Tallest Hoka One One Shoes (Ranked By Height)

In short: The Bondi 8 is the tallest pair of Hoka shoes. It has a heel height of 39mm and a forefoot height of 35mm, adding about 1.45 inches to your height.

To determine the tallest Hoka shoes, I’ll measure the stack height.

Stack height is the term used to describe the amount of shoe material between your foot and the ground. It’s commonly called the shoe’s “cushioning.”

Here are the tallest Hoka One One shoes, ranked from lowest to tallest:

Hoka Clifton 9

Hoka One One Clifton 9

The Clifton 9 has a stack height of 32mm in the heel and 27mm in the forefoot. When worn brand new out of the box, expect the shoes to add about 1.16 inches to your overall height.

The 9th version of the Clifton has 3 mm extra midsole foam, making it feel more cushioned. It also features a reformulated CMEVA midsole, offering a softer ride than its predecessors.

The Clifton 9, like other shoes with high cushioning, is best for slow, easy-paced runs. You can also comfortably wear them for walking.

I prefer the Clifton 9 for runs slower than 6:00 per kilometer or 9.40 per mile.

The Clifton 9’s extreme cushioning isn’t ideal for fast runs. While the Clifton 8 handled faster paces well, the Clifton 9 offers better comfort for long runs.

That said, the Clifton 9 provides excellent stability. It not only has a wide base but also features a midsole rim that cradles your foot, guiding it through the gait cycle. It ranks among the most stable cushioned running shoes.

Hoka Arahi 6

The Arahi is often seen as Clifton’s stable counterpart. The 6th iteration of the Arahi has received minor updates from the previous version.

The first time I wore them, they felt balanced – neither too plush nor too firm. The outsole features a thin layer of high-abrasion lightweight rubber.

The thick midsole of the Arahi is made of CMEVA foam. This traditional EVA foam is used in most Hoka trainers. It offers a balanced feel, combining a firm ride with a slight bounce.

I sometimes find the shoe’s responsiveness a bit stiff and uncomfortable. The stiffness led to an inconsistent ride during my faster runs.

However, if you want Hoka shoes that add height, the Arahi 6 is ideal for daily walking or slow recovery runs.

Hoka Bondi 7

The Hoka Bondi 7 has a stack height of 36mm at the heel and 32mm at the forefoot. When worn brand new out of the box, expect the shoes to add about 1.33 inches to your overall height.

Before the release of the Bondi 8, the Bondi 7 was the tallest Hoka shoe on the market. With its 36mm heel height, it ranks among the tallest running shoes.

Due to its substantial stack height, the Bondi 7 is not a very flexible running shoe. At a faster pace, my feet can’t achieve a full range of motion.

I find the Bondi 7 heavy and awkward to run in at paces faster than 6 minutes. However, at slower speeds, it offers a pleasantly smooth ride.

I appreciate the Bondi 7’s ability to absorb energy from foot strikes, making it an ideal choice for recovery runs.

Hoka Bondi 8

To date, the tallest pair of Hoka running shoes is the Bondi 8.

It has a stack height of 39mm in the heel and 35mm in the forefoot. When worn brand new out of the box, expect the running shoes to add about 1.45 inches to your overall height.

The first time you wear the shoes, you’ll notice their ultra-soft Ortholite sock liner. Their phenomenal comfort is a big reason for the shoes’ popularity.

The Bondi 8 has a memory foam heel collar and extra padding in the tongue. These features keep my feet comfortable, especially when laced tightly.

The Bondi 8 is the tallest Hoka One One shoe and offers extreme cushioning. I don’t like to wear them as my daily running shoes, although they are perfect for slower recovery runs.

If you like the Bondi 7, you’ll definitely love the Bondi 8.

The Bondi 8 is not only comfortable for walking but also ideal for leisurely paces when my legs are sore and need soft, supportive cushioning.

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