Uniqlo Dry-EX vs. AIRism (Explained)

In short: While both Dry-Ex and AIRism have moisture-wicking properties, AIR-ism is mostly worn as undergarments while Dry-EX is mostly worn for sports and everyday casual wear.

Both DRY-EX and AIRism help you feel comfortable in the hot sun, but what exactly is the difference that makes them more comfortable in dealing with hot weather?

I’ll explain the differences between these 2 advanced variants of UNIQLO!

AIRism: As soft as silk on your skin!

AIRism is a moisture-wicking micro-polyester. It is an incredibly lightweight, high-performing fabric designed with one purpose in mind: ensuring continued comfort in any condition.

Let’s start with one of the special features of AIRism. The fabric is packed with different features to keep you comfortable, making it a great choice for undergarments.

The material is so soft to the touch that even when you start to sweat it doesn’t feel sticky on the skin because the breathable layers work to release heat and moisture, keeping you cool.

What’s more, the material has good air circulation, removing moisture from your body so it can evaporate quickly. We all want to feel cool and dry on hot days, don’t we?

Thanks to the added anti-microbial and anti-odor properties of AIRism, the body odor produced from sweat is neutralized. They also create a dry feeling during activities throughout the day.

AIRism: Wear it as an undergarment all year round!

AIRism is the ultimate choice of undergarments. When it is worn under clothes, the AIRism fabric is so faintly visible, it is literally like not wearing any underwear.

Its quick-drying functionality quickly wicks sweat away from the skin discreetly below everyday outfits, so you’re always prepared to keep your cool, even when the heat is on.

If you need the lightest underwear with the best breathability, AIRism Mesh is what you’re looking for. You can choose between long sleeves, short sleeves, and tank tops.

While most people think that these clothes made of AIRism fabric can only be worn in summer, you can actually wear them to be more comfortable during winter.

For example, have you ever walked into a room that turned on the heater at its highest temperature? It can feel warm and actually be carrying heat away from your body.

When you’re new to the extreme cold outside, chances are you’ll break out in a cold sweat. But if you’re already wearing AIRism, that sweat will quickly evaporate, keeping you dry and fresh.

Dry-EX: Ultra fast-drying material that dries sweat instantly

Now, let’s find out what makes Dry-EX so unique.

Dry-Ex is the ultimate workout apparel. The main feature of Dry-Ex is its incredible dry speed, which quickly absorbs sweat and wicks it away from your skin to keep you cool.

The fabric is known for its seamless 3D designs that provide unrivaled freedom of movement, while odor-neutralizing properties keep you fresh and focused on what really matters.

In fact, the mesh design of Dry-Ex fabric moves moisture away from your skin, especially from areas where sweat usually collects, like the armpits and back.

The innovative Dry-Ex Technology performs so well, it’s trusted by professional athletes and our Global Brand Ambassadors Roger Federer, Kei Nishikori, and Adam Scott too.

To get the most out of an active lifestyle, you need reliable workout clothes which work just as hard as you do. Look no further and try the Uniqlo Dry-Ex collection today.

Dry-EX: Vibrant colors and up-to-date designs

Dry-EX has plenty of colors and designs. In fact, one of the defining characteristics of Dry-EX products is their bright, colorful appearance, which makes them easy to wear.

Not only does it come in basic colors like blue and red, but you can also find designs that are unique and stylish. Although it is made for sports, it can also be worn every day.

The Dry-EX collection consists of workout tee shirts, breathable polo shirts, and lightweight hoodies. They are great to wear for any occasion under the hot summer sun.

Differences between Dry EX and AIRism

Both Dry-EX and AIRism have moisture-absorbing, quick-drying and odor-resistant features, so how can you choose which one is best for you? Here are some key differences:

AIRism is best worn as undergarments. It acts as a sweat barrier so the shirt above it doesn’t sweat out. If you look at the Uniqlo ads in stores, they are advertised as such.

I would not recommend wearing an AIRism shirt as an outer piece. Non-black AIRisms are transparent, so anyone can see all manner of hair and nipples, from a reasonable distance.

On the other hand, the Dry-EX collection consists of sportswear and breathable shirts. You can easily wear them during summer and keep your body cool while still looking fresh.

If you want a shirt, go with Dry-Ex. And if you want business casual, buy their polo shirt, or maybe their Kando jacket (super light, packs down to nothing, and doesn’t wrinkle as badly).

Key takeaways

Both AIRism and Dry-EX have moisture-absorbing and releasing features, as well as exceptional drying speed, but each has its own area of excellence.

AIRism is ideal for those times when you need quick-drying undergarments. And you can wear the Dry-EX without any more layers, making it perfect for sports and other daily activities.

Choose the one that suits you best and you’re ready for a day full of challenges!

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