9 Shoes Like Adidas Superstar (Cheaper Alternatives)

The Superstar is arguably one of the most popular sneakers from Adidas. Known for its classic shell toe, the shoe has become a fashion staple and iconic footwear.

However, since not everyone is a big fan of the classic shell toe, here are some alternatives that look like the Adidas Superstar:

  1. K-Swiss Classic VN
  2. Puma Classic Trainers
  3. Nike Blazer Low
  4. K-Swiss Court Frasco II
  5. Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt
  6. KPP Lifestyle Casual Shoes
  7. Nautica Townsend Casual
  8. Adidas Grand Court
  9. Adidas Campus

Read on more below to know more about each shoe on the list. In this post, we will show you the list of shoes that look like Adidas Superstar, most of which are cheaper.

Shoes Like Adidas Superstar (Look-Alikes)

There is no other shoe like the Adidas Superstar. For over 50 years, the Adidas Superstar has been the top choice of sport and street legends, connecting creators all over the world.

Originally made for basketball in the 1970s and celebrated by hip hop royalty in the 1980s, the Adidas Superstar is now a lifestyle staple for streetwear enthusiasts.

The shoes are instantly recognizable thanks to the classic shell-toe design (which, unfortunately, become yellow over time) and the three serrated stripes. In fact, no other shoe has the classic shell toe that the Adidas Superstar is known for.

However, if you look hard enough, you can find plenty of sneakers that not only resemble the Adidas Superstar but are more affordable too.

Here are 9 shoes that look like Adidas Superstar:

1. K-Swiss Classic VN

We will start the “Adidas Superstar Look-Alikes” list with the one that looks the most similar, the K-Swiss Classic VN sneakers.

Right off the bat, you can immediately see the resemblance between the Adidas Superstar and the K-Swiss Classic VN because of the stripes that run down both sides of the shoes.

The K-Swiss Classic VN sneakers (browse colors on Amazon)

The difference, however, is in the number of stripes. Adidas Superstar has three stripes on both sides, while K-Swiss Classic VN has five stripes on both sides of the shoes.

K-Swiss was founded in 1966 when two Swiss brothers moved to California to create a footwear brand focused on tennis.

As avid skiers and tennis players, the brothers took inspiration from leather ski boots to create a court shoe that supported the aggressive side-to-side movement of tennis.

During the same year, the K-Swiss brand invented the Classic as the first all-leather tennis shoe. It quickly gained popularity and became a style statement, both on and off the court.

Today, the Classic VN has been reimagined for modern-day casual wear thanks to its durable leather upper and its classic 5-stripes. The metal D-rings are unique only to K-Swiss shoes because they keep the laces in place while adding a nice flair to the design.

Inside the sneakers, the midsoles are made of soft EVA foam which provides comfortable cushioning for walking for long hours. 

Thanks to its fresh and modern design, it is the signature sneaker of the K-Swiss brand and one that is a great alternative to the Adidas Superstar.

2. Puma Classic Trainers

Puma was founded by a German by the name of Rudolf Dassler. If the name sounds familiar to you, it is because he is the brother of Adolf Dassler, who is the founder of Adidas.

Before both the Adidas and Puma brands came to be, the Dassler brothers were the founders of the “Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory” in 1924.

However, following a breakdown in the relationship between the brothers in 1949, Adolf created Adidas, and Rudolf established Puma, which became Adidas’ business rival.

One of the most popular Puma sneakers is the Classic. And yes, the Puma Classic definitely looks a lot like the Adidas Superstar but without the shell toe.

The Puma Classic sneakers (browse colors on Amazon)

The highlight of the Puma Classic is the new tooling with a slightly raised platform sole. These 1980s-inspired shoes easily fit today’s laid-back sneaker look of California beach towns.

However, instead of the iconic three stripes apparent on Adidas Shoes, the branding is replaced by Puma’s signature formstrip logo, with the Puma cat logo at the heels.

The subtle form stripe perfectly rounds off the unique look of the sneaker, which first hit the market in 1971 and immediately received entry into the Sneaker Hall of Fame.

