13 Shoes Like Nike Air Force 1 (Cheaper Alternatives)

The Air Force Ones are popular Nike sneakers. Bruce Kilgore designed the Air Force 1 shoes in 1982. They were the first basketball shoes with Nike Air technology. This changed the game and sneaker culture.

However, if you don’t like the thick design of the shoes, here are some options similar to the Nike Air Force 1:

  1. Nike Court Vision Low
  2. Nike Ebernon
  3. Adidas Postmove
  4. Adidas Entrap
  5. Puma GV Special+
  6. Saucony Jazz Court
  7. CLAE Malone
  8. FILA Original Tennis Classic
  9. New Balance 550
  10. Vans Fairlane
  11. Veja V10
  12. K-Swiss Crown 2000
  13. KPP Lifestyle Casual Shoes

Read below to learn about each sneaker on the list. In this post, we will show you shoes similar to Nike Air Force One. Most of these shoes are cheaper.

Zoomed-in side view of someone wearing Nike Air Force 1 shoes in an all-white colorway, paired with jeans.

Shoes Like Nike Air Force 1 (Look-Alikes)

It’s hard to find a worthy replacement for the Nike Air Force 1.

The shoes have thick rubber midsoles that turn yellow over time. They also have the swoosh logo on the sides. The shoes also have unique shoelace medallions with “AF-1”. This is their signature.

A white Nike Air Force One sneaker with a prominently focused silver lace tag bearing the 'AF-1' inscription.

The shoe model is sold in three styles (low, mid, and high).

However, with some searching, you can find many sneakers similar to the Nike Air Force 1 that are also cheaper. Here are 13 shoes that look like Nike Air Force One:

1. Nike Court Vision Low

Nike has other sneakers that look like the Air Force Ones. The Nike Court Vision Low is a cheaper version of the AF1. The shoe’s shape clearly looks like the Air Force 1.

Nike Court Vision Low (browse colors on Amazon)

The Nike Court Vision Low has a crisp upper and stitched overlays. These features are inspired by old-school basketball, similar to the Nike Air Force One.

Additionally, the low-cut collars add a sleek look that’s comfortable, day in and day out. The upper design of the Nike Court Vision Low matches the Air Force One. The outsole pattern is also identical.

The original Nike Air Force One ‘07 costs about $90.

In contrast, the Nike Court Vision Low shoes are priced at around $65. The Nike Court Vision Low shoes are the best alternative to the Nike Air Force One because of their affordable price and similar design.

2. Nike Ebernon

Nike offers several shoes as budget versions of the iconic Air Force One. Another one is the Nike Ebernon.

Nike Ebernon (browse colors on Amazon)

Like the Nike Air Force One, the Nike Ebernon are basketball-inspired sneakers suitable for many casual events. Due to its clean and simple silhouette, you can easily wear the Nike Ebernon Low with any outfit, from casual to sporty.

In fact, the black and white colorway is popular for its neutral colors.

The shoes are affordable and lightweight. Many wearers find them very comfortable, noting the Nike Ebernon’s excellent arch support.

The shoes also add noticeable height.

Some shoppers like the Nike Ebernon Low because it looks like the Nike Air Force One. The design is simple, and the shoes are easy to clean.

3. Adidas Postmove

Nike and Adidas are major brands in the sportswear industry, so they both have similar sneakers.

The Adidas shoe most similar to the Nike Air Force One is the Postmove.

Adidas Postmove (browse colors on Amazon)

You can easily see the similarity between the two shoes.

Like the Air Force 1, the Adidas Postmove are basketball sneakers with padded collars and soft midsole cushioning.

The outcome is a simple and comfortable pair of sneakers for everyday wear.

The design of the toe boxes on the Adidas Postmove makes them look similar to the Air Force One, especially when viewed from above. They have plenty of holes for ventilation.

Instead of the Swoosh logo on the sides, the Adidas Postmove has the iconic three-stripe branding.

The Adidas Postmove shoes are cheaper than the Nike Air Force One, retailing for only $70.

If you prefer Adidas over Nike, the Postmove might be your choice, especially if you like the “three stripes” more than the “swoosh”.

4. Adidas Entrap

Given Adidas’s reputation, they have numerous shoe models in their collection.

Another Adidas shoe model that looks similar to the Nike Air Force 1 is the Entrap.

Adidas Entrap (browse colors on Amazon)

Similar to other Adidas models, the Entrap are low-cut, basketball-inspired sneakers for daily casual wear. The shoes have lace-up closures and leather uppers.

