Top 11 Shoes Like Nike Roshe (Better Alternatives)

Thanks to its simple design and undeniable comfort, the Nike Roshe quickly developed a devoted following ever since its introduction in 2012.

However, since the sneakers have declined in popularity, here are some of the best alternatives that look like the Nike Roshe shoes to consider:

  1. Nike Tanjun
  2. Nike Revolution 5
  3. Adidas Cloudfoam Lite Racer
  4. Adidas Lite Racer CLN
  5. Adidas Pureboost
  6. New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz
  7. New Balance 247S
  8. Reebok Lite 2.0
  9. Puma Uprise Mesh
  10. Skechers GOrun Fast – Valor
  11. YDB Running Shoes

In this post, we will share with you similar Nike Roshe look-alikes that don’t break the bank. We will also show you the prices of all of the sneakers to help you choose the right one.

Top 11 Shoes Like Nike Roshe (Look-Alikes)

Since 2019, the reputation of the Nike Roshe shoes has trended down in the wrong direction. Many people feel like the sneakers aren’t “cool enough”.

But this wasn’t always the case for the Nike Roshe.

When the original Nike Roshe One was released in 2012, the shoes introduced the world to this zen philosophy in footwear design.

Embodying calm comfort thanks to their simple mesh and phylon construction, the Nike Roshe One shoes provided support without any gimmicks and unnecessary technology.

The shoes led the minimalist movement in the footwear industry and were a stepping stone for a lot of people who today fancy themselves “sneakerheads.”

And the best part is the Nike Roshe shoe retail for only $70.

Nike Roshe One, also known as Nike Roshe Run (browse colors on Amazon)

Unfortunately, with innovation taking place and newer sneakers hitting the market, the popularity of the Nike Roshe shoes has significantly dwindled down.

Today, the Roshes are still available on Nike’s website, but Matt Powell, the senior industry advisor for sports for the NPD Group, says sales of the shoes have dropped substantially.

Over the years, however, many brands have adopted similar designs into their sneakers. So if you are still a fan of the shoes, here are 11 similar alternatives to the Nike Roshe:

1. Nike Tanjun

Out of all the sneakers in Nike’s vast collection, the shoe model that looks the most like the Nike Roshe is the Nike Tanjun, which is also very affordable.

Nike Tanjun (browse colors on Amazon)

“Tanjun” means “simplicity” in Japanese, and the Nike Tanjun shoes are simple at their best. The shoes offer a modern look with a convenient and comfortable design.

Much like the Nike Roshe shoes, the Nike Tanjun shoes are equipped with sleek uppers made of mesh and synthetic materials that are lightweight and breathable.

Both the midsoles are durable enough to serve as the outsoles. In fact, it is this injected unit sole design that provides the shoes with ultra-lightweight cushioning.

Not only do the shoes look clean and simple, but they retail for only $65, which is very cheap considering that the shoes provide great comfort and breathability.

2. Nike Revolution 5

Another shoe model from Nike that resembles the Roshe is the Nike Revolution 5. The shoes can serve as casual sneakers or recreational running shoes.

Nike Revolution 5 (browse colors on Amazon)

Like the Nike Roshe shoes, the Nike Revolution 5 shoes cushion your stride with soft foam to keep you walking or running comfortably at a casual pace.

Lightweight knit material wraps your foot inside and promotes cool airflow at the same time, making the shoes ideal to wear as your daily trainers.

A slight difference from the Nike Roshe shoes, however, is that the Nike Revolution 5 shoes’ shafts measure approximately lower than the ankles.

The Nike Revolution 5 shoes are very affordable too, retailing for only $65, which is a bargain considering that the shoes are both lightweight and comfortable. 

3. Adidas Cloudfoam Lite Racer

As one of Nike’s greatest competitors, the Adidas brand should have several shoes similar to the Roshes. The Adidas shoes that resemble the Roshes are the Cloudfoam Lite Racer.

Adidas Cloudfoam Lite Racer (browse colors on Amazon)

The Lite Racer from the Adidas collection consists of shoes that are meant to be comfortable and modern, offering runner-style sneakers for the streets. 

