Starboy Aesthetic Outfits – Ultimate Visual Guide

What’s the “Starboy” aesthetic?

Think of a quiet and mysterious pretty boy with well-groomed hair wearing high-end designer clothing and expensive sneakers, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue.

Let’s talk about the Starboy aesthetic and its key elements.

What is the Starboy aesthetic?

The “Starboy” aesthetic is a blend of streetwear, high fashion, and retro styles. It’s often associated with high-end futuristic fashion, neon lights, underground clubs, and fast cars.

The term “Starboy” was made popular by The Weeknd since it’s quite literally named after the song “Starboy”. It’s said to originate as Jamaican slang dating to at least the 1970s.

Now, we often associate “Starboy” as The Weeknd’s alter ego, who is a more braggadocious character, much like a rockstar or a baller, that he created.

Popular celebrities that define the Starboy aesthetic

It’s obvious that The Weeknd influenced the term Starboy the most.

He gave the term “Starboy” its shining moment thanks to his November 2016 album Starboy and its title track featuring Daft Punk, which went to #1 on the Billboard charts.

The song “Starboy” was inspired by David Bowie’s 1972 “Starman” and the theme of both songs is indeed the same: a newly famous person confronting their former self.

Another person that embodies the Starboy aesthetic the best, in my opinion, is Alejandro Garnacho, a young Argentinian footballer who plays for Manchester United.

He’s quite introverted off the pitch, but confident and daring on the football pitch. A quick look at his Instagram profile and you’ll quickly see the Starboy aesthetic outfits. 

When wearing black and dark colors, he gives off a mysterious vibe. However, while he sports a white gold color, he stands out from the crowd. He’s quiet but his presence is loud.

His accessories look the part too. From his iconic hairstyle to his jewelry and tattoos, everything about Alejandro Garnacho screams “Starboy aesthetic”.

If you want inspiration on the Starboy persona, just copy his style.

How to achieve the Starboy aesthetic

Let’s start with the hair. Starboy hairstyles can range from tight fades to fluffy middle parts. Think of a pretty boy hairstyle, all of which are well groomed and a product of good hair care routines.

In terms of clothing, dark colors, like black, navy blue, dark green, and charcoal is the foundation of the Starboy aesthetic because it exudes mystery and intrigue.

Light colors work too but you don’t want to choose a striking color. Instead, go for a washed and toned-down color like off-white, cream, and soft gray. A touch of gold works too.

Whether oversized or well-fitted, you could wear a high-end branded jacket or hoodie. Or, you could substitute it with a simple leather jacket that gives off a vintage vibe.

Designer sweatpants or jeans would complete the look. And to top it all off, wear gold jewelry and designer sneakers. That’s how you achieve the ultimate Starboy aesthetic.

It is also important to focus on energy and attitude rather than just clothing, as the Starboy persona is associated with nonchalance, a laid-back and cool vibe.

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