What Color Pants Go With a Green Shirt? (Visual Guide)

The color green is associated with comfort, hope, excitement, happiness, peace, and calmness, which is why many men like to incorporate green into their outfits.

A green shirt can make a man look more approachable, relaxed, friendly, open, and respectable. However, green is notably a difficult color to match other colors with because it is not a primary color, nor is it a simple color like white, black, or gray. 

So, what color pants go with a green shirt?

Tan, brown, dark blue, black, and white pants go well with a green shirt. Light green shirts pair best with white pants, while dark green shirts pair best with darker-wash jeans.

This article will help you out by describing the best color pants for green shirts and giving you several outfit ideas, depending on the particular style and vibe you are going for.

What Color Pants Go With Green Shirts?

It’s unfortunately easy to end up looking like a clown, a Christmas tree, or a bad highlighter accident if you don’t know what colors go with green. Assuming you want to avoid those fashion faux pas, here are 6 pant colors that go with a green shirt:

1. Tan Pants

Tan pants often look either washed out with colors that are too light or very basic with the classic pairing of a navy blue shirt. But with a green shirt, tan pants can make any man outshine the rest!

This color combination is unique and familiar, intriguing yet totally understandable. You will come off as approachable, well-meaning, and kind while still maintaining a sense of mystery and charm.

The natural tones of both the tan and green work well together, as long as the green shirt is a deeper green, such as forest green. Avoid pairing tan pants with a bright green shirt, as that might make you look like a popsicle (and not the desirable kind).

If you want to wear this outfit for a casual day out or running errands, consider wearing a casual button-up with rolled-up sleeves and khaki pants. And for more formal attire, you can add a tan blazer or jacket to achieve a sleeker, more put-together look.

2. Brown Pants

Like tan, brown is another natural-toned color option for pants that go well with green shirts.

Green and brown are arguably the most prominent colors in nature, so this is a great look for men who appreciate nature and wish to look more authentic and relaxed.

With soft, smooth, high-quality fabrics like cashmere, this outfit looks rustic and refined all at once. Pairing a forest green shirt with brown pants also has a dandy flair, which is great for creative professionals or men who enjoy making fashion statements.

3. Dark Blue Pants

Continuing with nature-oriented color combinations, you can also try blue pants with a forest green shirt. This look works great for both men and women on many occasions.

But as opposed to getting your blue influence from the daytime sky or the shallow ocean, think more along the lines of evening sky and deep ocean. Navy blue pants also work well with green.

You want to match a deep green shirt with a deep blue color since both colors can easily seem quite loud and overpower the other if they are not on the darker side. This look works best for casual settings, especially if the material is along the lines of cotton or corduroy.

However, like green shirts and brown pants, you can have a refined look with the right clothing materials, such as cashmere or silk. This is an excellent look for a date night in which you want to come off approachable yet sophisticated. 

4. Black Pants

The color black is known for going with pretty much any color of shirt, so if you don’t have a good pair of black dress pants, black jeans, or both, now is the time to get them.

Black and green create an exceptionally engaging look because the green’s calming tones contrast with the black’s bold look. This results in a mysterious, dynamic look that is alluring while maintaining a sense of easygoingness.

If you’re going for a formal look, a dark green dress shirt and black dress pants won’t let you down – as long as you pair them with a black belt and tie that match.

Try not to veer too far from the basics because green adds much of the personality. For example, a brown belt will offset the balance of this style, decreasing the level of formality.

But, you have a bit more leeway when pairing a green shirt with black jeans. You can wear a green t-shirt with colorful graphics or patterns, or play more with accessories like watches and hats.

5. White Pants

Like black pants, white pants are versatile and bold in their own way. They are more charming than black and are more suitable for daytime events and the warmer months.

Other color options for pants may need a darker green shirt, but with white pants, you can decide between dark green for a stark contrast or light green for a more open and friendly appearance.

Either way, this pairing allows you to play with the color brown more without looking too “rustic,” especially if you are wearing dress clothes. Brown belts, brown shoes, and brown watches all go exceptionally well with white pants and a green shirt.

Summertime weddings, springtime barbecues, and outdoor lunch meetings are all excellent times to don this classic, handsome look for men and a beautiful look for women.

What To Wear With Green Shirts

Now that you have a working idea of what color pants go with green shirts, here are a handful of helpful tips for how to best style green shirts throughout the year.

  • If you only want one staple green shirt in your closet, go for a darker green because this color goes with every pant color on this list, while light green only looks attractive with white pants or light-colored pants.
  • If you do want to rock a light green shirt, pair it with white pants for a bright, cheery look in the spring and summer months.
  • The best shoe color to wear with green shirts depends on the color of the pants, but it’s hard to go wrong with black and brown to complete your naturally-toned look.
  • If you want a casual look with green shirts, try pairing them with dark blue jeans, black jeans, or tan khaki pants.
  • Alternatively, a formal green shirt tends to work best with black dress pants. You can include a black belt, black tie, and a black blazer – all of which make the green color pop.


Green may seem like an odd color to pair with clothing, but it can make you look unique while still exuding an easy-going, down-to-earth vibe.

That said, if you’ve ever wondered what color pants go extremely well with green shirts, the best color options are tan, brown, dark blue, black, and white.

Green can be hard to match, but once you find the perfect tone of green that you love, you can try to find the same tone for both formal and casual wear.

We hope this article helped you find the perfect match!

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