Right off the bat, you can clearly see that the Adidas Cloudfoam Lite Racer’s silhouette looks a lot like the Nike Roshe’s shoe design, from the midsoles to the uppers.

These are featherlight shoes with walking-on-clouds comfort, so the Adidas Cloudfoam Lite Racer shoes give your feet support without sacrificing style.

Much like the Roshes, the Lite Racers have breathable mesh uppers.

In fact, some would argue that these shoes are better than the Roshes due to the Cloudfoam dual-layer sock liners, which combine memory foam and Cloudfoam for more comfort.

The Adidas Cloudfoam Lite Racer shoes retail for $54, which is much cheaper than most sneakers in the market, making them a great alternative to Nike Roshes.

4. Adidas Lite Racer CLN

Yet another shoe model from Adidas that shares a near-identical look to the Nike Roshes, this time, we introduce to you the Adidas Lite Racer CLN.

Adidas Cloudfoam Lite Racer (browse colors on Amazon)

There is nothing crazy about the shoes, but that is what makes the shoes appealing to a lot of people. The shoes are great because they are clean and simple.

Under the breathable mesh uppers, the Adidas Lite Racer CLN shoes have Cloudfoam which combine as one unit to form the midsoles and the outsoles.

While the Adidas Lite Racer CLN shoes may not be the best for sports and running, they are perfect to wear as daily trainers for casual walks and everyday commute.

The Lite Racer CLN shoes retail for only $50, making them a good alternative to the Nike Roshes. For such a low price, you’re getting top-quality shoes from a brand like Adidas.

5. Adidas Pureboost

Considered an upgrade over the Nike Roshe shoes, the Adidas Pureboost shoes are made of similar design but upgraded using the Boost technology.

Adidas Pureboost (browse colors on Amazon)

Made with recycled materials and energy-returning Boost cushioning, the Adidas Pureboost shoes are responsive running shoes designed for natural movement.

While some would say that the Adidas Pureboost shoes would pass as Ultraboost look-alikes, most would agree that the shoes share plenty of resemblance with the Nike Roshe Shoes.

However, the overall profile of the shoes is somewhat slim and narrow, which is different from the Roshes, which come across as slightly wider and more loose-fitting.

Sadly, the Pureboost shoes retail for $130, almost twice the price of the Nike Roshes. But by paying more, you will enjoy the cloud-like comfort offered by the Boost technology.

6. New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz

New Balance has made a recent comeback in the sportswear industry, so it is bound to have one or two pairs of shoes that are similar to the Nike Roshes.

New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz (browse colors on Amazon)

One of them is the New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz.

The Fresh Foam Cruz shoes feature New Balance’s award-winning Fresh Foam midsole technology that provides a well-cushioned and stable ride.

Fresh Foam midsole technology is powered by data to determine where the ultra-soft cushioning and lateral stability should be focused on.

A sophisticated engineered upper on top of the shoes combines a synthetic midfoot saddle and a soft knit material to offer support with an added layer of comfort. 

Marketed as slip-on sneakers, these stylish shoes are designed to keep your feet feeling pampered while looking fresh at the same time.

Priced similarly to the Nike Roshes, the NB Fresh Foam Cruz shoes retail for $80, which is reasonable considering the shoes are made of great technology. 

7. New Balance 247S

Another New Balance sneaker model that resembles the Nike Roshes in terms of looks is the New Balance 247S, thanks to the similar uppers and midsoles.

New Balance 247S (browse colors on Amazon)

The New Balance 247S shoes are versatile casual sneakers. They are the perfect lifestyle shoes for all-day, everyday wear because they are simple and easy to wear.

In fact, the New Balance 247S shoes are one of our favorites on this “Nike Roshe look-alikes” list because the shoes are not only comfortable but look sleek and stylish too.

Powered by REVlite midsole cushioning, these New Balance shoes deliver incredibly lightweight cushioning, much like the Nike Roshe Shoes.

On top of the midsoles, the New Balance 247S sneakers are equipped with breathable mesh uppers with a lace-up construction, making them the perfect go-to shoes for everything.

The New Balance 247S shoes retail for $80, which is $10 more expensive than the Nike Roshe shoes, but still within a reasonable price range.

