Tallest Weightlifting Shoes (Highest Heel)

In short: The tallest pair of weightlifting shoes is the Nordic Powerlifting Shoes. The shoes are currently the tallest lifting shoes out there, boasting a heel height of 1.4 inches, which is roughly 35.6 mm.

If your ankles are not flexible, standard weightlifting shoes with about 0.75 inches heel may reduce how much you can lift.

To solve this problem, think about getting weightlifting shoes with a taller heel.

Shoes with higher heels help you achieve a better low position and keep your chest up.

Here are the tallest weightlifting shoes, ranked by height:

Position USA P3

Position USA P3

The Position USA P3’s heel is about 1.25 inches or 31.75 mm. But its effective heel height is 1 inch.

I first noticed the shoe’s heel height. Most weightlifting shoes have a 0.75 inches heel, but the Position’s heel is 1.25 inches, a big jump.

If, like me, you have stiff ankles, a heel taller than 1 inch is great.

Chinese weightlifters often use tall heels. Some even add layers to their shoes for more height. This is less common in North America.

The shoe’s strap is thicker than most, giving a snug fit. I tried them on and they fit snugly, but I like shoes that fit looser.

I like the wooden heel’s sound on the platform. The feel of wood is also very different from the new hard plastic heels.

Overall, the shoe’s fit and feel on the platform are solid.

Adidas Leistung 16.II

The Adidas Leistung 16.II’s heel is about 1.45 inches or 38 mm. But its real heel height is 1 inch.

I love the shoe’s heel height. It’s strong and can handle tough use on the platform. This shoe gives me a better position for squatting and lifting.

It’s better than most shoes I’ve tried, except maybe the Position USA P3. For lacing, the Adidas Leistung 16.II uses a BOA system.

I find it better than traditional laces, even those with straps.

Overall, the Adidas Leistung 16.II is among the tallest weightlifting shoes. Its lacing, tall heel, and weight make it a top lifting shoe.

Foost Fitness Lifter

Foost Fitness Lifter

The Foost Fitness Lifter’s heel is about 1.28 inches or 32.5 mm. But its real heel height is 1.06 inches.

The shoe’s lateral stability is great, matching some of the best shoes I’ve worn. Landing on its wide base feels very stable, as if the shoe sticks to the ground.

I believe the upper materials aren’t the best. The upper fabric seemed dirty, wrinkled quickly, and the leather strap felt flimsy.

This might be because Foost Fitness is still growing.

Foost Fitness is a Brazilian brand. Buying their shoes supports their growth, leading to improved materials and production.

If you struggle with ankle movement and flexibility, consider the Foost Fitness Lifter. Its tall heel can help a lot.

Nordic Powerlifting Shoes

The Nordic Powerlifting Shoes have the tallest heel at 1.4 inches or roughly 35.6 mm. No other weightlifting shoe matches this.

People notice the Nordic shoes for their 1.4-inch heel, the tallest I’ve seen in weightlifting shoes, whether wooden or not.

The added height and stability help in all weightlifting exercises. I think the raised heel allows for deeper squats.

I got interested in this shoe because its heel is 0.7″ taller than the Adipowers. Both shoes seem the same height from the outside.

But inside, your foot sits higher in the Nordic shoes than in the Adipowers. I’ve tried many high-heeled weightlifting shoes.

Only the Nordic shoes let me maintain a good position for my body. Squats feel comfortable, likely due to the larger heel.

If you want the tallest weightlifting shoes with the highest heel, choose the Nordic shoes.

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