According to many wearers, the Adidas Entrap shoes run true to size. In terms of design, the shoes are very similar to the Adidas Postmove.

However, the biggest difference is the price.

The Adidas Entrap shoes are half the price of the Postmove. The shoe sells for only $33, a very low price for reliable sneakers. Despite the low price, the Adidas Entrap sneakers have comfortable OrthoLite® sock liners and strong arch support.

If you want an affordable alternative to the Nike Air Force One, the Adidas Entrap shoes are a good choice due to their very low price.

5. Puma GV Special+

We are now featuring a brand other than Nike and Adidas on the list.

Puma is the third top-selling sportswear brand in the world, following Nike and Adidas.

The Puma GV Special+ resembles the Nike Air Force One, but it’s inspired by tennis, not basketball.

Puma GV Special+ (browse colors on Amazon)

In the late 1970s, Argentinian tennis player Guillermo Vilas won many titles. He is known for his one-handed backhand and off-the-court charm. Guillermo Vilas collaborated with Puma on several shoe models.

One of the standout models is the Puma GV Special+, named after him.

Even though the shoes represent different sports, the Nike Air Force One and Puma GV Special+ share many features. Among them are leather uppers with perforated ramps and rubber outsoles which provide grip and traction.

The Puma GV Special+ shoes have IMEVA midsoles for cushioning. IMEVA is Puma’s midsole technology, offering lightweight comfort.

If you are a big fan of Puma, the Puma GV Special+ shoes are great Nike AF1 look-alikes.

6. Saucony Jazz Court

The Saucony brand is popular for producing racing shoes like track spikes and cross-country flats. They also make shoes for track and field events.

The Saucony Jazz Court is one of their athletic shoes that looks like the Air Force 1.

Saucony Jazz Court (browse colors on Amazon)

Saucony states that the Jazz Court is designed for hardwood and concrete. This shoe is inspired by basketball and is also suitable for casual wear.

The Saucony Jazz Court shoes have the iconic silhouette of the Jazz Original uppers and classic cup sole bottoms, making them a stylish choice.

Much like the Nike Air Force One, the Saucony Jazz Court shoes are made with premium full-grain leather and perforated underlays for optimal breathability.

The shoes also feature EVA midsoles for durability and anti-microbial lining to reduce foot odor.

The Saucony Jazz Court shoes retail for $90, making them slightly more expensive than the Nike Air Force Ones.

7. CLAE Malone

Unlike the other shoe brands we’ve mentioned, CLAE is a newer footwear brand, founded in 2001.

Founded in Los Angeles, CLAE offers minimalist, timeless pieces with a focus on reducing environmental impact.

Their Malone shoe model closely resembles the Nike Air Force One.

Side view of CLAE Malone shoes in an all-white colorway, showcasing the sleek design and distinctive CLAE branding.

The CLAE Malone shoes cost more than the Nike Air Force Ones due to their white-milled Italian Nappa leather.

The CLAE Malone sneakers have flat cotton laces, leather-lined uppers, and molded EVA foam footbeds, making them great for daily wear.

Certified tanneries in Italy handcraft the shoes, setting their retail price at $99 a pair.

The leather is of high quality because CLAE ensures its manufacturing aligns with its ecological and social standards.

8. FILA Original Tennis Classic

FILA is another household name in the sportswear and athletic industry. One of their tennis shoes, the Original Tennis Classic shoes, look a lot like the Nike Air Force One.

FILA Original Tennis Classic (browse colors on Amazon)

FILA is a well-known brand in the sportswear and athletic industry. Their Original Tennis Classic shoes resemble the Nike Air Force One.

While the FILA Original shoes are inspired by tennis and the Nike Air Force Ones by basketball, the two sneakers share many design similarities.

Both shoes have perforated details on the toe boxes, leather uppers, and rubber outsoles, making them look nearly identical.

The appealing part of the FILA Original Tennis Classic is its price. It retails for about $70, but you can find it for $45 during warehouse sales.

We believe the price is a great deal for sneakers from a top brand like FILA. These shoes have high-quality materials and a timeless design.

9. New Balance 550

Although some might question if Nike owns New Balance, the brand with the “N” logo offers sneakers similar to the Air Force One.

Side view of New Balance 550 shoes in an all-white colorway, highlighting the classic design and signature New Balance details.
The New Balance 550.

