How to Clean L.L. Bean Slippers and Moccasins

In short: Scrub the exterior of the L.L. Bean slippers with a suede brush gently, using a special sheepskin shampoo or a 50-50 mixture of white vinegar and water to remove stains. To clean the interior, apply sheepskin shampoo, scrub gently, rinse thoroughly, and air dry overnight.

L.L. Bean slippers and moccasins should last many years because they are made of high-quality sheepskin, but they do require frequent cleaning to look their best. Here’s how.

How to spot-clean the exterior of L.L. Bean slippers

If you want to spot-clean small marks or stains from the exterior of your L.L. Bean slippers rather than wash them all over, start with a suede brush and gentle scrubbing.

Scrub the exterior of the slippers with the brush gently. You can use a special sheepskin shampoo, but a 50-50 mixture of white vinegar and water is an excellent natural alternative. 

Start by dampening the slippers with water rather than soaking them, using water that is cold or lukewarm. Then, scrub the outer surface of the slippers all over with a suede brush.

Apply the sheepskin shampoo following the manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, most brands will tell you to apply a small amount over the surface of the slippers you wish to clean.

If you’re using a vinegar solution, apply a small amount with the cloth. Rub the damp cloth on the exterior, then rinse the cloth and wipe the slippers with plain water to remove the solution.

Leave your L.L. Bean moccasins to air dry overnight away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Brush them all over once more with a suede brush when the slippers are dry.

How to wash the inside of L.L. Bean slippers

While there are articles on how to wash the suede outers of L.L. Bean Wicked Good slippers and moccasins, it is rare to come by information about cleaning the insides.

This is partly because they are durable, and with good care, L.L. Bean slippers will last a long time especially if you have a habit of wearing socks inside your moccasins.

However, the sheepskin lining on the inside will eventually become dirty, even if you try to be as careful as possible, especially if you wear L.L. Bean slippers with bare feet.

1. Choose the right shampoo (important)

The first thing to note when cleaning the inside of L.L. Bean moccasins is that sheepskin is a natural product. You want to avoid using strong cleaning agents to avoid damage.

We recommend using this sheepskin shampoo. It is Phosphate free, contains no enzymes, no peroxide alkaline or bleach. Plus, it has a scent of Australian tea tree oil and lemon myrtle.

If you are going to use soap not specifically made for sheepskin, use the simplest and gentlest cleaning solution you can find. Baby shampoo is very gentle and could be a good option.

2. Brush the sheepskin thoroughly before shampooing

It’s important to brush the sheepskin lining inside the slippers thoroughly before washing. The more dirt and debris you remove before washing, the better the result.

Use this sheepskin brush to remove as much dirt as possible. It is made for sheepskin and is small enough to fit inside your slippers and moccasins. Get the big pieces out first, then shake. 

3. Apply the shampoo

For L.L. Bean slippers, it is easiest to use a square soft fabric to administer the shampoo. You need the fabric to be flexible enough to push into each slipper with your hand.

Follow the instructions on the shampoo, using only a very small amount of the cleaning solution as you’re not going to be able to rinse the sheepskin extensively.

If you buy this particular sheepskin shampoo, it contains 500 ml which is good for 25 washings. Use the built-in measuring chamber to get just the right amount of CleanSheep concentrate.

Apply the shampoo to the cloth, and then rub the solution into the slipper’s interior. Start gently using a light massaging movement, you can increase the pressure if the dirt isn’t getting off.

4. Rinse thoroughly

Once the sheepskin is clean and fluffed up, rinse the cloth thoroughly and soak it in warm water. Then, clean the cloth again to rinse the shampoo away as much as possible.

This is why using the right amount of shampoo is important. You don’t want to soak the whole slipper in water. Use small amounts of water and apply several times to remove the shampoo.

5. Dry the slippers

After both slippers have been thoroughly rinsed, let them dry. Dry the slippers in a well-ventilated area, but avoid direct sunlight so the material does not become damaged. 

If you want to speed up the process, use a hairdryer on low heat for short amounts of time. Do not hold the hair dryer too close to the slippers, as you don’t want to overheat the sheepskin.

And there’s all there is to it. Once your L.L. Bean slippers are completely dry, you can wear them again. Now you get to enjoy the puffed-up sheepskin lining on your feet.

Bottom line

Now you know how to clean and wash L.L. Bean slippers and moccasins, including the exterior and interior. The most important thing is to use a high-quality special sheepskin shampoo.

We recommend washing the inside of L.L. Bean slippers annually. You’ll be delighted at how well the sheepskin lining will puff up. Your pair of moccasins will look clean.