Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller (Ranked By Height)

If you are someone who wants to look taller, Adidas sneakers are perfect to wear because they add more height than most shoes. But with so many models to choose from, it can be hard to determine how many inches they add and which one can maximize your height.

So to help you look effortlessly taller while looking cool at the same time, we’ve made the ultimate list of the best Adidas shoes that make you taller, ranked by height. By the end of this article, you should be able to choose an Adidas shoe that suits your unique style.

Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller (Ranked By Height)

The Boost collection is undoubtedly the tallest of all Adidas shoes, simply because the Boost midsole is thick, well-cushioned, and adds an enormous amount of height.

Keep in mind that the inches are based on how much the shoes actually make you taller, not the insole height. They will lose a few millimeters once you press down on them.

Here are the top 15 Adidas shoes that make you taller, ranked from shortest to highest:

15. Adidas 350

Height Added: 0.75 inches (1.9 cm)

Adidas 350 (buy on Amazon)

The Adidas 350 adds about 0.75 inches (1.9 cm) of height brand new out of the box.

Only recognized by avid Adidas sneaker collectors, the 350 is a vintage shoe that is adored among retro trainer enthusiasts. It has a similar look to the Superstar but has no shell toes and thinner soles. However, its most desirable trait is the affordable price.

The Adidas 350 is available in many neutral colors, making it ideal to wear with just about any outfit. It has clean lines and three stripes on both sides, synonymous with all Adidas sneakers. Overall, it’s a budget-friendly pair of trainers that you can wear on a daily basis.

14. Adidas Superstar

Height Added: 0.81 inches (2.1 cm)

Adidas Superstar (buy on Amazon)

The Adidas Superstar adds about 0.81 inches (2.1 cm) of height brand new out of the box.

Just like Stan Smith, the Adidas Superstar has been a staple of sports and street legends for over half a century. In fact, the Superstar is instantly recognizable because of its distinctive “shell toe” and the iconic three stripes on both sides of the shoe.

While there are no other shoes made with shell toes, there are numerous sneakers that have taken inspiration from the Superstars, simply because the model is nice.

Originally made for basketball in the 1970s, the Adidas Superstar shoe is now a lifestyle staple for streetwear enthusiasts. The top part of the shoe features a full-grain leather upper for better durability, comfort, and support. It’s iconic and goes well with any outfit too.

13. Adidas Stan Smith

Height Added: 0.83 inches (2.1 cm)

Adidas Stan Smith (buy on Amazon)

The Adidas Stan Smith adds about 0.83 inches (2.1 cm) of height brand new out of the box.

For 50 years, the Stan Smith shoe has been the go-to sneaker for many people, thanks to its simple design. But to add something new to the table, Adidas focuses on creating this shoe with recycled materials in an effort to help the environment and support sustainability.

The simple and minimalistic design is what makes this shoe effortlessly cool. In fact, you can wear it every day with just about any outfit. If you need a white sneakers, the Stan Smith is an amazing option for you. No doubt, white with a touch of green is the most popular.

Both the Stan Smiths and Superstars are highly popular to the point where many sneakerheads compare the two often.

12. Adidas NMD R1

Height Added: 0.87 inches (2.2 cm)

Adidas NMD R1 (buy on Amazon)

The Adidas NMD R1 adds about 0.87 inches (2.2 cm) of height brand new out of the box.

NMD is a newly developed sneaker line by Adidas Originals. The shoe is intended to support an active lifestyle because of its sock-like construction that is light, durable, and shock-resistant. It comes in many different colorways and is highly popular too.

In fact, due to its popularity, many sneakers are made similar to the NMD.

The Adidas NMD R1 combines the old and the new. It was inspired by the 1980s but built with futuristic technology. As a result, it has revolutionized streetwear today. In fact, it incorporates game-changing technologies like Primeknit and Boost cushioning.

11. Adidas Gazelle

Height Added: 0.91 inches (2.3 cm)

Adidas Gazelle (buy on Amazon)

The Adidas Gazelle adds about 0.91 inches (2.3 cm) of height brand new out of the box.

Considered a staple in the shoe industry, the vintage Adidas Gazelle has long been adored by many casual sportswear fans since its release half a century ago. In fact, the simple design of the shoe has attracted countless collaborations over the years.

It’s pretty good in terms of support and comfort since the shoe has enough arch support. It’s also well-padded, even though they may be stiff at first. But after you’ve broken into the shoes, the Adidas Gazelle is a reliable pair of sneakers for daily activities.

