Skater Aesthetic Outfits – Ultimate Fashion Guide

Skateboarding proved to be more of a culture and lifestyle than just a sport with a specific dress code. In fact, even if you’re not a skater, you can adopt the skater aesthetic.

But what is the skater aesthetic? In this article, I’m going to break down the skater aesthetic and teach you how you can achieve the skater persona, whether you’re a man or a woman.

What is a skater aesthetic?

The “skater aesthetic” is a fashion style that originated from skateboarders in the 1990s. This particular fashion style emphasizes individuality and self-expression.

It’s characterized by practical, loose, comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement and offers some protection. The style is casual and carefree, with an anti-establishment element.

The aesthetic is unisex and centered around skateboards, graffiti, fisheye lenses, and jeans, and typically consists of monotone muted colors or band tee shirts.

Brands that represent the “skater aesthetic” include Vans, Thrasher, Santa Cruz, HUF, Element, DC, and Palace, all of which are popular among the skateboarding and streetwear community.

Popular celebrities that represent the skater’s aesthetic

The ultimate male role model for the skater aesthetic has got to be Tony Hawk, the legendary skateboarder. For females, look no further than Avril Lavigne, the original “skater girl”.

Other popular “skater boys” include Nyjah Huston, the highest-paid professional skater (in action) today, with a net worth of $12 million, and Pedro Barros, a pro skater from Brazil.

Justin Bieber sometimes also dons the skater-boy persona.

Don’t forget about Lizzie Armanto. She’s an American-Finnish pro skater that embodies the skater girl persona, as well as Leticia Bufoni, a pro skater from Brazil.

These celebrities are often seen wearing skate-inspired clothing and accessories, such as oversized graphic tees, baggy pants, and Vans sneakers.

How to achieve the skater aesthetic

The aesthetic is based on the clothes worn by skaters and the way they skate, and it communicates a young and untamed feel through its unconventional look and feels.

Think oversized tees, baggy jeans, beanies, and skate shoes. If you have a hard time imagining the skater-boy persona, let’s break down how you can achieve the look.

Vintage tees and comfortable hoodies

For tops, the men who adopt the skater aesthetic wear vintage tees and comfortable hoodies, which is the best part about this persona because it’s stylish yet low-effort.

However, you should go for a more oversized fit rather than a slim fit. Whether you go for graphic-printed or blank tees, the overall fit should be loose and comfortable (not tight).

Distressed jeans, chinos, and cargo pants

For bottoms, you’re either working with jeans or chinos, often distressed jeans. However, a modern twist to the skater aesthetic is incorporating cargo pants into the outfit.

You can also incorporate casual shorts for a relaxed fit. One important caveat, however, is that the skater aesthetic is not about wearing slim-fit and super-tight pants.

Instead of making your legs look like cigarettes, go for a relaxed, more “drapey” pair of pants that adds to the overall carefree attitude of the skater aesthetic.

Carhartt cargo pants are perfect for this look.

The bigger leg opening will fall nicely over the sneakers for a more relaxed look. Speaking of sneakers, let’s talk about the footwear of the skated boy persona.

Classic skate sneakers

For shoes, it’s quite obvious. Just wear your favorite pair of skate shoes. 

Skateboarding shoes look similar to sneakers, with the exception that they are made to absorb the jump shocks, and are durable enough to handle the abrasion caused by the grip.

There’s a lot to work with here but you’re going to be in the “lightweight sneaker” realm, although Vans are always inside the hearts of most skater boys.

However, you don’t have to stick to the stereotypical skate brands. There are plenty of skate shoes resembling Vans from popular brands like Adidas and Nike.

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