Do UGG Boots Run Big or Small? (Sizing Guide)

In short: UGG fashion, rain, and weather boots run true to size. For these styles, order your regular size. The Classic Collection, however, tends to run large, so order down in size.

Are you wondering whether UGG boots run true to size? In this article, you will learn whether UGG boots run big or small, as well as how to get the perfect measurement every time.

Do UGG boots run true to size?

So, do UGG boots run true to size, or do they run big or small? It depends on the model of the UGG boots you buy. Some UGG boots run true to size, while some styles run one size larger.

UGG fashion boots, as well as their rain and weather boots, have a tendency to run true to size. For these styles, it is best to order your regular size. They are often available in half sizes.

UGG men’s and women’s Classic Collection boots tend to run large, especially because the sheepskin suede stretches with wear over time. For these styles, it is best to order down in size.

Should I size up or down for UGG boots?

Deciding whether you size up or down depends on the style of UGG boots. UGG boots made of sheepskin suede tend to stretch over time, so it is recommended to size down.

1. UGG Classic Boots (made of sheepskin) runs big

The UGG Classic Boots (the ones you imagine when someone says UGG boots) run big, so would want to buy a pair that is half to a full size smaller than your typical size.

This is because they are made of sheepskin material, which is known to stretch out over time. The moment you put on a pair and think “these are way too tight”, then you know it’s the right fit.

Contrary to popular belief, you want UGG boots to feel pretty snug at first because the more you wear them, the more the sheepskin will stretch and mold to your feet.

Don’t worry if the boots are hard to put on, they’ll stretch over time.

In fact, all genuine sheepskin stretches, so if your UGG boots are made from sheepskin suede (which all authentic UGG boots should be), you can expect your boots to stretch over time.

If you buy a pair of UGG boots that fits comfortably, they will end up being loose after they break in. You need to account for the fact that the boots will stretch about ½ a size over time.

2. UGG boots made of other materials run true to size

If the UGG boots are not covered in sheepskin, they will not stretch as much. Other styles, like the fashion, rain, and weather boots, will loosen but won’t stretch more than ½ a size.

The sizing for the UGG rain boots, for example, tends to be true to size, as the rubber material does not stretch over time. They only come in full sizes, meaning they don’t offer a size 6.5. 

So, if you typically order footwear in half sizes, it is recommended to size up. For example, if you typically wear a size 6.5, you should order a size 7 to ensure the best fit possible.

How to measure UGG boot size

You want to make sure you get the proper fit because you need to account for the thick socks you are going to wear with the boots. Here is how to get the right fit in UGG boots:

1. Go to a brick-and-mortar store

Nothing beats going to a physical store and trying different sizes of UGG boots. 

To get the best possible fit in your UGG boots, make sure that you bring a pair of thick socks or a pair of socks you are planning to wear most of the time with your UGG boots.

Some UGG boots tend to run a little bit larger in size, so when you do try them on, ask the sales associate for two pairs: one in your actual size and one a full size up.

This will ensure that you can compare and contrast the best possible fit. Once you have the boots on, the measurement from your toe to the edge of the boot should be about ½ an inch.

That’s how you know that you have the correct sizing. 

Make sure you try both pairs of UGG boots because most people’s feet are about half a size larger than the other. You want to make sure that they are both completely comfortable.

Walk around with them, take your time, and you are going to get the right fit. Nine times out of ten, you are going to have more success when trying UGG boots at a physical store.

2. Measure your feet in the afternoon

However, if for some reason you’ve decided to buy UGG boots online, you can go to their official website and learn more about the correct sizing information for both men and women.

If you are unsure which size to get, UGG recommends doing these steps:

  1. Draw a straight line, longer than your foot, on a piece of paper.
  2. Place the paper on a flat surface.
  3. Stand on the line with your heel and longest toe centered on the line.
  4. Place a mark on the line at the tip of the longest toe and at the back of the heel.
  5. Repeat the steps for the other foot.
  6. Measure the distance between the marks.

Taking the larger of the two measurements, use this conversion chart to find your correct boot size. Or, you can use the heel-to-toe measurements below to determine your boot size:

UGG boots size chart (men)
UGG boots size chart (women)

Some people have one foot larger than the other. Measure both feet and choose the size that fits the larger of the two. Measure your feet in the afternoon, when feet tend to be their largest.

3. Account for socks

UGG boots with sheepskin suede lining are designed to be worn barefoot (without socks). The footbed will mold to the contours of your feet over time, creating personalized arch support.

In fact, classic UGG boots are appropriate for all climates. The lining will keep your feet warm down to -30 degrees Fahrenheit and cool up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, if you do decide to wear socks with your UGG boots, be sure to try them on with the socks you plan to wear. Thick socks can add the length and width of your feet.

Thin socks aren’t going to make much of a difference when it comes to sizing. but if you plan on wearing thick wool socks then you’ll want to consider sizing up a little bit.

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