8. Reebok Lite 2.0

As one of the most underrated sportswear brands in the industry, Reebok now takes center stage with one of the shoes, the Reebok Lite 2.0. They resemble the Nike Roshes.

Reebok Lite 2.0 (browse colors on Amazon)

The Reebok Lite 2.0 shoes are sleek and simple shoes for casual jogging or just running errands. Breathable mesh uppers help keep your feet cool and comfortable.

In fact, the supremely lightweight cushioning gives them a “barely there” feel. Not to mention, the shoes are made of mesh uppers which are also very light.

Just like the Nike Roshe shoes, the Reebok Lite 2.0 shoes have foam material that combines to form both the midsoles and the outsoles of the sneakers.

What’s impressive about these shoes is the price. The shoes retail for just $55, making them an attractive option to consider if you are looking for Nike Roshe alternatives.

9. Puma Uprise Mesh

The Uprise Mesh shoes are the ones from the Puma brand that resemble the Nike Roshes the most. However, the shoes have a sock-like fit which is fairly unique.

Puma Uprise Mesh (browse colors on Amazon)

Not only do the Puma Uprise Mesh shoes gather praise for their clean and sleek look, but these shoes are well-known for their amazing comfort.

In fact, the shoes are unique to the Nike Roshes because of their sock-like fit, which many people adore. The laces are there, but we would argue they are meant for decoration.

The shoes have a low-top structure that allows the ankles to have a better range of motion. Additionally, the shoes have padded insoles that feel quite heavenly.

What is genius is that there are many holes on the uppers to give ventilation. Add the fact that the shoes are made of mesh, and you can expect the shoes to be very breathable.

For such great shoes, you will only need to spend $80. That is a bargain considering the unique design and lightweight comfortable fit that you will enjoy.

10. Skechers GOrun Fast – Valor

Skechers is a brand best known for its athletic and casual, comfortable, and stylish footwear. One of the shoe models that looks like the Nike Roshes is the GOrun Fast – Valor.

Skechers GOrun Fast – Valor (browse colors on Amazon)

The Skechers GOrun Fast – Valor shoes are soft and lightweight trainers, perfect for a variety of workouts in and out of the gym, or casual walks around town.

In fact, the shoes are best used for running, walking, and everyday wear.

Equipped with the responsive 5GEN® cushioning midsoles and breathable mesh uppers, the shoes offer a highly responsive feel and excellent breathability.

As you slip into the strappy front design, your feet will be pampered by the shoes’ Air Cooled Goga Mat™ soft insoles, which are incredibly cushioned and well-padded.

The Skechers GOrun Fast – Valor shoes retail for $55. Not only is that price point affordable, but it is considered a steal because of the insane value the shoes provide.

11. YDB Running Shoes

Last but not least, we save the most affordable shoes for last. A great similar alternative to the Nike Roshe shoes is the YDB Running Shoes, which are very cheap.

YDB Running Shoes (browse colors on Amazon)

For those who don’t know, YDB is a brand of shoes available for purchase on Amazon. They produce affordable shoes made with good quality materials.

The YDB running shoes are just like gloves that wrap around your feet, while gently following the natural movement of your feet during every stride.

Simple but elegant, these comfortable and breathable sneakers are not only fashionable and stylish but light enough to the point that you don’t realize they’re there.

The shoes come in 12 different color options, which give you plenty of options to mix and match with any outfit you choose to wear on any given day.

It’s impressive that the shoes are available for just $30. That is hard to beat. So, if you are looking for a Nike Roshe look-alike to wear daily, these shoes are a great choice. 

Final Words

And there you have it, a list of the best shoes that look like the Nike Roshe.

Two of the most similar shoes to the Nike Roshe are definitely the Nike Tanjun and Nike Revolution 5, both of which are from the same brand.

Other shoes that look like the Nike Roshes are the Adidas CLoudfoam Lite Race and Adidas Lite Racer CLN, both of which come at reasonable and affordable prices.

Hopefully, by giving you the top 11 Nike Roshe alternatives, we have given you more than enough options to consider a pair of casual trainers for your daily life.

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