Available in many different variations, including suede and leather uppers, the Puma Classic will make you stand out thanks to its stylish and sporty look.

It’s also very comfortable too. In fact, the Puma Classic takes very little time to get used to and is definitely a great alternative to the Adidas Superstar.

3. Nike Blazer Low

It’s no secret that both Nike and Adidas are two of the biggest sportswear brands in the world. According to Statista, Nike is the biggest sportswear brand which has recorded around $37 billion of sales, while Adidas is second with around $23 billion of sales.

And of course, Nike would have one or two shoes that would resemble the iconic Adidas Superstar. One of them is the Nike Blazer Low.

The Nike Blazer Low shoes (browse colors on Amazon)

Similar to the Superstar, the Blazer Low was originally made for basketball in the 1970s.

The name of the sneaker was inspired by the hometown NBA team of Nike, the Portland Trail Blazers, since Nike was headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon.

Today, the Nike Blazers remain popular, but not as basketball sneakers, but as skateboarding and lifestyle shoes. Thanks to the vulcanized rubber soles of the Nike Blazers, the shoes can stick to the grip tape of a skateboard very well.

There are two versions of the shoes, the high-top, and low-top versions.

The low-top version resembles the Adidas Superstar because of the similar leather uppers, which strike the perfect balance between narrow and chunky.

However, instead of the serrated three stripes found on the Superstar, the Nike Blazers are equipped with a retro Swoosh design synonymous with the Nike brand.

So, if you are a Nike fan, you may want to consider the Blazers instead of the Superstars.

4. K-Swiss Court Frasco II

We’ve got another Adidas Superstar look-alike from K-Swiss.

The K-Swiss Court Frasco II not only resembles the Adidas Superstar, but it also looks like the first shoe on this list, the K-Swiss Classic VN.

The K-Swiss Court Frasco II sneakers (browse colors on Amazon)

According to K-Swiss, the Court Frasco II is a modern refresh that highlights the heritage origins of over 50 years. The cleanly constructed uppers remain true to other K-Swiss shoes.

Set on top of the luxe, high-walled outsoles, the layered leather uppers are decorated with simple accents and perforated side stripes (which resembles other Adidas shoes).

To top it off, the shoes are completed with the shield logo synonymous with the K-Swiss brand. The shoes are very comfortable for leisure and would go well with just about any outfit.

5. Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt

The new Grand Crosscourt is a classic shoe on the outside, with Cole Haan engineering on the inside. So you get cushioned, bouncy steps, and an effortless fit, without any extra weight.

Unfortunately, the Grand Crosscourt is more expensive than the Adidas Superstar.

By paying more, however, you get to enjoy the GRANDFØAM footbeds that provide plenty of luxurious cushioning and lightweight outsoles for added traction.

The Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt sneakers (browse colors on Amazon)

Cole Haan is an American brand of men’s and women’s footwear and accessories that serves markets worldwide. The company was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1928.

In the early days, the brand founded by Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan became known for comfortable dress shoes, a style that has now evolved into athleisure, where casual sneakers can be worn in the office and during recreation.

Thanks to its simple yet classy design, the Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt shoes are an amazing option to substitute the Adidas Superstar.

It has synthetic leather uppers along with rubber midsoles, designed in clean and neat lines. The shoes go well with business casual or leisure attire. 

6. KPP Lifestyle Casual Shoes

If you are looking for the most affordable alternative to the Adidas Superstar, then the KPP Lifestyle Casual Shoes is the one for you.

KPP Lifestyle is a casual sportswear brand that can be found on Amazon. The brand offers cheap and affordable footwear that are made with modern and stylish designs.

One of their shoes, the Lifestyle Casual model, resembles the Adidas Superstar.

The KPP Lifestyle Casual Shoes (browse colors on Amazon)

What is unique about the shoes is that they adopt the iconic Superstar look, but the shoes are made entirely of lightweight and supremely cushioned materials.

It’s no secret that the Adidas Superstar is not very comfortable in the beginning. The KPP Lifestyle shoes, on the other hand, are equipped with super flexible foam soles that can actually bend and twist, providing you with the ultimate cushioning.

