Soft Boy Aesthetic Outfits – Ultimate Visual Guide

The soft boy aesthetic shares a few resemblances with e-boy fashion, distinguished by predominantly feminine traits, a cardigan or vintage tee, and typically a floppy haircut.

Much of the soft boy persona can be traced to K-pop boy band aesthetics, although there are a few key differences. Let’s talk about the soft boy aesthetic and decode the style.

What is a soft boy aesthetic?

As the name suggests, the soft boy aesthetic is a style of men’s fashion that is stereotypically associated with the feminine and displays more tender and sensitive traits.

Think of pastel colors, floral prints, and flowy fabrics when describing the soft boy persona. And if you use the word “beautiful” to describe him, he’s probably a soft boy.

The soft boy aesthetic is popular amongst Gen Z and is heavily influenced by K-Pop and social media. In fact, this particular style of men’s fashion was re-popularized on TikTok.

Popular celebrities that define soft boy aesthetic

Harry Styles is the poster child of the soft boy aesthetic. He often adds feminine elements, like high-waisted trousers, painted nails, and pearl necklaces, into his fashion.

Timothée Chalamet also embodies the soft boy aesthetic, mainly due to his floppy hair. In the picture below, he wears a pair of pastel pants and a stack of bracelets.

The BTS members are known for their unique and diverse fashion sense, so they have worn many different outfits that could be considered “soft boy” styles. Here are a few examples:

  • Jin often wears oversized sweaters paired with comfortable pants and sneakers.
  • V is known for his love of oversized teddy bear coats and oversized sweaters.
  • Jimin often wears oversized sweaters and cardigans, paired with loose-fitting pants.
  • Jungkook is often seen wearing oversized hoodies.

Please keep in mind that the fashion style of the BTS members is influenced by the era or concept of their comeback and may not necessarily reflect their personal style.

How to achieve the soft boy aesthetic

If you’re keen on getting the soft boy aesthetic, I’ve decoded the look into six different aspects from head to toe. Here are a few things to consider when going for the soft boy persona.

Medium and/or long hair

The best way to achieve the “soft boy” hairstyle is by growing it out to at least medium length, then styling it with floppy curls or a shaggy cut like Harry Styles.

You could also trim the sides, and style your hair in a somewhat messy way, in a curtains style, or a tapered middle part. Some soft boys dye their hair bleach blonde.

It’s rare to see a soft boy with short hair, though.

If you have long hair, keeping it messy adds to the look. You could choose to slick it back, part it down the middle, or leave it loose and natural with a little bit of a tousled look.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time styling your hair. Let it loose as if you’ve just woken up in the morning and it will complement your soft boy persona perfectly.

Soft colors and pastels

The soft boy aesthetic often focuses on soft colors and pastels. Avoid dark colors or anything too vibrant because they will ruin the soft and gentle feel of the style.

Colors like lavender, powder blue, and pink are for this style. You could also experiment with faded and muted colors like cream, gray, or even off-white. 

Neutral colors in browns and earthy colors can also work great for this look. Whatever color you choose, make sure you go for colors that are soft and soothing to the eyes.

Choose looser-fitting outfits

When it comes to outfits, the soft boy aesthetic is all about being comfortable and soothing. It’s about being sensitive and gentle, taking care of oneself, and being in touch with one’s emotions.

Think about wearing loose and baggy pieces instead of slim-fitting clothes. Sweaters and cardigans with baggy pants or shorts are the perfect combinations for the soft boy aesthetic.

Loose shirts and sweaters are also a great option. They should be comfortable and oversized so they don’t hug the body too much. Think cozy and relaxed, not tight fitting.

Looser-fitting linen shirts are also a great choice.

Other pieces of clothing that define the soft boy persona include a denim overshirt, retro short sleeve, oversized sweatshirt, striped dress shirt, and corduroy jacket.

Many soft boy staples can be found at your local flea market or vintage store.

Avoid anything too structured or slim-fit clothing, especially something that shows your curves, because it will clash with the overall comfortable and cozy vibes of the soft boy aesthetic.

Stick to simple and delicate accessories

When it comes to accessories, keep it simple, not over the top. Thin necklaces, silver or gold rings, and a stack of bracelets work perfectly for achieving the soft boy aesthetic.

For jewelry, aim for things with soft gemstones like garnets, amethysts, or opal. Avoid anything that stands out and is too obvious and flashy as it will clash with the overall aesthetic.

Other pieces of accessories that define the soft boy persona include baseball caps, bucket hats, beanies, chain necklaces, gold rings, retro watches, and wire-rimmed glasses, 

You could also add a few small, subtle pairs of earrings. Keep your jewelry understated and subtle to help complete the overall soothing and mellow look of the soft boy aesthetic.

Chunky dad shoes and skate shoes

As far as shoes go, chunky dad shoes like the New Balance 990 and 993 work well. Alternatively, skate shoes like Converse and Vans are also great.

Neutral sneakers like the Nike Air Force 1s and the New Balance 550 are all acceptable, so long as you wear a white pair instead of a black pair.

It’s a great way to get in touch with the skater look.

Artistic and gentle hobbies

Many “soft boys” are men who enjoy artistic hobbies such as art, photography, music, poetry, and philosophy instead of the usual hobbies that traditional men like.

Gardening, baking, journaling, and reading are also common favorite pastimes among soft boys as they are gentle and mellow in nature, all of which are perfect for this aesthetic.

Instead of the basketball court, you’ll often find “soft boys” at concerts, libraries, museums, and trendy bars. Soft boys embrace a more gentle, non-threatening male identity.

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