5 Skechers That Look Like Vans (Comfier Options)

Vans shoes are popular but they’re infamous for causing blisters. Skechers, on the other hand, are known for making some of the most cushioned sneakers that are comfortable.

This is the reason why many people are looking for Skechers shoes that look like Vans. These Skechers Vans look-alikes are not only comfier but are also quite affordable.

1. Skechers x Star Wars The Menace (Men’s)

Vans (top) Skechers (bottom).

The first pair of Skechers that look like Vans is the Skechers x Star Wars The Menace, which looks identical to the Vans x Star Wars Slip-On.

Kudos to Skechers for striking a deal with Star Wars.

There are four designs to choose from: The black Darth Vader, The royal blue Luke Skywalker, The charcoal Star Wars logo, and the white Stormtrooper.

My favorite part of the shoes is the Luke Skywalker imprint on the heel of the insole.

The “Star Wars” logo graphics on the top part of the shoe are “black on black” so they’re not super apparent. You can walk around town without calling too much attention to yourself.

In terms of comfort, I would give these shoes five stars. I love these shoes.

I’ve always worn Vans and these Skechers are far more comfortable. They have an extra layer of “memory foam” which you can feel but isn’t as dense as I think it should be.

Out of the box, the foam is super soft but I feel it will wear out quickly. It’s comfortable now thanks to the thick top layer of fabric, about as thick as a brand-new pair of Vans slip-ons.

Vans are notorious for being tough and take a lot of time to break into. These Skechers, on the other hand, are much softer and take very little time to break into. 

2. Skechers Sudler SR (Unisex)

The Sudler SR work shoe is Skechers’ take on Vans’  “Made For The Makers” Old Skool UC shoe. Both are non-slip tough work shoes designed for tough jobs. 

Just like a pair of Vans, the Skechers Sudler SR has soft woven canvas fabric upper and slip-resistant outsoles. However, Skechers add Memory Foam insoles on the inside.

I think these Skechers are underrated. First, these are tested for Electrical Hazard (EH) – ASTM F2892-11, and second, they have slip-resistant traction outsole with oil resistance.

My friend who works at a restaurant loves these because they are comfortable, softer than Vans, stylish, and sturdy. The grip on these shoes makes you feel 100% secure.

Would I choose these Skechers over Vans? Absolutely. They offer everything that a pair of Vans work shoes have but take it to another level thanks to the Memory Foam insoles.

3. Skechers Sudler Dedham SR (Unisex)

Another great pair of Skechers that look like Vans is the Sudler Dedham SR.

Just like the Vans slip-on work shoes, these Skechers are slip-on style slip-resistant sneakers that have water and stain-resistant canvas upper and cushioned Memory Foam insoles.

I love these Skechers slip-on. I work in a VERY greasy kitchen where the floors are so slick it’s borderline dangerous. After 2 weeks of wearing them, I’ve had no problems whatsoever.

Greasy floors don’t stand a chance. I feel very securely gripped to the floor when wearing the Skechers Sudler Dedham SR and can walk in puddles I’ve seen my coworkers almost fall to.

However, keep in mind that these Skechers do not protect you from electricity.

In terms of comfort, I think these are amazing because they’re easy to slip on and off. They can be worn at many different occasions – anything from working shoes to athletic shoes.

I’ve been on the market for slip-on style travel/casual shoes that go well with jeans but protect me from slips. This sleek, comfortable pair of Skechers definitely fits the bill.

4. Skechers Poppy – Everyday Daisy (Women’s)

The Skechers Poppy – Everyday Daisy is a women’s pair of slip-on shoes equipped with soft woven canvas fabric upper and memory foam insoles that look like Vans slip-ons. 

I’ll start by saying that the whites aren’t white, but more of an off-white color compared to the rubber sides and bottom of the shoes. The blacks look similar to Vans. 

My girlfriend has been looking for these Skechers for over a year, and she managed to grab a pair from Amazon. They’re great if you wear them with no-show socks with grips on the heel.

Unlike Vans (which aren’t the most breathable), these Skechers are a breathable pair of shoes that go well with her entire wardrobe and provide great comfort at a great price. 

She loves these shoes and wears them almost every day, but they did take a while to break in. It was a tedious process full of blisters to take into account, but they are perfect now.

My girlfriend loves these Skechers because not only are they pleasant to wear, but they are also machine washable (as long as you use cold water and a gentle cycle).

5. Skechers Arcade 3 (Men’s)

While these Skechers don’t look exactly like Vans (because of the bulkier look), they share some resemblance due to the casual lace-up design and canvas upper.

In my opinion, these Skechers are perfect for casual wear. They are more neutral in color, more low-key, and have a lower heel profile than most running shoes.

The style is reminiscent of skate shoes from the 1990s, which look really great with jeans and a button-down. The cushioning is very good; not just on the insole but also at the ankle.

My only complaint with these shoes is the color options. I was only able to find two color options on Amazon (navy blue with white trim and charcoal with white trim).

I just wish there were more color choices for men.

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