6 Skechers That Look Like Doc Martens (Comfier)

Doc Martens are notorious for hurting the top of the foot and the back of the ankles. Skechers, on the other hand, make some of the world’s most cushioned sneakers.

So, are there Skechers boots that actually look like Doc Martens? Definitely. Here are some of the best Dr. Martens boots look-alikes from Skechers that are way comfier.

1. Skechers Pettus (Men’s)

If you’re a footwear fanatic like I am, you’ll probably know that the 1460 smooth leather lace-up boots are the original Dr. Martens boots. The signature model, if you will.

Its instantly recognizable DNA looks like this: 8 eyes, classic Dr. Martens smooth leather, grooved sides, heel-loops, yellow stitching, and comfortable, air-cushioned soles.

The closest thing I can find from Skechers is the Pettus boot, which looks very similar to a Doc Martens boot because of the full-grain leather upper and the lace-up utility boot design.

Like Dr. Martens, these Skechers are also equipped with durable Goodyear® Welt midsoles, but have the Skechers Memory Foam™ insoles, making these boots far more comfortable.

However, these Skechers Pettus boots help protect you from accidental contact with electrical charges, something that Dr. Martens 1460 doesn’t do.

Skechers Pettus boots.

To be honest, these Skechers might be better than Doc Martens. They fit perfectly out-of-the-box and I wore them continuously for 4 full days with no discomfort whatsoever.

In fact, these are as light and comfortable as you are likely to find anywhere. Compared to a pair of Dr. Martens boots, which are notorious for being heavy, these Skechers fit like a dream.

I particularly like how they seem to repel water.

Whenever I walk on grass early in the mornings, it’s hard not to get my feet wet from the dew. These boots, however, get wet but none of the water enters my boots, keeping my feet dry.

I specifically bought these Skechers boots based on my past experience with how light their sneakers are, and these boots are just as “airy” and comfortable as their sneakers.

My only complaint is that there is only one color option to choose from (brown). I would’ve loved to see other classic colors like black and dark brown, both of which I’d buy without hesitation.

2. Skechers Teen Rider (Women’s)

When it comes to women’s boots, the Skechers that look like Doc Martens the most is definitely the Teen Rider. It has two color options, black and dark brown.

Similar to a pair of Doc Martens, the Skechers Teen Rider is made of genuine leather upper but is equipped with Skechers Memory Foam™ cushioned comfort insoles.

I think the insoles are what makes these Skechers better than Doc Martens.

A friend of mine said she loves these boots because they’re incredibly lightweight for how chunky they are. And the best part is, the insoles are very cushioned.

She wears them with everything from jeans to funky skirts and dresses.

Skechers Teen Rider.

Another small difference I’ve noticed is that the Skechers Teen Rider features a seven-eye lace-up design, while the Dr. Martens boots have an eight-eye lace-up design.

It’s not something important that will make or break the comfort level, it just means the Doc Martens boots have a slightly taller pair of shafts.

In terms of value, I’d go for these Skechers over the Doc Martens because of the price. The Skechers retails for $115 while Doc Martens retails for $170.

You can get the Teen Rider at a cheaper price on Amazon.

If you’re planning to buy these boots, keep in mind that they have smooth fabric lining (made of polyester) on the inside. They’re comfortable but won’t keep you warm during winter.

3. Skechers Kadmiel – Bennot (Men’s)

Another pair of Skechers boots that look like Doc Martens is the Kadmiel – Bennot.

This pair of lace-up work boots feature a leather upper with a synthetic padded collar, cushioned Air-Cooled Memory Foam® insoles, and durable Goodyear welt midsoles.

Although these Skechers don’t have slip-resistant outsoles, they do protect you from dangerous electrical hazards, something that the classic Dr. Martens boots don’t.

As long as you wear these for casual wear or in workplaces where you don’t need non-slip boots, these Skechers boots are fantastic because of the cushioned insoles.

Compared to a pair of Doc Martens, which are infamous for being tough in the beginning, the Skechers Kadmiel – Bennot are easy on your feet, even when brand new out of the box.

In terms of fit, I’ve noticed that most customers say these boots fit true to size.

If you can, go to a Skechers store to try these on. If they feel large, you may want to try a half-size smaller. These boots are usually meant to be worn with thicker work-style socks after all.

4. Skechers Roadies – Miss Military (Women’s)

Other Skechers that look like Doc Martens for women are the Roadies – Miss Military boots. Both share a similar profile but Skechers’ version has four unique colors to choose from.

I think the color options stand out for women. The rose color is unique in my opinion because it’s rare to find a soft pink pair of boots that look like Doc Martens. 

Other colors like olive green and white (with a touch of neon green) are both charming too, while black is pretty standard. If you do have the chance, check out the different colors.

While the name has “military” on it, these are practically fashion boots, not something you’d want to wear on a long day of hiking, especially on rugged terrain.

That said, I think the Memory Foam cushioned comfort insoles are what makes these Skechers far more comfortable and pleasant to wear than a pair of tough Dr. Martens boots.

5. Skechers Blaine Orsen (Men’s)

The Blaine Orsen ankle boots are Skechers’ take on Dr. Martens’ Chelsea boots, which feature 100% leather upper, rubber soles, and dual pull tabs for easy on and off.

I never owned these boots but I asked my friend who owns a pair of these Skechers Blaine Orsen boots. He has a homestead, so he spends 8 to 11 hours a day in these boots.

For someone with wide feet, he mentioned that these Skechers fit him perfectly. The boots are a great fit for him and feel very comfortable even during long hours of work.

In terms of safety, the boots are puncture-resistant. He stepped on several boards with exposed nails, and the outsoles protected him because nothing penetrated.

While I wouldn’t recommend you go tap dancing on nails sticking out, you can be sure that these Skechers will protect you from workplaces that need extra protection for your feet.

Skechers Blaine Orsen boots.

However, keep in mind that these aren’t steel-toe boots.

As far as traction goes, my friend was able to climb ladders and walked on a slanted metal roof and never felt unstable. He did not slip or lose traction while walking.

Overall, these Skechers are sturdy and well-made. Your feet wouldn’t get tired or sore even after long hours standing, and they would be protected from dangerous nails.

Because they look like Doc Martens, you could easily wear these Skechers on a casual day out around town after work. Maybe grab a cold one with your friends at the bar.

6. Skechers Combat Boots (Women’s)

In terms of looks, I’d say the Skechers Combat Boots is the pair that looks the most similar to Doc Martens boots, including the 8 pairs of eyelets at the top.

One quick look at the boots and you’ll notice the steel toe. They’re actually just faux steel toe details that don’t actually protect your feet from heavy objects, so keep that in mind.

The steel toe design is not metal. It’s just plastic that gets dinked up easily and loses its shine quickly. They’re a nice touch, but I personally don’t like it.

As far as comfort goes, these boots aren’t the best (compared to other Skechers on this list), which is why I put them last. However, these Skechers remind me a lot of Dr. Martens boots.

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