7 Skechers That Look Like Nike Air Max (Cheaper)

Skechers became the number 2 footwear brand in 2015, but they have been accused of stealing Nike’s sneaker designs, particularly the Nike Air Max shoes.

Regardless, Skechers did a great job of marketing their sneakers and providing customers with comfortable footwear. Here are 7 Skechers that look like the Nike Air Max.

1. Skechers Skech-Air Supreme (Unisex)

Nike Air Max 2014 (top) Skechers Skech-Air Supreme (bottom).

The Skechers Skech-Air Supreme is a pair of sneakers designed to look like the Nike Air Max 2014. Nike’s price was listed at $180 while Skechers’ price was listed at $105.

Don’t get confused by the “Supreme” name on the Skechers shoe. It’s not a collaboration with the popular streetwear brand Supreme, rather it’s just a reference to the design.

What makes both shoes eerily similar is the midsoles. Both shoes are equipped with a full-length, blow-molded airbag. The midsoles are designed to give you a “bouncy” feeling.

However, it’s hard to find these sneakers these days. Since this pair of Skechers took inspiration from a Nike Air Max designed in 2014, you may have to search on eBay to obtain a pair.

2. Skechers Skech-Air Varsity (Men’s)

Nike Air Max 90 (top) Skechers Skech-Air Varsity (bottom).

The Air Max 90 is not only one of the tallest Nikes, but it’s also one of the most popular Nikes, which is why Skechers may have tried to emulate the design via the Skech-Air Varsity.

Both the Skechers Skech-Air Varsity and the Nike Air Max 90 are equipped with thick, wedge-shaped midsoles, making them comfortable pairs of retro runners. 

However, the big difference is the price. Nike retails these shoes at $130, while Skechers sells these shoes for just $80. The latter is an attractive option for those on a strict budget.

I didn’t actually buy a pair, but I managed to try the Skech-Air Varsity at Foot Locker.

To be honest, I was surprised at the level of comfort. Each pair has a newer type of memory foam insoles that wear better than Nikes in my opinion.

Considering the price is $50 cheaper than a pair of Nikes, I would consider these Skech Airs from Skechers if you’re looking for lightweight and cushioned budget sneakers.

Too bad Sketchers isn’t making too many Skech Air models now. I only managed to find the men’s version of the Skechers Skech Air-Varsity on Amazon.

3. Skechers Energy – After Burn (Men’s)

Nike Air Max 95 (top) Skechers Energy – After Burn (bottom).

Ever wonder what the Nike Air Max 95 would look like if it was designed as a trail runner and marketed towards the Air Monarch set? Skechers has your answer.

Introducing Skechers Energy – After Burn. It’s a pair of sporty athletic sneakers that feature smooth leather and mesh upper with cushioned insoles that look like Nike Air Max 95.

I like the fact that these Skechers add some height.

However, the best part about these Skechers is the price. While Nike sells the Air Max 95 at $160, Skechers sells the Energy – After Burn at a measly $58 price point.

I never owned a pair but I asked my friend (who is a father of 3 and does slow jogging regularly). He’s been wearing the Skechers After Burn shoes since 2010.

He said that the After Burn shoes have been the ONLY shoes he’s worn for running as well as workouts at the gym. The shoes promote good running form, speed, and endurance.

Are these Skechers the best-looking shoes? No. But they are durable. Expect to get 6 months out of a pair and that’s taking into account easily 15 to 30 miles of running per week.

These hold up well across diverse conditions too. My friend wore them on trails in conditions ranging from triple-digit heat waves to snow-covered conditions in sub-zero temperatures.

Kudos to Skechers. They managed to make a pair of shoes cheaper than Nikes but can weather harsh conditions and last longer. Simply put, it’s a great pair of shoes! 

4. Skechers Uno – Stand On Air (Unisex)

Skechers Uno – Stand On Air.

One of my favorite Skechers that look like Nike Air Max is the Uno – Stand On Air because it reminds me of the Nike Air Max 1, which is popular among celebrities and athletes.

The Nike Air Max 1 is quite expensive, retailing at $150. On the other hand, the Skechers Uno – Stand On Air retails for half the price at just $80. A steal if you ask me.

Skechers designed this shoe as a fashion sneaker. It has a smooth perforated synthetic upper with Air-Cooled Memory Foam® insoles and Skech-Air® visible air-cushioned midsoles.

I actually have the navy blue version of these Skechers shoes and I was surprised at how comfortable they are. I wear them for 10-12 hours with no fatigue.

The women’s version of the shoes on Amazon has more color options than the men’s. In fact, many women go for bright pink and neon green because it gives a vibrant pop.

Overall, the Skechers Uno – Stand On Air is a cheaper option than the Nike Air Max 1. While they’re not specifically made for running, they can be used for light workouts and walking.

It also looks like Jordans if you ask me.

5. Skechers Skech-Air Stratus (Unisex)

Nike Air Max 270 (top) Skechers Skech-Air Stratus (bottom).

Searching for a pair of Skechers that look like the ever-popular Nike Air Max 270? Look no further than the Skechers Skech-Air Stratus. The resemblance is uncanny.

Although Skechers have been accused of stealing the Air Max 270 design, the Skech-Air Stratus is actually a comfortable and supportive pair of sneakers.

A friend of mine who owns a pair said that he’d go for these Skechers over Nike any day. The first thing that he noticed was how his entire foot comfortably fit inside the sneaker.

Unlike Nikes, which are notorious for squeaking, walking with these shoes on for long periods of time had absolutely no squeak and even no real slip on a small amount of oil.

I think these are perfect for daily 3- to 5-mile walks. These have the cushioning that you’d need. And for something much cheaper than overrated Nikes, they’re worth it.

6. Skechers Skech-Air Extreme 2.0 (Women’s)

Similar to the Nike Air Max 180, the Skechers Skech-Air Extreme 2.0 is a pair of women’s shoes that manages to stand out with a minimalistic aesthetic.

Nike designed the sneakers to have a revolutionary 180-degree visible Air sole. Skechers did a similar thing, adding the Skech-Air® visible air-cushioned midsoles.

Some women say that these Skechers Skech-Air Extreme 2.0 shoes feel a little roomy in the heel, but overall, they’re a comfortable pair of shoes for casual wear.

I admit, these Skechers are quite expensive, although it’s less than $100, it has a simple, straightforward appearance, along with a lightweight design that wearers admire.

7. Skechers D’Lites (Women’s)

I’ve touched upon the fact that the Skechers After Burn shoes look like the Nike Air Max 95, but there’s another Skechers shoe that looks similar – Skechers D’Lites.

The Nike Air Max 95 is still one of the chunkiest sneakers in the Air Max line to date but features like the rib-like structured lacing and the mesh upper (original colorway).

The Skechers D’Lites is no different, boasting chunky midsoles with about 1.25 inches of heel height. Don’t be fooled though, as these sneakers are super comfortable.

A quick look at Skecher’s website and you’ll notice plenty of women saying that these are good to stand on, even for 8 hours a day. They’re well-cushioned and take no time to break in.

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