8 Best Skechers That Look Like Crocs (Comfier)

If you’re looking for clogs with supportive cushioning, here are some of the best Skechers that look like Crocs but are far more comfortable. There are options for both men and women.

1. Skechers Arch Fit – Valiant (Men’s)

The best Skechers that look like Crocs for men is the Arch Fit – Valiant. These are even better than Crocs thanks to the arch fit feature, which promotes a high arch for all-day comfort.

It’s not just a regular pair of clogs. These Skechers clogs have a podiatrist-designed shape developed with 20 years of data and 120,000 unweighted foot scans.

In fact, the patented Skechers Arch Fit® insole system has podiatrist-certified arch support. These are perfect for anyone, especially those who have flat feet.

I bought these because of the arch fit feature. Yes, the arch is high but it’s just what I need and it’s quite soft so the arch height is not an issue for me.

I’ve been wearing Crocs for years but they just don’t have any arch support and got slippery when wet after the soles got worn some, so I went searching and found these.

Slipping is not a problem so far as these Skechers Valiant have a great grip even when wet. Let’s hope it continues when the soles get some wear on them.

Extremely comfortable for me and will order them again eventually.

2. Skechers Foamies Arch Fit Footsteps – Pure Joy (Women’s)

The best Skechers that look like Crocs for women is the Foamies Arch Fit Footsteps – Pure Joy. This particular pair has podiatrist-certified arch support for all-day comfort.

I bought these for my mom after her Crocs wore out. Her feet have become a little bit more sensitive to the “massage bumps” found on the inside of Crocs.

After some research, I discovered these clogs by Skechers. She was pleasantly surprised to discover how comfortable and good-looking these were.

So much so, she’s actually worn them outside the home even on long, brisk walks, whereas before, her other pair of clogs from Crocs, were strictly for the house. 

For all the women out there, these could be the most comfortable shoes you’ll own. Many women love how lightweight they are, yet very durable.

3. Skechers Foamies GOwalk 5 – Astonished (Men’s)

The GOwalk 5 Astonished is a pair of men’s clogs made by Skechers that look like Crocs, but are equipped with a crazy amount of cushioning (ULTRA GO® cushioned midsoles).

I always buy Crocs for me and my boys every summer because they’re easy to put on and take off. However, I decided to buy these Skechers Foamies last summer (because of rewards).

However, I LOVED these Foamies. Not only are they softer than Crocs, but I think they have a better, more sleek design. I wore them for a cruise trip and many people praised my sandals.

It’s basically like a pair of shoes (what I would prefer my kids to wear) but still very comfortable and stylish (what my kids like). I like the colors too – not too bright or cringy.

Gray and orange look very nice and can be worn for dinner or summer lake. This is my second pair of these. I always wear them at home and the first pair lasted more than 2 years.

4. Skechers GOwalk 5 – Dog Lover (Women’s)

The GOwalk 5 Dog Lover is a pair of women’s clogs made by Skechers that look like Crocs, but are equipped with a mad amount of cushioning thanks to the ULTRA GO® cushioned midsoles.

A got a pair for my girlfriend who’s looking for something cute to wear. She said that these are great casual shoes, around the house, around the garden, and around town!

She likes the option to wear the ankle straps if she’s outdoors on the damp grass or during long walks, but mainly she wears them on top of the shoes.

Fortunately, wearing the straps at the front does not take away from the look of the shoes, and there is no problem keeping both of your feet inside the shoes without the straps. 

Overall, these Skechers look like Crocs but could be far more comfortable. Oh, and did I mention cute? The cartoon dog print is unique and artsy, which is why women love them.

5. Skechers Foamies Arch Fit Footsteps – Pixie Dust (Women’s)

There’s no denying the resemblance between the Skechers Foamies and the Classic Crocs. The Pixie Dust edition is for women who love the glittery design of their footwear.

Many women love these shoes. The vibrant, changing colors are what drew a lot of women to buy a pair, but I bet you’ll be surprised by the comfort when you first wear them.

It also doesn’t hurt that these Skechers are more affordable than Crocs.

Unlike the standard Crocs, these Skechers have a perpetual high gloss finish to them. I think that really accentuates the stylish element to them.

You’ll notice these Skechers would feel tight and stiff in the beginning, but after wearing them for several hours and several days, they will loosen up and feel much more pleasant to wear.

6. Skechers Creston Ultra – Havana (Men’s)

Crocs usually have back straps that secure your heels. The Skechers Creston Ultra – Havana, however, are clogs for men that do not have back straps for easy on-and-off slides.

A lot of men love these comfortable and versatile water-friendly slides because of how easy they are to wear. They literally take no time at all to wear and slide instantly.

My friend bought a pair of these for her husband who is always looking for shoes that he doesn’t have to take the time to tie. He finds these very comfortable.

Moreover, he thinks that the sole will be far more durable than his well-worked Skecher loafers. A big reason why is due to the sculpted, flexible EVA foam material.

My recommendation is that if you want to wear these Skechers with anything more than a pair of lightweight socks, you may want to size up; it seems like they’re made to wear barefoot.

If your doctor told you to get a pair of backless shoes, for example, these Havana clogs from Skechers would be the perfect footwear for a casual day out on the beach.

7. Skechers Foamies Arch Fit – Cali Breeze 2.0 (Women’s)

The Skechers Cali Breeze 2.0 is a pair of women’s sandals that are made to look like Crocs classic two-strap sandals and Birkenstock’s EVA adjustable buckle two-strap sandals. 

A friend of mine who lives in Florida participates in a lot of water sports. She said she loves Crocs but considers them ugly. She loves Birkenstock’s sandals but thinks they’re too narrow.

That’s when she told me about the Skechers Cali Breeze 2.0. She said these sandals combine the best of both brands. They look like Birkenstocks but feel like Crocs!

Many women seem to say that these are comfortable and lightweight, which is great for around the house/yard or wearing around town for the day! Water is no problem for these as well.

The color selection I’ve found on Amazon is great too. You should be able to choose between black, coral, dark taupe, and lime. Get a pair before the stock runs out.

8. Skechers Foamies Arch Fit – Mystic Muse (Men’s)

Out of all the Skechers that look like Crocs, the Mystic Muse is my least favorite. I don’t particularly like marble print designs, which makes them look cheap.

I will say, however, that these Skechers compete with the comfort of Crocs. Some men even find these to be much better than other Crocs in terms of fit and comfort.

These Skechers clogs have thicker soles than Crocs and provide good arch support, especially for those who have flat feet. I tried walking on a gravel driveway and I couldn’t notice the gravel. 

If you’re keen on the marble design, you should consider these Skechers. There are three color options to choose from on Amazon. The arch level is high which might be what you need.

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