Shoes That Make You Taller (Ranked By Height)

Let’s face it. Many short guys, including myself, want to look taller. One way to add height without much effort is to wear shoes that actually make you taller.

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. For the vertically-challenged individuals out there, here are the best shoes and sneakers that make you taller, ranked by height.

Tallest shoes and sneakers

Shoes that make you taller come in all shapes and sizes. This “tallest shoes list” combines regular shoes and sneakers (that have more height than most) with elevator shoes. 

Elevator shoes are shoes that have thickened sections of the insoles (known as shoe lifts) under the heels to make the wearer appear taller, or “elevate” them as the name suggests.

Height-increasing shoes look like ordinary shoes from the outside, but they add several inches to your height directly and invisibly. They are also made to be comfortable as you wear them.

I consider myself short (I’m 5’7” maybe 5’75” on a good day) and I like to experiment with many different kinds of height-increasing shoes. Here are the best shoes that make you taller:

10. Adidas Ultraboost (1.26 inches)

The Adidas Ultraboost has a sole height of about 1.68 inches (4.26 cm) near the heel, but will actually make you approximately 1.26 inches taller (3.2 cm) brand new out of the box.

Though the height increase may not seem like much, the Adidas Ultraboost is actually the tallest Adidas shoe at the moment. After all, the brand focuses on performance, not increasing height.

In terms of comfort, almost all iterations of the Adidas Ultraboost running shoes offer a responsive feel combined with a heavenly sensation of cushioning.

If you’re a runner, the Ultraboost is a great shoe for easy miles, long runs, the tired legs of frequent runners, or someone who feels that their form is quite ‘heavy’.

You can also wear them for daily activities, not just for running. In fact, the Adidas Ultraboost is some of the most comfortable sneakers ever made. It also makes you taller too.

9. Nike Air Max 720 (1.6 inches)

The Nike Air Max 720 has a sole height of about 2.13 inches (5.4 cm) near the heel, but will actually make you approximately 1.6 inches taller (4.1 cm) brand new out of the box.

Out of all the Air Max shoes, the 720 is currently Nike’s shoe with the tallest Air Max Unit. In fact, it is currently the tallest Nike shoe, even taller than the bulkier Air Force One. 

With a 2.13-inch heel height, these shoes are perfect for you if you are looking for an instant height booster, while still looking fashionable because they come in many colors.

It felt awkward, yet pleasant when I first tried the Nike Air Max 720. Unlike other sneakers, these Nikes felt like I was walking on a huge bubble while a pair of my feet were touching the ground.

Many people said that walking on these Nikes takes a little bit of a learning curve due to Nike’s unique cushioning technology, and especially the substantial height increase. 

I honestly enjoyed wearing the Nike Air Max 720 for the first few hours, but after about 4 hours of casual walking and strolling, my feet started to feel sore around my toe area.

Also, while the Nike Air Max 720 are very comfortable shoes, in the beginning, they have a very limited life span and are not ideal to wear as your daily trainers.

The soles are very easy to penetrate with a sharp object, and once one of the bubbles is popped the pair is pretty much useless. I think that is a missed opportunity.

The Nike Air Max 720 is one of the best shoes that make you taller, but it is designed for looks over practicality. If the soles are made from a more robust material then it would be perfect.

8. New Balance 574+ (2.1 inches)

The New Balance 574+ has a sole height of about 2.8 inches (7.1 cm) near the heel, but will actually make you approximately 2.1 inches taller (5.3 cm) brand new out of the box.

Everyone who knows New Balance knows the 574. It’s iconic. The 574+ is basically the over-exaggerated version of the New Balance 574 sneakers.

Because the 574s pair particularly with many outfits, you can actually pair the 574+ with virtually anything including jeans, sweatshirts, tee shirts, and even semi-formal blazers. 

Out of all the New Balance shoes, the 574+ is actually the tallest of them all. The closest competitor, which is the New Balance CT302 will only make you 1.5 inches taller.

Overall, the New Balance 574+ is an effortless way to look taller. It’s a unisex pair of sneakers that is not only fashionable but adds a substantial amount of height to boost your confidence.

7. Conzuri Cloud Runners V2 (2.4 inches)

The Conzuri Cloud Runners V2 will make you 2.4 inches (6 cm) taller.

Out of all the sneakers that add height from Conzuri’s collection, the Cloud Runners V2 is the most popular, gathering hundreds of positive reviews from their official website.

Most shoes with height lifts are for dress shoes or boots. The Cloud Runners, on the other hand, were specifically designed to work with everything from urban fits to professional attire. 

The design reminds me of the Adidas Ultraboost, although the Cloud Runners are available in six different colors. Gray is my favorite but black and white are both sleek too.

I think Conzuri as a brand did a good job of marketing these sneakers. Their goal is to ensure you feel confident when wearing their height-boosting sneakers.

Therefore, each Conzuri elevation shoe is designed with minimalistic branding to avoid labeling. Nobody can “search the brand” of the shoes you’re wearing so you’ll never get caught.

So, whether you’re heading to a party, a job interview, or just relaxing with friends, these height-increasing sneakers for men are the perfect pair to match any occasion.

6. CALTO Ultra Lightweight Sporty Sneakers (2.4 inches)

The CALTO Ultra Lightweight Sporty Sneakers will make you 2.4 inches (6 cm) taller.

At first, I was not convinced by the description, but I decided to order 2 colors anyway (black and white) so I can return one. After trying them out, I’m keeping them both,

Who would’ve thought that a few inches would make a difference, but it does.

