Steel-Toe Crocs Shoes

Crocs does not make steel-toe shoes. However, there are plenty of casual-looking steel-toe shoes that look like Crocs. Here are the top 5 options for both men and women.

Does Crocs make steel-toe shoes?

While Crocs have a wide selection of work shoes that are waterproof and slip-resistant, Crocs does not make steel-toe shoes. There are, however, steel-toe clogs that resemble Crocs.

The Crocs at Work line are clogs that are designed for food service and healthcare workers. Designed with comfort, style, and functionality in mind, the clogs are waterproof and anti-slip.

If you are interested in steel-toe shoes that look like Crocs, there are plenty of options made by established footwear brands. The closest thing to Crocs is the Birkenstock Professional A 630 Clog, which a lot of people praise for looking and fitting exactly like Crocs, but with steel toes.

Top 5 steel-toe shoes that look like Crocs

Without a doubt, Crocs are some of the most comfortable footwear in the world. If you want to combine comfort and protection, here are the top 5 “steel-toe Crocs shoes”.

1. Best Overall: Birkenstock Unisex Professional A 630 Clog

Out of all the steel-toe shoes I can find, the Birkenstock A 630 Clog is the closest thing to Crocs in terms of appearance because of the design and the 100% polyurethane upper.

If you’ve worn Crocs before, these fit exactly the same. Most people would have a hard time believing that these “Crocs-looking shoes” are actually steel-toe shoes. I like the solid feel of the sole over the squishiness of every unevenness that one feels with Crocs.

Personally, I love how thick the soles are. I didn’t expect it because they look exactly like Crocs. They do need some time to break into, just like a pair of Crocs, but after about two months, these clogs should soften. I love it. They feel and look AWESOME. 

My advice is to wear them tight with two pairs of socks on the first day. By “stretching” the materials from the inside, these steel toe shoes will loosen and become more comfortable.

I hated putting on boots every day so these are as close as it gets to a pair of Crocs. If people question whether they’re steel-toe shoes or not, just drop a hammer on them. 🙂

To summarize, these clogs protect your feet without compromising comfort. I have no regrets buying them because they are the best steel-toe Crocs shoes. Buy them and thank me later.

2. Runner-Up: Timberland PRO Men’s Titan Oxford Slip-On Safety Shoe

Another great option for steel-toe shoes that look like Crocs is the Timberland PRO Titan Oxford. Sure, they are not clogs, but they are slip-on shoes with steel-toe protection.

While it’s not clearly stated in the product description (it just says: Timberland safety shoes), these are definitely steel-toe shoes. They are very easy to slip on or off. 

Personally, I am picky when it comes to shoes because my legs start to hurt whenever I wear shoes that don’t offer much support. This has not been an issue with these Timberlands.

The highlight of these shoes is the soles. Not only are they big and thick, but they provide a lot of support. I can stand all day without feeling fatigued and you should too.

But what impressed me the most is their durability. I have now been wearing these steel-toe shoes since 2013. My first pair wore out after 6 years (worn every day, including the weekends). The second pair still looks good after 3 years (bought in 2019). That’s how durable they are.

My only complaint is that these shoes scuff up very easily. Only about a month into wearing these shoes, there are visible scuff marks. Granted, I wear them in a manufacturing facility.

I’m sure there is something you can buy to make them look nice again though so it’s not a dealbreaker. These shoes are just too comfortable for that to impact my score.

Overall, these shoes are amazing. They are some of the most comfortable steel-toe shoes I’ve owned and I recommend these to everyone I work with. Oh, and they look slightly like Crocs too!

3. Budget Pick: Florsheim Bayside Steel Toe Slip-On

Most steel-toe shoes are expensive. If you want something more affordable, consider the steel-toe slip-ons made by Florsheim. Their slip-on design slightly resembles Crocs.

Unlike work shoes that are made of fake leather, these Florsheim steel-toe slip-ons are made of 100% genuine leather, with no exposed metal at the top. It’s sleek and durable at the same time. 

There are 2 color options to choose from black and cognac. Both colors are very nice in my opinion because they are neutral. You can certainly wear them to dinner after work.

Two things impressed me. First, they are comfortable and not as heavy as most steel-toe shoes. Second, they provide excellent slip resistance needed for industrial and manufacturing work.

One of my friends (who is an automotive technician) also has a pair of these Florsheim shoes. He praised these shoes for having one of the best anti-slip soles ever. They prevented him from slipping and met his needs of working in a slippery manufacturing facility very well.

As long as you’re not wearing them with the intention of destroying them, these shoes should hold up just fine. They are perfect for light industrial and manufacturing jobs.

Overall, these Florsheim steel-toe shoes offer the best value in terms of price. You would be owning a pair of steel-toe Crocs shoes without having to break the bank.

4. For Women: Ariat Women’s Steel Toe Safety Clog

A great selection of steel-toe shoes that look like Crocs for women is the Ariat safety clogs. They combine form and function, perfect for workdays or casual evenings.

While you would not want to buy them for standing all day, these Ariat steel-toe clogs are more beautiful than most steel-toe shoes. They are comfortable with a slightly narrow toe box. 

My friend has even worn these Ariat clogs outside of work because she likes them so much. Just be sure to get a good leather polish as they do scuff and mark easily on the toe.

For the ladies out there, it’s recommended to buy half a size larger because these clogs are narrow. So if your shoe size is 6, order at least 6.5 for maximum comfort.

Overall, the Ariat safety clogs are a good option as “Crocs steel-toe shoes” for women. The simple colors are easy to match with any outfit and they’re pretty comfortable too. 

5. Honorable Mention: Skechers for Work Men’s Hartan Steel Toe Slip-On Shoe

Lastly, I would like to give an honorable mention to the Skechers for Work Hartan Steel-Toe Shoes. These shoes look similar to Crocs and would take up less space in your carry-on for traveling.

Some reviewers noted that the heel part breaks down easily so you might need a shoehorn to slip them on without damaging them. However, these shoes are far more comfortable than I expected and are fine for everyday use (comfort-wise). 

I noted several poor reviews on the internet regarding the durability of these shoes, but I don’t have any illusions that these would replace my full leather boots for everyday labor.

My advice is to buy these shoes for occasional project visits and light industrial work. Do not wear them for hard labor. They are slip-on shoes, which offer no ankle support or protection. So, evaluate your needs and expectations before buying these. 

In short, you are sacrificing durability for comfort when buying these shoes. They are cheaper than most steel-toe shoes and would be best worn for day-to-day casual work.


And there you go, the top 5 steel-toe shoes that look like Crocs. When it comes to footwear, you should not sacrifice comfort for protection. You can always enjoy both with steel-toe Crocs shoes.