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10. Adidas Sobakov

Height Added: 0.91 inches (2.3 cm)

Adidas Sobakov (buy on Amazon)

The Adidas Sobakov adds about 0.91 inches (2.3 cm) of height brand new out of the box.

Just like the Samba Super, the Adidas Sobakov is also inspired by soccer shoes. It features the silhouette of common soccer shoes but adds the popular London streetwear style. The distinctive “teeth” 3-Stripes pay homage to the 2000 Predator Precision model.

The shoes received mixed reviews. Some would say that the Sobakov has enough cushioning from the midsole, but it’s nowhere near the responsiveness of superior models, like the Ultraboost. Overall, the Adidas Sobakov is a great lifestyle shoe with a good price.

9. Adidas Samba Super

Height Added: 0.91 inches (2.3 cm)

Adidas Samba Super (buy on Amazon)

The Adidas Samba Super adds about 0.91 inches (2.3 cm) of height brand new out of the box.

Similar to the Continental 80, the Samba Super adopts a similar look. But while the former is inspired by tennis shoes, the latter is inspired by soccer shoes. It is built upon the low-profile look of the Adidas Samba but adds a street style with the suede upper and EVA midsole.

Many wearers said that the Samba Super is quite comfortable and stylish enough to go with just about anything. It is also considered a great value because of its affordable price. However, some people commented that the shoe is quite narrow, especially in the toe box.

8. Adidas Continental 80

Height Added: 0.94 inches (2.4 cm)

Adidas Continental (buy on Amazon)

The Adidas Continental 80 adds about 0.94 inches (2.4 cm) brand new out of the box.

Continental 80 captures all of the retro tennis vibes of the classic 1980s trainers. It’s very clean and minimalistic, with a touch of a sporty vibe to complete your everyday look. Additionally, the smooth leather upper provides a timeless and versatile style.

Out of all the available colorways of the Continental 80, the all-white, with a stripe of blue and red on the sides, is arguably the most popular. In terms of comfort, the split-rubber cupsole with EVA insert bends and follows your foot with every step.

7. Adidas Beckenbauer Allround

Height Added: 0.98 inches (2.5 cm)

Adidas Beckenbauer Allround (buy on Amazon)

The Adidas Beckenbauer Allround adds about 0.98 inches (2.5 cm) brand new out of the box.

Going back to a retro style, the Adidas Beckenbauer Allround features classic colorways and neat accents in the heel. The shoes are made with suede and synthetic upper, which may need additional care, but add to the overall premium look of the sneakers.

The synthetic midsole is quite responsive, combined with enough grip on the outsole for all-day comfort. Moreover, the Beckenbauer Allround has a secure, tonal lacing system to keep your feet secure all day. It is finished with serrated 3 stripes and gold branding on the sides.

6. Adidas Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu

Height Added: 1.0 inches (2.6 cm)

Adidas Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu (buy on Amazon)

Adidas Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu adds about 1.0 inches (2.6 cm) brand new out of the box.

The Adidas Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu is a classic tennis shoe reimagined. The design is an Adidas Originals collaboration with Pharrell Williams, with sleek court lines and modern flair. It’s similar to popular Adidas sneakers like the Superstar but has a more flexible knit upper.

On the shoe, you will find Pharrell’s sign-off at the heel and on the tongue. It is also detailed with colored insoles and support knit upper which hugs the foot very well because of the sock-like construction. The EVA midsole adds softness and 1 inch of height.

5. Adidas Dame 5

Height Added: 1.06 inches (2.7 cm)

Adidas Dame 5 (buy on Amazon)

The Adidas Dame 5 adds about 1.06 inches (2.7 cm) of height brand new out of the box.

For the first time on the “top Adidas shoes that make you taller” list, we have a pair of basketball shoes, the Dame 5. If you don’t know, Dame is the signature basketball shoe line of NBA superstar, Damian Lillard. His 5th shoe was released in February 2019.

Overall, the Dame 5 is solid for basketball because it has adequate traction, great support, and supreme feet lockdown. It also provides good support and stability, especially if you play as a guard because you need to start and stop on a dime. Great basketball shoe.

4. Adidas Oregon/Forest Grove

Height Added: 1.18 inches (3 cm)

Adidas Oregon/Forest Grove (buy on Amazon)

The Adidas Oregon/Forest Grove adds about 1.18 inches (3 cm) brand new out of the box.

