommendations below.

You’ll see there are plenty of options!

1. Light Blue Shirt

Think baby or light blue shirts when searching for the ideal color that will go with dark brown pants. A seashell or pastel blue will give off a calm but classy look.

Men and women can find light blue shirts in various styles, including v-necks, button-down shirts, and polos. And don’t be afraid to wear dark brown with light blue instead of black.

Yes, black is crisp, sleek, and slimming. But it’s not the only color out there. Plus, you want to mix it up a little. Light blue up top offsets the dark brown below.

When done right, dark brown pants will highlight the calmness and softness of the light blue color up top. It’s casual but not too casual if you know what we mean. 

2. White Shirt

The classic white shirt is like a familiar friend. It’s a neutral color you can rely on regardless of what kind of pants you’re wearing. In this case, white goes perfectly well with dark brown.

White and brown go so well together that we’re surprised we don’t see more of it in the office. Maybe people think these two colors are boring or too plain.

But if you want to look dapper and like a pro, try a white button-down cuffed shirt with a pair of dark brown trousers. You’ll be admiring your reflection the whole day.

More casual shirts like short-sleeve tees and polos also go well with dark brown khaki pants. Catch a round of golf or a light lunch with your buddies in this sharp ensemble.

3. Light Pink Shirt

Most women won’t have a problem donning a light pink shirt. However, some of the guys might feel self-conscious or unsure of themselves wearing a pink top. 

But know that it takes guts to wear pink, and there’s nothing wrong with males or females strutting their stuff in it. Besides, certain social causes promote wearing pink in solidarity.

That being said, you might be unaware that light pink goes quite well with dark brown pants. This goes for polos, t-shirts, baby doll sweaters, and collared dress shirts.

So the next time you see pink shirts on display, take a chance at a style you love. Then wear your new shirt with your pair of dark brown pants to flaunt your new look. 

4. Dark Blue or Denim Shirt

You might have thought denim shirts went out with the 90s. Yet, that’s simply not true. Denim shirts, like jeans, are a mainstay of the fashion world that will never go out of style.

And it doesn’t look like the fashion fad is going to fade anytime soon. Denim or dark blue shirts complement dark brown shades by drawing out the deep hues that exist. 

Dark blue or denim is also an earthy shade that matches that of dark brown. Whether you’re headed out on a cooler fall day or waking up to spring, a denim shirt is a good match.

Plus, denim and dark blue shirts aren’t hard to find. Go to any consignment shop or major department store, and you’ll run into a few. You’ll also see plenty online. 

5. Mint Green Shirt

Mint green is a pastel or light version of the base color. Like light pink and blue, mint green is a nice bright contrast to dark brown. Yet, the contrast isn’t overpowering or disjointed.

You might have to hunt a bit in brick-and-mortar stores to find mint green shirts. However, you should have better luck online. In fact, there are plenty of mint green shirts in online stores.

Check out this collared button-front shirt for women. You can mix and match it with dark brown pants, skirts, or jeans. It’s the perfect color for those with fair coloring or reddish-brown hair. 

For the guys, there’s this oxford shirt in mint green that will make others take notice. Go ahead and try one on for size. A mint green top is a unique pairing with dark brown pants.

6. Brown Shirt

Yep, brown goes with brown.

You can keep it dark or mix it up by pairing a tan shirt with your dark brown pants. We’re talking cotton, silk, velvet, polyester, and any blend. Shop and match to your heart’s content!

There’s no shame in answering the question of what color shirt goes with dark brown pants by choosing the same exact color. It’s simple and ensures you don’t misjudge a potential match.

So go ahead, and choose the same color shirt and pants for your office, daytime, or nighttime wardrobe. Brown is such a popular color that you should find it in any material.

7. Dark Purple Shirt

Purple isn’t just for royals. But it can make you look like one when you match it with dark brown. Both colors are vibrant, stating that you’re a king or queen that shouldn’t be messed with.

If you like dark purple, shirts with this color and dark brown pants can make a unique fashion statement. You’re not following the typical dressed-down or subtle crowd.

You can find dark purple shirts online, but you might find some during the fall season at a local retailer. Choose rich, dark purples instead of lighter shades for the best match. 

Closing Thoughts

Considering what color shirt goes with dark brown pants? We hope our list gives you more than a few ideas to dress up your dark brown khakis or trousers. 

Think pastels, whites, dark blues, brown hues, and rich purples. These are the colors that will complement your pants’ dark brown color the best. 

With a light blue polo or a mint green button-down, you can head to your job with your head held high. You may become the next fashionista or style icon at your office or among your friends.

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