Shoes Like Alexander McQueen (Cheaper Alternatives)

Alexander McQueen sneakers are distinctive for their thick, chunky soles, although they are primarily white and, unfortunately, expensive. If you want the Alexander McQueen style without the high cost, consider these affordable alternatives:

  1. Steve Madden Catcher
  2. Adidas Stan Smith
  3. KPP Lifestyle Sneakers
  4. FILA Disruptor
  5. FILA Panache
  6. Nautica Casual Trainers

In this post, we will showcase affordable alternatives to Alexander McQueen sneakers and provide the prices of these trainers to help you make an informed choice.

Top 5 shoes like Alexander McQueen (look-alikes)

Alexander McQueen is a British luxury fashion house founded by designer Alexander McQueen in 1992. One of their most sought-after products is their oversized sneakers.

The overall design of these shoes is not unique, as they resemble typical white sneakers. However, it’s their chunky soles that add significant height and make them unique.

Unfortunately, a pair costs more than $500.

Not everyone can or wants to spend that much on a basic pair of white sneakers. So, if your budget is under $85, here are four similar alternatives to Alexander McQueen sneakers:

1. Steve Madden Catcher

The Steve Madden Catcher shoes are the most similar in appearance to Alexander McQueen’s oversized trainers.

Steve Madden Catcher (unisex) buy on Amazon:

Unlike Alexander McQueen’s leather, the Steve Madden shoes use synthetic materials for the upper part. The difference is subtle and only noticeable upon close inspection.

The chunky soles of the Steve Madden shoes add approximately 1 inch to the heel height. Once worn, the soles may compress, adding around 0.6 to 0.8 inches of height.

However, the price is the most appealing aspect of these shoes, retailing for just $70, which is a great bargain considering Steve Madden is a well-known fashion brand.

For a budget-friendly option similar to Alexander McQueen’s, the Steve Madden Catcher shoes are an excellent choice.

2. Adidas Stan Smith

Many sneaker fans consider Alexander McQueen shoes to be a bulkier alternative to Adidas Stan Smiths.

Adidas Stan Smith (buy on Amazon for men or women):

When comparing the uppers, the resemblance is clear, but the McQueens have much thicker soles.

Although Stan Smiths are not as tall as Alexander McQueen sneakers, they offer a minimalist charm with their simple design and robust materials.

We also appreciate that Adidas Stan Smith shoes use recycled materials. Adidas aims to reduce plastic waste. To this end, Stan Smith shoes feature Primegreen. This material is a mix of recycled elements, and recycled content makes up 50% of the shoe’s upper.

Known for their durable leather and classic design, Adidas Stan Smiths, priced at only $85, are a strong alternative to Alexander McQueen trainers.

3. KPP Lifestyle Sneakers

If you want an affordable alternative to Alexander McQueen trainers, consider KPP Lifestyle Casual Shoes.

KPP Lifestyle Sneakers (unisex) buy on Amazon:

KPP Lifestyle, available on Amazon, offers comfortable and simply designed footwear at a low cost. Their Lifestyle Casual model, a unisex sneaker, resembles the McQueens.

KPP Lifestyle trainers’ laces are thinner, but their thick soles are similar to Alexander McQueen’s wedge soles.

The shoes, with a 1.5-inch sole, add a noticeable amount of height. They mimic the iconic McQueen style with entirely cushioned materials.

The materials are lightweight, and the uppers are both waterproof and stain-resistant.

Many know that Alexander McQueen shoes initially lack comfort. However, KPP Lifestyle shoes feature flexible foam soles. They bend and twist, providing immediate cushioning.

It’s surprising how affordable they are; at that price, they’re unbeatable.

In fact, KPP Lifestyle shoes are our top pick for an Alexander McQueen alternative. They’re more comfortable than many casual trainers.

4. FILA Disruptor

So far, the shoes we’ve discussed resemble Alexander McQueen’s but don’t add as much height. Introducing the FILA Disruptor shoes, known for their 1990s vibe and very chunky soles.

FILA Disruptor (buy now for men or women):

Designed for style and comfort, the FILA Disruptor shoes feature premium leather uppers and lightweight EVA foam. The shoe’s bottom has molded rubber soles for grip and thick cushioning.

Granted, these FILA shoes aren’t identical to Alexander McQueen’s. However, their thick soles add a similar amount of height.

The shoes offer a sporty version of chunky styles, marked by the embossed and embroidered FILA logo.

For a sporty pair of sneakers, the FILA Disruptor shoes cost about $68, a significant difference from the price of Alexander McQueen shoes.

If you want tall, unique sneakers that stand out from Alexander McQueen’s, consider the FILA Disruptor shoes.

5. FILA Panache

Yet another pair of FILA sneakers resembling Alexander McQueen shoes is the FILA Panache.

FILA Panache (buy on Amazon)

The Panache platform sneakers feature a low profile with thick soles, allowing for a bold style.

With a 1-inch platform and padded tongues and collars, the FILA Panache shoes add height and ensure comfort.

Although the shoes retail for about $73, you can find them at a lower price during warehouse sales or on Amazon. Often, you can purchase the shoes for less than $50.

6. Nautica Casual Trainers

Finally, we add the Nautica Casual Trainers to our list of affordable alternatives to Alexander McQueen sneakers.

Nautica Casual Trainers (buy now on Amazon for men or women):

At first glance, the Nautica Casual Trainers may seem unremarkable, but their design is intentionally simple. These trainers feature synthetic uppers and rubber soles with treaded non-skid outsoles.

Despite their simplicity, these shoes are surprisingly comfortable.

These shoes differ significantly from Alexander McQueen sneakers in appearance and height, but their affordability is their greatest advantage.

For just about $40, you’re getting a simple, yet reliable pair of white casual trainers that are perfect for walking and strolling around town.