How to Style Vibram Shoes (Best Fashion Tips)

In short: Try pairing a pair of Vibrams (FiveFingers or Furoshiki) with a casual tee shirt and tapered jeans. You can also pair Vibram shoes with athletic attire for a day outdoors.

The benefits of wearing barefoot shoes is well-documented. However, some would suggest they are not as fashionable as regular sneakers. Here’s how to style Vibram shoes the right way.

How to style Vibram shoes

You can literally pair Vibram shoes with anything. Most of the “vibrant” colored FiveFingers go well with sportswear, while a handful of styles, like the Furoshiki work in casual settings.

Deciding what to wear with Vibrams depends on which style is used.

The Vibram KSO Treks, for example, work well with tapered jeans because they don’t stick out as much as other styles. They can also be “dressed up” with a nice jacket.

The FiveFinger Speeds, on the other hand, have a very trendy sneaker feel to them that works in very casual settings, such as with lighter-colored jeans and a tee shirt or polo shirt.

A friend of mine managed to wear her women’s black KSOs to a new year party with dark trouser dress jeans along with an elegant black one-shoulder top and some light statement jewelry. It worked! In fact, it was actually fashionable and the techy crowd loved it.

The key is to have confidence. Just stand up straight and have good posture. The person makes the shoes, not the other way around, and that is the case with Vibrams.

That being said, fashion is subjective and you get to decide what is fashionable and what is not. I’m here to give you some suggestions on how to style Vibram shoes and give you fashion tips.

1. Vibram shoes go well with tapered jeans

A lot of people have been wearing Vibram shoes rather convincingly and comfortably with tapered denim and tees. The combination makes you look effortlessly casual.

However, it’s important to wear tapered jeans instead of baggy jeans. Because Vibrams are sock-like, wearing baggy jeans can hide your feet, making you look out of place.

As long as you wear Vibram shoes with tapered jeans (or leggings), you can pair them with literally anything up top. Try a casual tee shirt or a comfortable hoodie.

Shailene Woodley (Hollywood star), for example, has been seen wearing Vibram shoes with black leggings. Up top, she has been pairing them with a tank top or a jacket.

The Vibram Furoshiki, in particular, won’t make you look out of place because they are not toe-shoes. They look like regular shoes (without the five toes) but are actually barefoot shoes.

If you have been wearing Vibram shoes with casual tees and jeans, try pairing tapered pants with a denim jacket or a sweater. Believe it or not, you’ll look great for a casual day out.

2. Vibram shoes work best with athletic wear

Barefoot shoes, at their core, are meant to be worn for athletic purposes and the outdoors, so it’s only natural to wear Vibram FiveFingers as the shoes they were initially created for.

Try wearing a pair of FiveFingers with a pair of tapered joggers, along with a comfortable running tee shirt or jacket. You can also switch the joggers for running shorts.

You can feel confident about this attire because plenty of celebrities have been seen donning this look. As captured by Garage by Vice, here are some A-list superstars wearing FiveFingers:

Hugh Jackman can be seen jogging in a green-and-orange pair of toe shoes, combined with a black hoodie, black Adidas shorts over black performance leggings, and sunglasses.

Other stars, like Josh Duhamel, Fergie, and Kate Hudson, have been seen wearing Vibram FiveFingers together with the athletic/casual attire. Here are their pictures:

Josh Duhamel wore Vibram FiveFingers out on a hike with Fergie, his wife. Kate Hudson appeared at the gym wearing a pair of gray and mint Vibrams, holding a large bottle of water.

As you can see, you can wear Vibram shoes with athletic attire. After all, they are marketed as “minimalist running” shoes. Things always look best in their natural environment.

3. Shorts make you look effortlessly casual

Instead of wearing tapered denim or athletic leggings, why not pair your Vibram shoes with a pair of shorts? Indeed, Vibrams look great with shorts for a casual day out.

Don’t believe me? Here’s Channing Tatum wearing a pair of all-black Vibram FiveFingers with a comfortable black hoodie, along with a pair of red basketball shorts. He looks alright.

Because Vibram shoes are meant for the outdoors, you won’t look out of place when pairing them with something sporty and casual. Go to that breakfast spot after a run with Vibrams!

Key takeaways

Now you know how to style Vibram shoes. As long as you’re confident, you won’t feel out of place walking around in the black leather KSO Treks with jeans and everyday clothes.

Some people have come up to me and said that they look like a pair of gorilla feet, but almost everyone that has asked me about them says they want to try a pair. 🙂

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