21 MOST ICONIC Tyler, the Creator Outfits Ever

It’s safe to say that Tyler, the Creator is a fashion icon. He’s the founder of his own fashion labels Golf Le Fleur and Golf Wang, which has done collaborations with Lacoste and Levi’s.

Learn how to dress like Tyler, the Creator by taking some inspiration from some of the American rapper’s most iconic outfits and most memorable looks over the years.

MTV Video Music Awards (2011)

When Tyler, the Creator won his first award at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards for “Best New Artist”, he ran up on stage with a tie-dye “Tron Cat” tee and a leopard Supreme camp cap.

MTVU Woodie Awards (2011)

This has got to be one of the most interesting Tyler, the Creator outfits ever.

During the MTVU Woodie Awards in 2011, we can see Tyler wear a tie-dyed Kaws box logo hoodie and a green mask that covers his face except for his eyes and mouth.

VGX (Spike Video Game Awards) (2013)

In 2013, Tyler, the Creator performed the song “Garbage” live.

“Garbage” is a song performed by American rapper Tyler, the Creator that is featured on the FlyLo FM radio station in Grand Theft Auto V. This song was made exclusively for the game.

With the song being about a drug dealer turning into a murderer, it made sense for Tyler to showcase an old-school mob fashion with a super baggy red zoot suit.

Coachella Music Festival (2015)

During the Coachella Music Festival in 2015, Tyler wore a blue Golf Wang button-up shirt paired with yellow shorts. It’s safe to say that this particular outfit was fire.

Coachella Music Festival (2017)

Tyler, the Creator loves the color green. In fact, in one of his songs titled “Bastard,” he said, “I wear green hats because I’m fortunately lucky.” And he did walk his talk.

During the Coachella Music Festival in 2017, he wore a green Supreme striped collar terry polo that pairs amazingly well with his green-colored Golf Wang snapback.

To complete the look, he wore green shorts and red/orange sneakers.

Roc 96 x Madeworn Barneys Launch (2017)

During the Roc 96 x Madeworn Barneys Launch in 2017, Tyler wore a pink Golf Wang cap to match a striped pink Supreme polo from Spring/Summer 2017.

Lollapalooza (2018)

Here’s a vibrant and colorful outfit worn by Tyler, the Creator. A summer button-up shirt with the thermal image printed on filled with red, green, blue, and yellow.

To complete the look, Tyler wore a simple white hat with colorful graphics and red shorts. For shoes, he chose to wear simple white sneakers with red midsoles. 

“Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch” Premiere (2018)

During the premiere of Dr. Seuss’  The Grinch, we can see Tyler wearing a floral jacket paired with relaxed khaki trousers and a bucket hat, complete with a leather Golf Wang clutch.

60th Annual Grammy Awards (2018)

When Tyler, the Creator was nominated for the “Best Rap Album” Grammy for the first time in his career, he definitely understood that he had to stand out on the red carpet.

He arrived in a Supreme wool overcoat and a white Louis Vuitton scarf with baby blue monograms, paired with a casual pair of white Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers.

In a typical Tyler, the Creator fashion, he completed the look with a white ushanka (a Russian fur cap with ear-covering flaps) with a Soviet Union red star in the center.

Biking In Los Angeles (2019)

During a casual day in LA, Tyler wore an all-white Carhartt WIP shirt, which is seamlessly combined with a matching pair of brown slacks, and light brown Converse GOLF le FLEUR.

The color of the bike, which is bright yellow, along with the different shades of brown from a Stray Rats hat, perfectly complements the overall color scheme of the outfit.

French Open (2019)

During the 2019 French Open, Tyler wore a cardigan from GOLF le FLEUR’s collaboration with Lacoste. It looked like it was made from cotton candy thanks to the pastel pink color.

For accessories, the American rapper sported a simple khaki/tan bucket hat, along with gold jewelry around his neck. This has got to be one of the simplest Tyler, the Creator outfits.

LACMA Art + Film Gala (2019)

You can’t talk about Tyler, the Creator outfits without mentioning Gucci. Remember when Tyler was featured in a Gucci ad campaign together with ASAP Rocky and Iggy Pop? 

During the LACMA Art + Film Gala in 2019, we can see Tyler in an orange V-neck Gucci sweater with a subtle logo hit on the hip, paired with khaki shorts and a bucket hat.

