What Color Pants Go With a Red Shirt? (Visual Guide)

Red is a striking, bold color, and studies have shown an implicit link between red and dominance. Therefore, a red shirt can make someone look more confident, self-assured, and assertive.

However, red is not necessarily the most versatile color as black, white, or tan. Thus, it’s naturally more challenging to grasp which color pants go with red shirts.

So, what color pants pair best with a red shirt?

Pairing neutral colors like gray, white, or black pants with a red shirt are often the best choice. Alternatively, you can also pair blue denim jeans with a red shirt for a casual look.

In this article, we’ll share the best color pants to wear with red shirts, what vibe each color combination will likely exude, and the most suitable outings for each look.

What Color Pants Go With a Red Shirt?

You can rock a red shorts for casual events like outdoor potlucks and concerts or formal events, like fancy dates or weddings. Here are 4 colors of pants that go well with a red shirt:

1. Gray Pants

Gray is one of the most popular and timeless colors to pair with a red shirt.

This outfit combination of gray pants and a red shirt can come across as both classic and stylish. And depending on what shade of gray you choose, it can also look modern or vintage.

Light gray pants match with red shirts because they provide an eye-catching, bold, and stark contrast. But if you want a more vintage look, try pairing a red shirt with darker gray pants.

Depending on the specific tone of red and the style of the shirt, this look can come off cheery and festive or sultry and sleek. A red sweater with gray pants is a beautiful holiday look, perfect for Christmas lunches and wintertime date nights.

Alternatively, a deep red button-up shirt with gray slacks is a nice formal look. Paired with a black tie and a black belt, you’ll have the perfect outfit for a fall or winter wedding.

Finally, a bright red t-shirt with dark gray jeans is a fun and outgoing look suitable for bar-hopping on a Friday night. This look works well with accessories like watches and hats.

2. White Pants

Pairing a bright or light red shirt with white pants is a fantastic spring and summer look.

The combination of white pants and a red shirt presents as cheerful, vibrant, and approachable, and it’s perfect for men who are comfortable in their masculinity and have nothing to prove.

This color combination may also appear a bit flirty and casually romantic, which means it’s excellent for daytime dates in the park or outdoor shows with your gal.

With lighter fabrics for both the shirt and pants, a red shirt and white pants combo is also the perfect summertime attire or beach vacation outfit. With your loosely fitted red shirt and sunglasses, you’ll look great enjoying a sunset dinner on the beach.

Pairing this look with the right shoes may prove challenging, but it’s key to stick with a dark, understated color, like dark gray or dark brown. Black is a suitable color option for your footwear, but it may provide too much contrast to red and white.

White shoes might work, but only if they are the same exact tone of white as the pants. Differences in color tone, especially right next to each other, are easy to spot, and they detract from the overall class of your ensemble. 

3. Blue Jeans

Unless you’re sporting a look for the 4th of July, blue and red are two colors that don’t usually go well together. Blue pants and a red shirt can look clownish if not done correctly. But if you pick the right tones and cuts, a red shirt with blue jeans is an excellent outfit for a casual day out.

Pairing a red shirt with light blue jeans is a fantastic spring and summer look. The colors are complementary, and the overall outfit will look relaxed, casual, and fun.

You can also go for an edgier look, pairing a burgundy shirt with ripped blue jeans. This outfit will pair well with additional accessories such as a chain, earrings, bracelets, and black watches.

Alternatively, you can pair jeans with a deep red t-shirt, button-up shirt, or polo. Any of these looks will be suitable for happy hour, a casual dinner with friends, or a night out on the town.

4. Black Pants

Lastly, black pants work particularly well with red shirts because both black and red are assertive colors. And if you want to look even more daring, finish the look off with red shoes to match!

This combination of black pants with a red shirt is suitable for casual, semi-formal, and formal clothing, but it tends to lean on the casual side of the spectrum.

You can pair a red polo shirt with black jeans for a confident yet chilled-out presentation. Alternatively, you can combine black slacks with a loose red button-up for a crisp, sexy look.

Black shoes are optimal if you don’t want to wear red shoes. Avoid wearing white and lighter colors. The light color shade will stand out too much and throw off the overall look.

What To Wear With a Red Shirt

Now that you understand what color pants go with red shirts, here are a few more tips. These pointers will help you look your best with a red shirt and take it to another level:

  • Light and bright red shirts work well for the spring, summer, and vacation, especially when paired with white pants.
  • Deeper and darker reds are sultry and sexy and can work throughout the winter and fall seasons. Additionally, they pair well with black and gray pants if worn in the evenings – at any time of the year.
  • You can pair a red t-shirt or polo shirt with blue jeans for a casual and friendly look. The lighter the jeans, the more casual your overall look will seem.
  • If you want an edgier look, opt for ripped jeans, darker jeans, or both. 
  • Red shirts are not the most popular for formal events because they can come off too loud. But if you want to look bold and unique, pair a red silky button-up shirt with dark slacks and black dress shoes.
  • Black, brown, white, gray, red, and very dark blue shoes can all work with red shirts, depending on the color and tone of pants you pair them with. Typically, you don’t want the color of the shoes to stand out too much, as red is the key color in this look.
  • If you pair red shoes with your red shirt, make sure that they are the same tone of red. Otherwise, the overall look might be off-putting.


Red is a bold and confident color choice for shirts. And if you want to wear a red shirt, you, fortunately, have several excellent color options for pants. 

So if you’ve wondered what color pants go with red shirts, the best pant options include gray, white, and black. Only wear blue pants if they are blue denim jeans.

Although red is not the most versatile color, you can use this article as a resource to create many casual, semi-formal, and formal combinations of red shirts and different colored pants.

Have fun with it, and trust your gut!

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