Based on the revolutionary Oregon running shoes, the Forest Grove was released in 1982, at a time when recreational jogging was an American obsession. The Forest Grove was one of the first silhouettes to adopt the famous Dellinger webbing to the midsole.

It’s fair to say that Adidas has created some of the most influential running trainers in the world, and the Adidas Oregon/Forest Grove was one of them. Influenced by athletes and marathon runners, it appeals to many generations of casual sportswear lovers.

3. Adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2

Height Added: 1.18 inches (3 cm)

Adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 (buy on Amazon)

The Adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 adds about 1.18 inches (3 cm) brand new out of the box.

YEEZYs are one of the most monumental sneakers of all time, thanks to the earth-shattering release delivered by Chicago-native, Kanye West. He took the world by storm when he collaborated with Adidas to create the iconic YEEZY line, which has become cult favorite.

Out of all of the shoes in the YEEZY collection, the BOOST 350 V2 is arguably one of the most popular today. It features an upper composed of re-engineered Primeknit and a full-length Boost midsole wrapped in a rubber cage, which provides amazing cushioning.

2. Adidas LA Trainer

Height Added: 1.22 inches (3.1 cm)

Adidas LA Trainer (buy on Amazon)

The Adidas LA Trainer adds about 1.22 inches (3.1 cm) of height brand new out of the box.

Featuring the classic Adidas silhouette, the LA Trainer takes the retro 1984 style and reworks it to fit into today’s modern style. The shoe design delivers the right balance between classic and contemporary, combining old-school flair with new-school aesthetics. 

While the shoe’s build and cushioning is excellent, the outsole grip is not the best we’ve seen so far because it does not provide enough traction, especially on wet or damp surfaces. Over the years, the LA Trainer has evolved from trainers into a casual shoes with EVA foam midsole.

1. Adidas Ultraboost

Height Added: 1.26 inches (3.2 cm)

Adidas Ultraboost (buy on Amazon)

The Adidas Ultraboost adds about 1.26 inches (3.2 cm) of height brand new out of the box.

First released in 2015, the Adidas Ultraboost uses the game-changing Boost and ARAMIS 3D technology. In fact, Boost is so revolutionary that it’s hard to imagine Adidas without it. The technology helps make the Ultraboost supportive and adaptive to any environment.

Boost is Adidas’ most innovative cushioning technology yet.

To make BOOST, TPU particles are expanded to form closed cells around tiny pockets of air. The result is expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (eTPU) that compresses under pressure for better shock absorption and instantly bounces back to its original shape.

Because of this revolutionary technology, the Ultraboost is one of, if not the most, comfortable Adidas sneakers. The cushioning provided by Boost makes it feel like you’re running on small, accurately engineered clouds. It adds a lot of height too.

In fact, ever since its inception, not only did the shoes gain a cult following, but there are plenty of sneakers that are made with similar models to the Ultraboost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions surrounding Adidas shoes and sneakers, especially about their heights. We will do our best to answer them all (new questions will be updated). Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Adidas shoes and their heights.

1. How much height does Adidas add?

Generally, you can expect Adidas shoes to add between 0.75 to 1.3 inches of height. The tallest we’ve measured is the Adidas Ultraboost, which adds about 1.26 inches of height, while the lowest we’ve measured is the Adidas 350, which adds about 0.75 inches of height.

2. Do Adidas NMD make you taller?

Adidas NMD can make you taller, but not much. The sole thickness measures less than an inch. In fact, we’ve found that the Adidas NMD R1, one of the most popular NMD shoes, makes you taller by about 0.9 inches, which is about 2.2 cm of height added.

3. Do Adidas YEEZYs make you taller?

All Adidas YEEZYs will make you taller. The sole thickness measures just over an inch. In fact, one of the most popular YEEZY shoes, the Adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2, adds about 1.18 inches (3 cm) of height to the wearer brand new out of the box.

4. Does Adidas Ultraboost make you taller?

The Adidas Ultraboost does make you taller. In fact, it is the tallest Adidas sneaker to date which adds about 1.26 inches (3.2 cm) of height brand new out of the box. You can expect most Adidas sneakers to add between 0.75 to 1.3 inches of height.

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Final Verdict

And there you go, the comprehensive list of the best Adidas shoes that make you taller.

Our wonderful sneaker research team had a tremendous time finding all of the Adidas shoes mentioned above, so you can effortlessly look taller with style. Our hope is for you to find the perfect pair of sneakers to feel confident, whether you are short or tall.