The rapper surely knows how to piece together a bucket hat outfit. But what’s fun about this look is the pair of Dr. Martens Derby shoes paired with long white socks that ties it all together.

The British Fashion Awards (2019)

Tyler, the Creator wore a green GOLF le FLEUR x Lacoste varsity jacket when he was asked to present the Urban Luxe Award to Rihanna at the British Fashion Awards in 2019.

It paired perfectly with the dark green color of his Dr. Martens x United Arrows loafers. You’ve got to admit, Tyler, the Creator always looks nice in a varsity jacket.

The WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards (2019)

Both ASAP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator always clean up nicely when going to formal events together, and we can never have enough of the bromance couple.

Here’s what they wore at the WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards in 2019.

Tyler, the Creator donned a Noah suit with a pair of Hender Scheme x Dr. Martens derby shoes, an ushanka, sunglasses, and a pink Louis Vuitton bag.

On the other hand, Rocky wore a suit with jeans, a pair of Rick Owens sneakers, and Port Tanger sunglasses. Rocky ended up actually giving the WSJ Music Innovator Award to Tyler.

62nd Annual Grammy Awards Red Carpet (2020)

When Tyler, the Creator arrived at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards, we can see him wear a uniquely tailored Golf Le Fleur bellhop outfit, complete with a Louis Vuitton-esque suitcase.

He completed the “bellboy” look with white gloves, a buttoned jacket, and a cap.

But what makes this particular outfit interesting is that Tyler opened his pink giant suitcase to reveal the outfit he had planned later that night and his bedazzled Igor chain.

This neatly brings us to…

62nd Annual Grammy Awards Win (2020)

When Tyler, the Creator’s album Igor won the award for “Best Rap Album” at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards, he switched out of his bellboy outfit into something more casual.

To accept his first-ever Grammy award, he wore a striped Golf rugby shirt, a pair of brown Dickies, a brown Golf hat, and a pair of baby pink Clarks Wallabees. 

The 21st BET Awards (2021)

During the 21st BET Awards, Tyler showcased luxurious luggage, which coincided with the travel themes of his newest album at the time titled “Call Me If You Get Lost”.

Along with a vintage wooden trunk and a brown Globetrotter Attaché briefcase that he’s holding in his hand, we can see Tyler wear a pink cheetah print vest. 

In fact, Tyler, the Creator is often seen sporting a sweater vest. I’ve taken plenty of inspiration from him to make my ultimate guide on how to style a sweater vest for men.

Tyler was also seen wearing a pink ushanka (a Russian fur cap with ear-covering flaps) and a $500,000 chain by Alex Moss. For shoes, he wore a pair of tassel loafers.

Tonal Brown Outfit (2021)

In 2021, we can see Tyler, the Creator was out in New York dining with Frank Ocean. He gave us all a lesson in how to put a tonal brown fit together without looking terrible.

He wore a light brown puffer jacket over his bright blue cardigan with a classic scarf wrapped around his neck. It’s paired with dark brown chinos, black loafers, and subtle but flashy jewelry.

The hunter’s cap completes this classy look for the fall season.

Paris Fashion Week (2022)

Check out this outfit from Tyler, the Creator. During the Paris Fashion Week in January 2022, he wore a brown jacket with two cute tigers on the pectoral area.

He completed the look with a brown ushanka, a green tie, and a shoulder bag. We can also see perfectly fitted brown trousers along with a pair of brown Oxford shoes with red hearts.

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter Show (2022)

During the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter Show in 2022, we can see Tyler wearing an LV knit crewneck sweater that consists of the colors red, black, and green, inspired by the Pan-African flag.

But what made this particular outfit interesting is how he arrived at the runway. Tyler rode a predominantly red bike decorated with Louis Vuitton’s monograms.

A New York City Stroll (2022)

Out of all the Tyler, the Creator outfits on this list, this particular look is something that most of you can pull off. Not every time does the American rapper wear over-the-top fashion.

During a walk in New York City just before the start of fall, we can see Tyler wear a classic knit Fair Isle sweater with baby blue jeans, black loafers, and a green Golf le Fleur hat.

For accessories, he kept reminding us of his admiration for luxury luggage by wearing a green Goyard Cassette Trunk bag around his shoulders. A pretty chill outfit if you ask me.

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