What Color Converse Should You Get? (Pictures)

Because they are for all ages and genders, Converse sneakers come in many different colors.  It can be overwhelming to decide what color Converse to buy.

If you want to buy a new pair of Converse shoes, but aren’t quite sure what color to get, here’s a visual guide to help you decide which color Converse is the best for you.

What color Converse goes with everything?

If you are asking about their signature sneakers, the three colors that go well with everything are definitely black, white, and cream because they are neutral colors that pair with any outfit.

Avoid Converse colors that are not neutral like purple, green, yellow, pink, and orange. You will have a hard time pairing them with anything because vibrant colors are hard to match.

From a versatility standpoint, however, white is the best choice. White Chuck Taylors look sweet with jeans of any color, create a nice contrast, and look better when worn out and dirty.

Basically, you can wear white Converse sneakers with just about anything, especially in the summer. White is a lighter color that you can wear casually with shorts and socks.

Does white Converse go with everything?

White Converse shoes go with everything. You can match them with a wide variety of clothing. From dark denim to a mini dress, you really can’t go wrong when styling white Chuck Taylors.

The amazing thing about the white Converse shoes is that they look cute on girls, but they also look great on guys too. In terms of versatility, white Chuck Taylors are hard to beat.

People think that white Converse shoes get dirty, but that’s the best part about them: they look better the dirtier and beaten up they get, which is awesome!

I have an old dirty pair and a clean pair for different occasions. Both look great.

Although white Converse go with anything, the best colors to pair them with are neutral colors. Pair them with light-colored pants, such as white or light-wash jeans, and sand-hued chinos.

You can get away with darker-colored jeans, like black or navy blue, but be aware that the contrast in color will be quite striking and apparent, so be sure to balance the look.

For women, try pairing white Converse with shorter dresses and skirts so you can show off your legs, especially since the hem is higher up the legs and Chucks are lower to the ground.

Does black Converse go with everything?

Like white, black Converse goes with everything. However, unlike the whites, black Converse is easier to dress up and pair with semi-formal attire because black is more elegant and classy.

I feel like black Converse shoes are a more classic Chuck Taylor style. If you picture Converse, I feel like a lot of people would picture the black Converse shoes over the white Converse shoes.

Black skinny jeans or any dark-colored pants pair well with black Converse. Keep things simple up top with a plain white tee, or go bold with a patterned, short-sleeve shirt. The choice is yours.

There are plenty of male celebrities who are known for their masculinity, like Idris Elba, wearing a pair of black Converse sneakers with dark-colored outfits.

Also, don’t overlook formal wear. I have been enjoying seeing men wear black Converse shoes with business casual attire. Consider wearing black Chucks with a shirt and a blazer to match.

You can also choose to wear black Converse with neutral-colored shorts, but make sure your Converse are low-tops. High tops are okay, but they look awkward if you have big calves.

Does red Converse go with everything?

Red Converse shoes do not go with everything. Although red Chucks are versatile, they are not as neutral as black and white. Avoid wearing red Converse with other bright and lively colors.

Because red Converse shoes have a vibrant hue that is eye-catching and sure to draw attention to your feet, balance your outfit by keeping your clothes colored and light.

Avoid rich, eye-popping colors, and opt for monochromatic and black outfits instead. Black, white, and navy blue pair well with red Chuck Taylors, while green is its complementary color.

However, keep in mind that green and red are often associated with Christmas. Unless it’s your aim to look festive during the holiday season, avoid wearing green and red Converse together.

If you want something more neutral, consider maroon Chuck Taylors.

Maroon Converse shoes will blend in more seamlessly and aren’t as shocking as bright red. If you’re looking for an everyday pair, maroon will grudgingly go with nearly everything.

What color Converse should I get?

The safest choice is to get the white or black low-top Chuck Taylors. They basically go well with anything. In terms of versatility, black and white Converse can be paired with any color.

If you’re feeling adventurous, get the red Converse shoes. While they do need some coordination with your outfit, they are one of the best ways to make your outfit stand out.