The design of the shoes is simple, clean, and not overbuilt.

New Balance designed the shoe as a nod to 1990s basketball players and influential streetwear trends. In short, the shoes are inspired by basketball.

Much like the Air Force Ones, the New Balance 550 has leather and synthetic uppers for durability and a sporty look.

They also have adjustable laces for a customized fit. However, unlike the Nike Air Force One, the New Balance 550 shoes have some mesh in the uppers for better breathability.

The New Balance 550 shoes are equipped with rubber outsoles for traction as well.

If you love New Balance, consider the 550 over the Nike AF1 because it has mesh for cooler airflow. Just be prepared to pay more for the shoes since they retail for $109.

10. Vans Fairlane

Although Old Skool Vans aren’t ideal for basketball, Vans offers another model suitable for casual wear.

The Fairlane sneakers blend modern construction techniques with heritage styling.

Side view of Vans Fairlane shoes in an all-white colorway, showcasing the sleek design and iconic Vans silhouette.

Unlike the vulcanized rubber soles typical of Vans, the Fairlane shoes have sturdy leather, padded collars, metal eyelets, and rubber outsoles.

The Fairlane shoes maintain the old-school look and include the iconic Vans side stripe, heel logo embroidery, and a retro tongue logo.

Vans are known for their tough soles, which might take time to soften.

However, with the Vans Fairlane’s softer rubber outsoles, which are more comfortable than the typical vulcanized soles, you can enjoy the shoes right away.

So if you’re a skater at heart and want something new, consider the Vans Fairlane as your daily casual trainers.

11. Veja V-10

Veja is a French footwear and accessories brand.

By October 2018, Veja had supplied shoes to 1,800 retailers across 45 countries, a notable achievement.

One of their shoe models, the Veja V-10, closely resembles the Nike Air Force One.

The shoes are uniquely made in Brazil, specifically in Porto Alegre. The Veja V-10 shoes have leather uppers and panels, while the V logos are crafted from rubber.

The lining in the jersey is 33% organic cotton and 67% recycled polyester, while the soles are made of wild rubber from the Amazonian forest.

The Veja V-10 comes in various colorways, with the white and cream rubber sole version being the most popular.

It has a navy blue V logo made of rubber, with red-orange branding at the heel. The design offers a unique twist on the classic white sneaker.

So if you want something unique, definitely consider the Veja V-10.

Due to their expert craftsmanship, the Veja V-10 shoes are priced higher than the Nike Air Force 1. As of right now, the Veja V-10 retails for $150.

12. K-Swiss Crown 2000

K-Swiss, founded in California in 1966, is a heritage American tennis brand. It’s renowned for its performance tennis shoes and stylish casual footwear.

Among K-Swiss’s shoe models, the K-Swiss Crown 2000, made with premium leather uppers, closely resembles the Nike Air Force One.

K-Swiss Crown 2000 (browse colors on Amazon)

The K-Swiss Crown 2000 offers classic tennis styling in a clean, timeless silhouette.

The shoes have premium leather uppers and textile accents. These accents include toe cap overlays for added durability.

The shoes also have perforated 5-Stripe underlays that give structured support and added ventilation.

The full-length EVA midsoles ensure lightweight comfort for your feet.

Additionally, there are plenty of detailed trims, which include the premium metal logos that complete the classic K-Swiss unique look and feel.

The K-Swiss Crown 2000 shoes are reasonably priced too, at just about $75 at retail.

Sometimes, you can find a 30% discount on Amazon, bringing the price down to $52.50.

13. KPP Lifestyle Casual Shoes

We also feature a highly affordable shoe resembling the Air Force One.

The KPP Lifestyle Casual Shoes is a cheap pair of cushioned sneakers.

KPP Lifestyle Casual (browse colors on Amazon)

Priced at just under $40, they are the best budget alternative to the Nike Air Force One. The shoes resemble the Nike Air Force One but are more affordable.

The shoes are lightweight yet well-cushioned.

Two unique features distinguish the KPP Lifestyle Casual Shoes. First, they are made of stain-resistant material. The shoes are waterproof, allowing you to wear them in the rain without getting your feet wet.

They are also easy to clean.

Second, the shoes have super flexible memory foam that can twist and bend. This memory foam midsole makes them very light and comfortable.

The KPP Lifestyle Casual Shoes come in four color variations.

They are our top alternative to the Nike Air Force One due to their comfort. The pair is also one of the most affordable options.