Best Skechers That Look Like Converse (Comfier)

Converse Chuck Taylors are stylish but they’re known for causing blisters. Skechers, on the other hand, are popular for selling some of the thickest sneakers that are pleasant to wear.

This is the reason why many people are looking for Skechers shoes that look like Converse. These Skechers Converse look-alikes are not only comfier but are also not expensive.

1. Skechers Roadies – True Roots (Women’s)

Just like a pair of Converse sneakers, the Skechers Roadies – True Roots is a pair of lace-up sneakers made with a soft canvas upper but has thick Memory Foam™ comfort insoles.

These Skechers look like a pair of Chuck Taylors, which means they are versatile to wear with either jeans or skirts. Moreover, she said they feel absolutely amazing on her feet.

The insoles are far more plush and thicker than Converse.

My girlfriend was given these for Christmas, and she absolutely LOVES them. She literally wore them every day and she didn’t wear boots until it was warm enough to wear sandals.

They have great arch support, a wide toe box, and fit snugly around the heel. The lug sole has a great grip on everything except sheer ice, and they’re plenty warm so long as you stay dry.

There’s only one thing – these can’t be thrown in the washer like most Skechers sneakers. They’re spot-clean only. But that’s not enough of an issue to deduct a star.

As far as colors go, you’ll have 5 to choose from black, red, white, navy blue, and black on black. I think these colors are neutral and can be easily matched with any outfit. 

2. Skechers Arcade 3 (Men’s)

Another pair of Skechers that look like Converse Chuck Taylors is the Arcade 3. It’s a pair of lace-up sneakers with a canvas upper and Air-Cooled Memory Foam cushioned insoles.

These Skechers are for men.

Almost 8 years ago, I bought the original version of these at a Skechers store. I didn’t know the name (model) back then; I just tried them on and loved them.

I literally wore them out and kept gluing the soles back on because I loved them so much but I could never find them anywhere until I saw them available on Amazon.

Immediately, I got both colors (navy blue with white trim and charcoal with white trim) and remembered why I fell in love with them. They’re so plush and cushioned.

While they share some resemblance to Converse sneakers, these Skechers are worlds apart in terms of comfort because of the memory foam insoles – my feet are in heaven.

I consider these as one of my favorite models of all time from Skechers because they are perfect for casual wear, meaning they go well with jeans, shorts, and joggers.

While Converse takes some time to break into, these Skechers feel comfortable out of the box. I recently had a few days in Thailand walking 50k steps and my feet were never in pain.

3. Skechers Gibson – Hardwood (Women’s)

The Skechers Gibson – Hardwood is a pair of women’s work shoes that look like Converse Chuck Taylor, but have more features that protect your feet in the workplace. 

In terms of durability, these Skechers are far superior to Converse.

Most work shoes have leather toes that wear out quickly and easily, especially if one has to get down on their knees frequently and rest on their toes.

These, however, have a completely rubberized toe that will not wear as easily as many of the other workplace shoes. In fact, after a few weeks, the toe area is showing no signs of wear. 

I’d say if you work in a workplace where you need non-slip shoes, these Skechers are better than Converse because they’re safe from electrical hazards and oil slippage.

Are these Skechers the most attractive? Not a chance. But if you need shoes to protect your feet and provide support during work where you need to stand all day, these are amazing.

4. Skechers Diamond Starz – Wear-Ever (Women’s)

The Skechers Diamond Starz is designed to look like a pair of Converse sneakers, especially because of the huge star decorating the upper portion of the shoe.

It’s basically a slip-on pair of fashion-style sneakers that feature a leather and synthetic upper. Unlike a pair of Chucks, however, these Skechers have a faux-fur trim and a hidden wedge fit.

Many people wear Converse sneakers during summer and the warmer seasons, but these Skechers are furry-lined all the way so they’re perfect during fall going into winter.

I like the combination of the vintage style and the slip-on style, which does not require lacing so they’re easy to step into and go. They’re like sandals but look like sneakers.

Both the black and white colors are versatile and go with any outfit.

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