How to Stop Pants Falling Down Without a Belt

In short: Wearing suspenders, or hidden suspenders, is the best way to stop pants from falling down without a belt. If suspenders aren’t your thing, clip your pants with BeltBro or SkinnyClip.

Whenever your pants fall down, the top of your butt gets exposed and your shirt becomes untucked. Here’s what you can do to stop your pants from falling down, even without a belt.

Why do my pants constantly fall down?

If your pants have a larger waist size than your body’s waist size, they will constantly fall down. Alternatively, people with a narrow waist, flat behind, and/or big belly suffer from this issue.

How to stop pants from falling down

The obvious choice to stop pants from falling down is to wear a belt. If you don’t like heavy belts with a buckle, choose a lightweight belt made of polyester that is adjustable and reversible.

Personally, I don’t like wearing belts, but if there is one product that I would wear, it would be this lightweight belt from Nike. It’s simple, and lightweight and the clips hold up very well.

How to stop pants from falling down without a belt

Not everyone is a big fan of belts. Most of them are heavy and uncomfortable, especially when the buckle digs into your stomach. Plus, traditional belts need to be constantly buckled.

Here are 5 hacks to stop pants from falling down without a belt:

1. Wear suspenders

The best way to stop pants from falling down without a belt is to wear suspenders. They are the perfect alternative to a belt, especially if you have a big belly and/or a flat behind.

I used to chuckle at guys wearing suspenders. Not anymore. When some of my pants started falling down, I decided to give this Dickies suspenders a try and there’s no going back.

They’re terrific. I wish I’d known this decades ago.

Now I have two pairs of suspenders. They are great for stopping pants from falling down even when you’re doing yard work with plenty of bending, lifting, shoveling, and squatting involved.

Suspenders are very easy to wear, just throw the back center clip over your head, reach around to your center belt loop and slide it on your belt. Slide the front clips on and you’re good to go!

2. Wear HIKERS Hidden Suspenders

If you don’t like the look of suspenders, another great alternative to keep your pants from falling down is to wear hidden suspenders. They work just like suspenders, but they are hidden.

One brand of hidden suspenders is HIKERS. Their hidden suspenders are made to be worn under your shirt as an undergarment. They remain concealed even under a tee shirt.

However, hidden suspenders only work if you are wearing pants with a button closure. The front strap of hidden suspenders will not work with pants that have snaps or slide-on closures.

Hidden suspenders need pants with button a closure.

Overall, hidden suspenders are a discreet, yet comfortable way to replace a belt. They keep pants from falling down without bulky hardware from a belt buckle or traditional suspenders.

3. Install BeltBro

Some people hate suspenders, whether they are hidden or not. If this is you, the next best thing is to install a product called BeltBro, which is a no-buckle elastic belt that is comfortable.

BeltBro is an elastic belt that uses just two belt loops to secure your pants. The elastic band made of nylon and polyester is designed to keep your pants from falling down in just seconds.

Unlike belts that dig into your stomach, BelBro secures your pants without the feeling of wearing a belt. The soft, lightweight, and elastic band allow you to breathe easily and stay comfortable.

However, I don’t recommend BeltBro for heavier men.

My friend who has a 51” waist and has to bend and squat in his job told me that the straps feel like they are going to break his belt loops. But otherwise, they did what they advertised to do.

They won’t hold up his pants, but I’m sure that for some if not most men, BeltBro will work fine. For an affordable price, why not give the product a try? You’ve got nothing to lose.

4. Install SkinnyClip

Another alternative to BeltBro is SkinnyClip. It is a waistband tightener that uses a clip closure. The newly patented invention is designed to hold up oversized pants easily and comfortably.

SkinnyClip works great on all types of skirts, slacks, jeans, and shorts. No belt loops are required. All you have to do is simply slide on your waistband, twist, and hook. It’s that easy.

Here is what a customer said about SkinnyClip:

“My son is super skinny, all pants are too big in the waist, these work great for him!! He loves them, he is usually pretty picky but doesn’t even notice and asks to wear these little clips with every pair.”

– Kaitlyn

After working from home for several months, I lost a lot of weight. When it was time to start dressing like an office worker again, I discovered that all of my slacks were ready to fall off.

I didn’t want to alter my slacks and I didn’t have the means to buy new ones. Luckily, SkinnyClip came to my rescue! I turn one clip about 3 times and the waistband fits snugly, but not too tight.

5. Alter your pants to fit your body

The most effective way to make loose pants tighter is to take them to a tailor. It is the best way to permanently keep your pants from falling down, especially without belts, suspenders, or clips. 

If you feel like the waist measurement of your pants is too big and the pants are falling off of you, a tailor can take the waist in or out pronto and give your trousers a more comfortable fit.

However, make sure you take your pants to a tailor you trust. Altering your pants and slacks requires an investment of time, so the last thing you want is to receive sizing mistakes.

How to stop pants from falling down when running

If your pants are falling down when running, check if they are tight around the waist, it is most likely they are not. You should buy a new pair of athletic pants that fit tighter around your waist.

To stop your pants from falling down when running, get a smaller size or stitch some parts of the elastic band on the inside/outside together to make your running pants tighter around the waist.

Alternatively, you can also tie a belt around your waist when you’re running, but that would be uncomfortable and probably make you stand out as well as being teased.

If you have the means, buy new pants with an elastic waist or get a smaller size. Smaller-sized pants with elastic waists will stretch as you move, keeping them in place.