Shoes Like Alexander McQueen (Cheaper Alternatives)

While they are basically white sneakers, Alexander McQueen’s are unique because of their chunky soles that are supremely thick. Unfortunately, they are expensive.

If you want to adopt the look without breaking the bank, here are some of the best alternatives that look like the Alexander McQueen shoes to consider:

  1. Steve Madden Catcher
  2. Adidas Stan Smith
  3. KPP Lifestyle Sneakers
  4. FILA Disruptor
  5. FILA Panache
  6. Nautica Casual Trainers

In this post, we will show you similar Alexander McQueen look-alikes that are affordable. We will also show you the prices of all of the trainers to help you choose the right one.

Top 5 Shoes Like Alexander McQueen (Look-Alikes)

Alexander McQueen is a British luxury fashion house founded by designer Alexander McQueen in 1992. One of their most sought-after products is their oversized sneakers.

The design of the shoes itself is not unique, since they look like the typical white sneakers. However, their chunky soles (which add a lot of height), are what make them one of a kind.

Unfortunately, you have to pay north of $500 to get a pair. Not everyone has that kind of budget to spend on a “simple” pair of white sneakers.

So, if you have less than $85 to spend, here are 4 similar alternatives to Alexander McQueen:

1. Steve Madden Catcher

Without a doubt, the shoes that look the most similar to Alexander McQueen’s oversized trainers, are the Steve Madden Catcher shoes. The shoes are unisex.

Steve Madden Catcher (unisex) buy on Amazon:

From the flat laces, clean lines, and contrasting collars, you can see how similar the Steve Madden Catcher shoes are to the Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers.

However, instead of leather, the Steve Madden shoes are made with synthetic upper material. You wouldn’t notice the difference unless you take a closer look at the shoes.

Although the Steve Madden soles are chunky, they add about 1 inch of heel height. The soles will slightly sink once you wear them so expect between 0.6 to 0.8 inches of height added.

But, the most interesting aspect of these shoes is the price. The shoes retail for just $70, which is a great bargain considering Steve Madden is a well-known fashion brand.

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers, we recommend the Steve Madden Catcher shoes because they are very similar.

2. Adidas Stan Smith

There are plenty of sneaker enthusiasts who say that Alexander McQueen shoes are basically the “puffy” version of the Adidas Stan Smith. We have to agree.

Adidas Stan Smith (buy on Amazon for men or women):

If you compare the two shoes based on the uppers, you can see how similar they look. The biggest difference, however, lies in the thickness of the soles.

While the Stan Smiths don’t add as much height as Alexander McQueen’s, the shoes do add a minimalistic appeal thanks to their simple design and durable materials.

We also like the fact that Adidas Stan Smith shoes are made with recycled materials.

As part of Adidas’ effort to help end plastic waste, the shoes are made with Primegreen, a blend of recycled materials, with 50% of the upper made with recycled content. 

Boasting durable leather, a timeless design, and a powerful brand, the Adidas Stan Smith, which retails for just $85, is an excellent alternative to the Alexander McQueen trainers.

3. KPP Lifestyle Sneakers

If you are looking for the most affordable alternative to the Alexander McQueen oversized trainers, then the KPP Lifestyle Casual Shoes is the one for you.

KPP Lifestyle Sneakers (unisex) buy on Amazon:

KPP Lifestyle is a casual sportswear brand that can be found on Amazon. The brand sells affordable, yet comfortable footwear that is made with simple designs.

One of their shoes, the Lifestyle Casual model, resembles Alexander McQueen’s. The sneakers are unisex and are suitable for both men and women.

While the laces are not as thick as the laces on McQueen’s, the KPP Lifestyle trainers have thick soles that resemble the wedge soles on Alexander McQueen shoes.

In fact, KPP Lifestyle shoes measure 1.5 inches, which adds a good amount of height.

What is unique about the shoes is that they adopt the iconic Alexander McQueen look, but the shoes are made entirely of supremely cushioned materials.

Not only are the materials lightweight, but the uppers are waterproof and stain-resistant too. This means that you can go out and about without worry of rain or stain.

It’s no secret that Alexander McQueen’s shoes are not very comfortable in the beginning.

The KPP Lifestyle shoes, however, are made with flexible foam soles that can actually bend and twist, giving you a substantial amount of cushioning right from the get-go.

The best part is, the shoes retail for just under $20. We don’t understand what kind of deal with the devil they’ve made, but for that kind of price, it is hard to beat. 

In fact, the KPP Lifestyle shoes are our favorite alternative to Alexander McQueen sneakers because they are much more comfortable than most casual trainers.

4. FILA Disruptor

So far, all of the shoes we have mentioned look similar to Alexander McQueen shoes, but do not offer the same height addition the popular thick shoe offer.

FILA Disruptor (buy now for men or women):

Introducing, the FILA Disruptor shoes, which are known for their 1990’s vibe and SUPER CHUNKY soles. The shoes are available for both men and women.

Designed to be super stylish, yet supremely comfortable, the FILA Disruptor shoes are made with premium leather at the top and lightweight EVA foam in the middle.

The bottom part of the shoes is also made with molded rubber soles, which not only provide a good grip but provide thickness for a wonderful amount of cushioning.

Granted, these FILA shoes do not look exactly like Alexander McQueen shoes, but they do add a similar amount of inches thanks to their super thick soles.

The shoes also provide a fresh take on chunky-style shoes that are sporty instead of classy, especially with the embossed and embroidered FILA logo in the middle of the shoes.

For a sporty pair of sneakers, the FILA Disruptor shoes will only set you back about $68, which is night and day between the retail price of Alexander McQueen shoes.

If you need a tall pair of sneakers that are unique and offer a different look than Alexander McQueen’s, the FILA Disruptor shoes are some of the best ones to buy.

5. FILA Panache

Yet another FILA sneakers that resemble Alexander McQueen shoes are the FILA Panache. The Panache platform sneakers have low profile, thick soles and let you be as bold as you want to be.

FILA Panache (buy on Amazon)

Equipped with a 1″ platform, complete with padded tongues and collars, the FILA Panache shoes allow you to appear taller while keeping your feet comfortable inside.

While the shoes retail for about $73, you can get it for a cheaper price on warehouse sales or on Amazon. Most likely, the shoes will cost you less than $50.

6. Nautica Casual Trainers

Last but not least, we have the Nautica Casual Trainers to complete our list of Alexander McQueen cheaper look-alikes. There is an option for both men and women.

Nautica Casual Trainers (buy now on Amazon for men or women):

There is nothing crazy that immediately jumps out at you when you first look at the shoes, but these casual trainers from Nautica are all about simplicity.

At the top, these trainers are made with synthetic material. At the bottom, these casual trainers are made with rubber soles, equipped with treaded non-skid outsoles.

You would think that for something so simple, these shoes are not comfortable. However, these Nautica trainers are equipped with cushioned footbeds with padded insoles.

Sure, these shoes are a far cry from Alexander McQueen sneakers. They don’t look very similar and do not offer much height, but the best part about these shoes is the price.

For just about $40, you’re getting a simple, yet reliable pair of white casual trainers that are perfect for walking and strolling around town.

Final Words

And there you have it, a list of the best shoes that look like Alexander McQueen.

Three of the most similar shoes to Alexander McQueen are the Steve Madden Catcher, Adidas Stan Smith, and KPP Lifestyle Sneakers, all of which are affordable.

If you need a pair that adds a substantial amount of height, without spending too much money, then the FILA Disruptor shoes are an excellent option to consider.

We hope that by giving you the top 5 Alexander McQueen alternatives, we have given you more than enough everyday, casual trainers options to look your best.