The soles measure 1.5 inches, so you can look stylish while adding a bit of height too. Just like Adidas shoes that make you look taller, the KPP Lifestyle shoes work just as well.

Additionally, the uppers of the KPP Lifestyle shoes are made of waterproof and stain-resistant leather material. This means that you can walk around with the shoes in the rain or in puddles without worrying that your feet will get wet.

Last but not least, the shoes are extremely lightweight, which makes you feel like walking on clouds. In fact, the KPP Lifestyle shoes are our favorite alternative to the Adidas Superstar because they are much more comfortable than most sneakers. 

7. Nautica Townsend Casual

Founded in 1983, Nautica has evolved from a collection of men’s outerwear to a leading global lifestyle brand with products ranging from men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel.

Each of Nautica’s products is made with timeless design and great quality that is perfect for today’s modern lifestyles, yet they recognize the need and desire for simplicity.

One of the cleanest Nautica shoes available, the Townsend Casual sneakers, are the simplified version of the Adidas Superstar in our opinion.

The Nautica Townsend Casual Shoes (browse colors on Amazon)

The Townsend Casual shoes feature a comfortable design with lace-up closure, along with rubber soles which make them perfect for casual walking and traveling.

In fact, the shoes are amazingly comfortable for leisure.

While the shoes come in many different colors, we feel like the white version goes very well with just about any outfit. In fact, you can wear them for casual or business casual.

There is nothing crazy about the shoes, but the simplicity they offer is what makes them special. Along with the reasonable price tag that won’t break the bank, the Nautica Townsend Casual is a solid alternative to the Adidas Superstar white sneakers. 

8. Adidas Grand Court

As we near the end of the list, here is another Adidas shoe model that resembles the Superstar the most. Introducing the Adidas Grand Court shoes.

The Adidas Grand Court (browse colors on Amazon)

In addition to classic colorways like black and white, the Adidas Grand Court shoes have several pop culture collaborations, including The Simpsons and Baby Yoda. 

Just like the Adidas Superstar, the Adidas Grand Court shoes take inspiration from iconic sport styles of the past and move them into the future.

The shoes are crafted for an everyday look with smooth leather uppers on both the right and left pair, completed with the signature 3-Stripes flash along the sides.

From a short glance, you can see how similar the Grand Court shoes are to the Superstar. However, the Adidas Grand Court shoes do not have the classic shell toes that the Adidas Superstar shoes are known for.

Considering the shoes are equipped with comfortable Cloudfoam Comfort sock liners and plush midsole cushioning, the retail price of just $65 is definitely a bargain.

Without paying a hefty price, you get to enjoy a beautiful pair of sneakers from Adidas.

9. Adidas Campus

What better way to end the “Adidas Superstar Look-Alike” list than to mention another sneaker from the same brand. Last but not least, we have the Adidas Campus

The Adidas Campus Sneakers (browse colors on Amazon)

Adopting a similar look to its cousin, the Superstar, the Adidas Campus is a comfortable pair of sneakers that are made with the perfect balance of sophistication and simplicity.

Just like the Superstar, the Campus has the iconic three stripes on the sides of the shoe. However, a big difference is the absence of the shell toes. The Campus shoes have rounded toe boxes with much cleaner lines than the Adidas Superstar.

There is one Adidas shoe that gets compared often with the Campus, which is the Adidas Gazelle. Both shoes look eerily similar, but we have decided to include only the Campus because it looks more similar to the Superstar.

So, if you are looking for a cheaper Adidas alternative to the Superstar, then your best bet is to buy a pair of the Campus. They are simple, stylish, and more affordable.


And there you have it, a simple list of the best shoes that look like the Adidas Superstar.

The most similar shoe to the Adidas Superstar is undoubtedly the K-Swiss Classic VN. Not only do the shoes adopt a similar silhouette, but they also have similar stripes on the sides. The difference is that K-Swiss has 5 stripes while Adidas has 3 stripes. 

While not all of them are cheaper than the Adidas Superstar, we hope that we have given you plenty of options to choose the best pair of sneakers for your next outfit.

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