I feel so much more confident wearing these height-increasing sneakers. My favorite things about the shoes are the style, the comfort, and the discreteness built into the shoes. 

In terms of design, these are basically slip-on shoes. The shoe laces are just for decoration. Although they lack support for the ankles, the materials are amazing and breathable.

It takes some time to get used to walking, especially walking on a slope, but all in all, these are amazing height-increasing sneakers. They are true to size. 

For the price and the quality. I am very happy.

5. CALTO Elevator Sporty Sneakers (2.6 inches)

The CALTO Elevator Sporty Sneakers will make you 2.6 inches (6.6 cm) taller.

These sneakers have a heel height of 1 inch and a shaft height of 5 inches. These measurements do not reflect the elevation but contribute to part of the height increase. 

Because these shoes are basically low-top sneakers, the height addition is more discreet than the typical elevator shoes. No one will notice that you are wearing height-increasing shoes.

In terms of design, these sneakers resemble Skechers walking shoes (which are not too shabby). These are basically ultra-lightweight sneakers with a breathable knit upper.

I’m 5’7” and these sneakers pushed me up to 5’9”. Some people have written that these are uncomfortable but I disagree. I find them as comfortable as most sneakers, if not better.

When I started wearing these sneakers, my friends who were taller than me would ask: “Did you grow?” And I would say “You bet!” It gave me a huge boost of confidence.

Not only are these CALTO sneakers sleek, but you can feel the height difference. You will stand next to people who are usually much taller than you and suddenly be the same height as them.

4. Guidomaggi Elevator Shoes

On average, Guidomaggi Elevator Shoes add between 2.6 inches and 3.15 inches of height. However, they do have one pair of boots that adds a whipping 6 inches.

Browse the Guidomaggi store

The creator of the brand, Emanuele Briganti, is a long-time menswear enthusiast and is listed at 5′9″ so knows what it’s like to have the shorter end of the stick.

He realized that most elevator shoes were mass-produced in Asia, so he decided to create top-of-the-line shoes that make you taller, made with the best materials.

Guidomaggi carries all kinds of shoes, from dress shoes and loafers to boots and sneakers. They’re not cheap, but they are definitely the best in class in terms of quality and materials.

3. CHAMARIPA Men’s Oxford Elevator Shoes (3.15 inches)

The CHAMARIPA Oxford Elevator Shoes add 3.15 inches (8 cm) to your height.

For days when you need to go to a formal event, you need elevator dress shoes. A solid option to consider is the CHAMARIPA oxford shoes that make you taller.

I’m 5’7” and my girlfriend is also 5’7”. I wore these shoes with a black tuxedo to a wedding and nobody noticed the hidden platform, even though I’ve been wearing them for 14 hours.

These Oxfords are supremely comfortable and pleasant to wear. In fact, I didn’t have any problem dancing during the reception even though I was 3 inches taller. I fully recommend them.

Not only do I look dapper during the event, but the solid height increase gave me a huge boost of confidence to smile and interact with all of my friends, and I think you’ll like them too!

Without a doubt, the CHAMARIPA Oxford Elevator Shoes are some of the best shoes that make you taller, especially if you need to dress to impress at a formal event or important date.

Just remember, if it’s your first time wearing elevator shoes, especially height-increasing dress shoes, you may need 3 to 5 days to get used to them. Practice at home before wearing them.

2. CALTO Elevator Fashion Sneakers (3.8 inches)

The CALTO Elevator Fashion Sneakers will make you 3.8 inches (9.65 cm) taller.

I would like to start by saying that these sneakers look great. I’m 5’7” and these sneakers pushed me up to 5’10”. It gave me quite a confidence boost as far as height is concerned.

These sneakers have a heel height of 1 inch and a shaft height of 6 inches. These measurements do not reflect the elevation but contribute to part of the height increase. 

In terms of design, I like the fact that these sneakers resemble a pair of Puma high tops. Of course, sneakers with a lower heel height will be more discrete, but these are alright.

You can choose between 4 color options: black with a white stripe, white on white, white with a black stripe, and white with a red stripe. All 4 colors are neutral and go well with different outfits.

Compared to other types of elevator shoes, which are often clunky and unpleasant, these sneakers are extremely comfortable considering they are high-top sneakers.

In fact, I was able to wear them for more than 4 hours while standing on my feet with some light dancing. That just goes to show that these CALTO elevator sneakers are worth the money.

1. Calden Men’s Elevator Leather Military Boots (5.2 inches)

The Calden Elevator Military Boots add 5.2 inches (13.2 cm) to your height.

If you want to take yourself to new heights, then buy the Calden Elevator Military Boots. These boots are made only for the special purpose of increasing your height by a whopping 5 inches.

Will these boots make you taller? Yes. Will you be able to wear these boots and be comfortable throughout the day? Absolutely not. These shoes really, really hurt your feet.

I only recommend you wear these for half an hour at a time.

And please do not wear skinny jeans or shorts with these boots. You MUST wear long pants otherwise it will be pretty obvious you are wearing some sketchy height-increasing boots.

In terms of fit, these boots run a bit small. I ordered a 9 but they seemed to be closer to an 8.5 or maybe an 8 (which is the size I normally wear), but I was going for a solid 9 on these.

Overall, these boots are only worth it if you have to be taller for something, like a photo shoot or presentation, where you will be standing next to a very tall person.

I wore them for a photo shoot with a friend, which turned out to be fine with these boots, but I couldn’t imagine wearing them on a regular basis.

Otherwise, these boots seem to be well-made and of good quality. But please do not buy these boots and think they are good for everyday use, because they simply are not.