Trucker Hats Like Von Dutch (Cheaper Alternatives)

Von Dutch trucker hats are stylish and iconic, but they can also be very expensive. If you want a simple trucker cap, here are some hats like Von Dutch that are much cheaper.

1. Bass Creek Outfitters Trucker Caps

The best trucker hat that looks similar to a Von Dutch hat is the trucker cap from Bass Creek Outfitters. Not only is it cheaper, but it’s got a bright logo that pops.

I think the bright yellow logo contrasts the color of the hat very well. The hat comes in three colors for you to choose from. Black, dark green, and red.

When I bought this hat from Amazon, I was happy because the seller was super responsive and helpful. The hat came in a box, which is great because no damage was done to the hat.

The shipping was extremely fast too, so I might order from them again.

Some say this is a fishing hat, but it’s basically a trucker cap that you can wear for anything. Just like a Von Dutch hat, the mesh back allows you to stay cool and comfortable.

My only gripe is that I wish I noticed the logo was ironed on the hat, not embroidered like a Von Dutch hat. Only time will tell whether the logo will crinkle and begin to peel, or not.

As far as trucker hats go, this cap from Bass Creek Outfitters is an excellent Von Dutch hat alternative. It’s not expensive but serves as a go-to stylish trucker hat.

2. Rip Curl Icons Trucker Hat

Just like Von Dutch, Rip Curl is a popular brand but it’s known for its surf apparel. And just like Von Dutch, the brand has a collection of trucker hats to choose from.

The Icons Trucker Hat is designed for comfort and style, whether you’re headed to the beach or taking a day trip. It features an elastic closure for comfortable stretch-to-fit closure.

After placing my order on Amazon, the Rip Curl hat arrived sooner than expected. It was packaged very well inside a box, so when I opened it there were no bends or marks.

The hat itself has very good quality and looks very good, considering the price is more than a third of a Von Dutch hat. It’s perfect, just as described on the listing.

I personally love Rip Curl as a brand, so this is actually my second one. I just wore the last one into the ground and wanted another one identical to the first.

Overall, the hat fits great. Once you order the hat, you’ll get exactly what you’d expect and it will be shipped inside a paper envelope/bag that protects the shape of the hat.

It’s a great alternative to a Von Dutch hat at a third of the price!

3. Muka Foam Trucker Hat

Von Dutch trucker hats are known for their variety of colorful options. If you’re looking for something colorful, consider the Muka Foam Trucker Hat.

The brand has got plenty of options to choose from. In fact, there are 30 colors and designs, ranging from bright red, orange, mint, black, blue, yellow, white, etc.

I recommend you browse the available colors in their store.

The back part of the hat is made of mesh material, just like a Von Dutch trucker hat. However, the front part of the hat is actually made of 100% cotton, which is plush and comfortable.

Thanks to the adjustable snap closure, the hat will fit most head sizes, whether you’re a man or a woman. It’s easily adjustable. All you need to do is to move the snap closure back and forth. 

For the price, it’s a great alternative to a Von Dutch hat that looks similar. The quality of the hat is top-notch with no loose or frayed edges and stitching. What I got looks exactly like the photos.

I think Muka is an underrated hat brand not a lot of people know about. Go to their product page and you’ll quickly see their near-perfect reviews from plenty of satisfied customers. 

4. The Indian Skeleton Dink Cotton Baseball Cap

Last but not least, the Indian Skeleton Dink Cotton Baseball Cap is a similar hat that looks like a Von Dutch trucker cap. It’s the cheapest of the bunch, costing no more than $17.

Although the price is nowhere near a Von Dutch hat, the logo patch actually looks similar. It’s beautiful and high-quality professional machine embroidery with great detail.

This particular trucker hat has six different color options. You can choose between black, blue, camouflage (camo), green, navy blue, and red. All colors are mixed with white.

This hat is a trucker hat, but it’s structured like a baseball cap with a supportive fabric inside. This means that this trucker hat is sturdy and will hold its shape when you wear it.

Just like a Von Dutch trucker hat, the mesh back panel will enhance airflow and breathability. It will keep your head protected but fresh at the same time.

Overall, it’s one of the best hats like Von Dutch but cheaper.